Jamie Foxx Flaunts A Rose Gold iPhone 6s In New Apple Ad For 3D Touch [Video]


From the 13 million smartphones that Apple sold on the launch of iPhone 6s, the pink version was the most popular.

In fact, the acclaim was so high that Samsung started considering giving Galaxy Note 5 a rose gold cover soon enough.

Apple is famed for welcoming feedback from its users. As such, it was expected that the company would showcase the rose gold iPhone 6s in a new advertisement, even if said advertisement was focusing on entirely different capabilities of the phone. The Cupertino-based company gave Jamie Foxx the honor of briefly using the pink version of the flagship handset in the latest iPhone 6s commercial.

You can watch the newest iPhone 6s 3D Touch ad below.

A number of other celebrities lend their support to the iPhone. The buzz-building campaign for the iPhone 6 featured contributions from Justin Timberlake and talk show host Jimmy Fallon. On the posh list of iPhone 6s backers are also actresses Taraji P. Henson and Kerry Washington, musicians Mary J. Blige and Selena Gomez, as well as comedy actor Bill Hader.

Jamie Foxx's moment is filled with lighthearted self-irony: Foxx is caught while listening to his own music on the rose gold smartphone from Apple. When he realizes the embarrassing moment, he makes an attempt to save appearances and pretends to be taking a phone call.

It's a short, but smile inducing intermezzo in the commercial that describes the qualities of 3D Touch. 3D Touch is a feature that comes solely on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, because it requires special hardware-software integration.

App developers can use 3D Touch to create shortcuts to app elements that are frequently used (multitasking and Quick Actions). Also, the high tech display allows users to preview content using specific gestures, without directly opening apps (the Peek and Pop options).

The commercial demonstrates how each of the features works. Users understand the various types of response that the smart screen offers, based on the force applied on the display. Apps that support 3D Touch show their utility with every day activities, and the soundtrack enforces the chill and user-friendly atmosphere.

If you're curious about a hands-on analysis of the 3D Touch's capabilities, this one covers it.

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