Remembering Bo Jackson's 'Tecmo Bowl' Dominance


Bo knows Tecmo Bowl.

With Nintendo turning 30 years old this week, it would almost be obscene to not remember Tecmo Bowl, as far as the system's most-classic sports games go. 

Ahh ...Tecmo Bowl, the 1989 title that made Nintendo the first console to have a football game that featured National Football League players — none of which were more potent than Bo Jackson, though.

The then-Los Angeles Raiders running back was a phenom in the NFL at the time, although he only played four seasons from 1987 through 1990. That being said, Tecmo must have been impressed with what it saw from the rusher, because it made Bo Jackson unstoppable. Absolutely, positively — and absurdly — unstoppable.

The Raiders' only running plays in the game belonged to Marcus Allen and Jackson, and let's just say Bo knows how to score ... every single time he touched the ball. 

To prove it, this YouTube user uploaded this gameplay footage of Tecmo Bowl to show the absurdity of Jackson's super-human ability in the game. As you'll see from the video, it starts with the gamer purposely fielding a punt return only to run backwards to the Raiders' own one-yard line. That sets up an intimidating 99-yard drive ... which is no problem if you have Bo Jackson at your disposal.

Choosing what looks to be a simple halfback dive would equate to an absolutely invincible Jackson in the game. How invincible? Well, this gamer selected the play and proceeded to run Jackson around the field ... for the entire first quarter! The rusher either runs through would-be tacklers, while shedding others off him and simply running circles around more en route to punching in the most insane touchdown ever.

The video brings back memories of kids using this play almost as a way to cheat back in the day when I was growing up. There would be nothing that would make you toss your controller across the room in frustration more than watching Bo dance all over the gridiron against you. On the flip side, though, boy, was it fun to run Jackson rampant all over the competition, knowing damn well that they couldn't do anything to stop it.

There's no doubt that Tecmo loved Jackson because his superhero-like powers in this game are proof of his dominance. He was just faster, stronger and better than any other player in the game. If you grew up playing the classic video game, you know firsthand — Bo knows Tecmo Bowl.

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