What's a cheaper way to get around town than an Uber or a taxi? In a Scoot, of course.

The Scoot Quad by Scoot Networks is an electric-powered two-seater car with a range of 40 miles and a maximum speed of 25mph. It only comes in red, too.

Don't plan on taking the Scoot Quad on the highway, however. In fact, it legally can't be taken on any freeway. But for people looking to commute around their neighborhoods to take their kids to school or grab groceries at the nearby market, this latest electric automobile may prove to be better than a full-sized car because it's easier to park and is more maneuverable.

Scoot Networks actually worked together with a traditional automaker, Nissan, to create the Quad. Classified as a light electric vehicle (it actually looks like a street legal ATV for city roads), the Quad carries at most two people and, true to its namesake, gets them around on a regular set of four wheels, too.

The ride, however, might feel a lot more similar to riding one of those log rides at theme parks. The only space for a passenger in the vehicle is directly behind the driver with their legs on either side of them. On the bright side, the Quad has a sweet pair of doors that open up like a Lamborghini. If anything, drivers will get noticed in this car and approached about it because it will be a rare thing to see on the streets.

The Scoot Quad is exclusive to San Francisco and only as a rental. The car cannot be purchased in the U.S. either. Well, at least not yet. Scoot Networks and Nissan are calling their partnership a "research project" for now. At best, Scoot gets an additional vehicle on its roster of car for rent around in San Francisco and Nissan gets to see how their "New Mobility Concept" car works in a real-life urban environment.

There are initially only 10 Scoot Quads available right now for rent on San Francisco streets. On a Pro Plan, it will cost $8 for a half-hour ride any time of the day. That's more expensive than taking the bus and comparatively the same as an Uber, but it is definitely more fun than them all.

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