Users who have a Windows phone will soon have a way to send texts to their friends by means of Cortana on the desktop.

Reports surfaced saying Windows 10 Build 10565, which Microsoft has just rolled out to Windows Insider participants, brings a bevy of functionalities and enhancements, including the ability of users to send SMS texts via Cortana.

A video showing off a seamless experience of sending text messages using Cortana in Build 10565 has been leaked out over YouTube.

A user can send a text message by asking Cortana to send out a text, by means of the user's voice of by typing them (whichever users prefer).

Cortana will then ask the who they want to shoot the text to and what the message will be.

Upon confirming the text message, it will then be sent out to the recipient. The receiver should get the message without any issues.

What's more, this feature likewise provides the capability to alert users of missed calls. A notification will show up, providing users with two options, either to ignore the notification or send a response with the use of a similar method.

Interestingly, the Build 10565 also comes with other newfound communication features, apart from the text messaging capability, including new bundled Messaging, Skype as well as phone applications.

Cortana is likewise equipped a few more tricks which aim to provide more relief to users. If, for instance, users purchased movie or event tickets on the Internet, Cortana will get showtime information from the confirmation email that users will receive. Cortana will then create a reminder that will pop up two hours prior to the event. Cortana also does offer directions.

Those who wish to try out the latest build of Windows 10 should sign up as a Fast Ring Insider. Users will then be allowed to download the latest preview build.

This preview build is not suggested, though, to those who require a reliable OS as it still has stability and other problems.

Watch the video below if you wish to get a glimpse of what Cortana in Build 10565 has to offer its users.

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