Facebook's Israel HQ Vandalized As Protest Against Offensive Content


The headquarters of Facebook in Israel, located in the city of Tel Aviv, was vandalized after the social network refused to delete pages which users had tagged as offensive.

The vandalism, which was reported by local media network Arutz Sheva, was in the form of graffiti featuring a big red hand, along with the words "blood on our hands" and "Stop FB Terror."

Political activist Rotem Gez admitted responsibility for the vandalism, saying that his decision to launch the act of vandalism was to stress that their blood was on the hands of Facebook.

"We decided to do this because you can't write anything on Facebook's Wall (on the site), so we transferred the protest to the company's physical wall, outside the network," Gez said.

This is not the first time that Gez entangled with Facebook. Four years ago, he tried to change his name to that of Facebook's founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg after the social network sent Gez two cease and desist letters for the practice of selling likes to advertisers.

The news on the activist's vandalism comes after Israel's Law Center revealed that it is planning to file a class-action lawsuit against the social network for allegedly inciting and encouraging violence directed towards Israelis.

In a statement, the group said that the incitement comes from Facebook posts depicting young Palestinians engaged in violent attacks against Israelis. Meanwhile, there have been reports that users based in Israel have had their posts removed for violating the Community Standards, which was the motivation for Gez's acts of vandalism.

Tech news website The Next Web reached out to Facebook and received a reply from a spokesperson who stated that the company wants its users to feel safe as they use the social network, thus implementing Community Standards so that users will know what is allowed or prohibited on Facebook.

The spokesperson also said that Facebook is urging users to utilize the social network's reporting tools when they come across content that could violate its standards. Facebook will then investigate the reported content and swiftly take action if needed.

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