The retailer Fossil has always been known for its Texan style with a European sensibility, and the same seems to hold true for the company's first-ever line of smartwatches, which come complete with some fashion-savvy elegant leather bands and sleek smart bracelets—all of which present as more traditional timekeeping (or, in the case of the latter, accessory-sporting) fare.

The company's first line, called Fossil Q, includes two kinds of Android-based smartwatches. The leather-banded Q Grant runs between $175-$195, and the metallic black or silver Q Founder is priced at $275). There's also a pair of smart bracelets—the Q Reveler for men and the Q Dreamer for women, which are both $125 apiece, and come with eight band options.

The official press statement released by the retailer suggests the company is specifically focusing on the marketability of the Fossil Q watches, touting a sartorial timelessness. "With a round face and classic bands, our display watch proves that a connected timepiece can be as fashionable as its integrated software is functional," the post delcares.

The smart accessories in the Fossil Q repertoire are powered by an Intel chip, and are each compatible with Apple and Google platform-based apps like Google Fit and Apple Health, and with iOS in general. But while the watches and/or bracelets may or may not be decked out (until their official release around the holiday season, it's unclear about their functionality as a whole), there's one thing that can be said for certain: they're definitely all about a traditional, fashionable aesthetic that competitors (like the aforementioned Apple) usually put on the back-burner.

"Just like having a phone on the table and headphones on the street, it's a status symbol and the watch will evolve similarly—it won't just be for the tech-minded, it will also be about style," relayed Fossil's chief strategy and marketing officer Greg McKelvy in an exclusive with Mashable this past January. "That is a big opportunity for us."

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Source: Fossil

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