Along with the recent bevy of updates for iOS 9, Apple Maps, the tech company's Web-mapping take on similar apps from competitors like Google, has added train routes to its repertoire of transit directions, part of the newly-enhanced Transit Views for iOS 9.

As the names of the train lines connote, the transport routes featured on Apple Maps are mostly relegated to the Northeastern Corridor, with the exception being the track from New York City to Chicago, which is also the longest line supported on the app. 

The train lines included in the Apple Maps update include Acela Express, the Northeast Regional, Keystone, Pennsylvanian, Lake Shore Limited and Maple Leaf. Major metropoli that these lines touch upon also include Toronto, Boston, New York, New Haven, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Baltimore, among many others; the transit routes go as far west as the previously-mentioned Windy City and Detroit and as far south as Richmond and Lynchburg, both located in Virginia.

While currently, the app is regionally limited, it will most likely expand its number and variety of train routes in the future, as indicated by the app's international locations, like Mexico City, Mexico and an upcoming page for Sydney, Australia, which will be made available for iPhone users later this month.

Via: Mac Rumors

Photo: Loco Steve | Flickr

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