Probably everyone on the Internet already knows this, but it's officially Back to the Future day, Oct. 21, 2015. This is the day that Marty McFly and Doc Brown hopped in their DeLorean in Back to the Future Part II and traveled into the future (which, oddly enough, is now the present and will become the past tomorrow).

In honor of that, people everywhere are dressing in costumes, attending showings of the movie at their local theaters and celebrating the day a DeLorean arrived in 2015.

There's just one problem: the future seen in Back to the Future isn't quite how the movie imagined it: we still don't have flying cars, hoverboards are still mostly a concept (although someone has at least invented them) and we don't hydrate all our dried food.

However, some things were spot-on: including the Cubs winning the World Series (well, they haven't won yet, but they're close) and self-lacing sneakers.

That's right, the self-lacing sneakers are officially here, and as of today, they're somewhere in New York City.

Nike later confirmed the appearance of the sneakers in New York with CNN.

Of course, no one knows if there's only one pair of these shoes available or if they will go on sale for the general public, but the last time Nike released something similar, it was to raise funds for the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

Meanwhile, to celebrate the Back to the Future movies and the release of the 30th anniversary of the trilogy on Blu-ray and DVD, Universal Pictures released a video with a special message from Doc Brown.

For those who wish to live the future as seen in Back to the Future Part II, USA Today released a special edition of its newspaper as seen in that film.

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