Not everyone is like Marty McFly who can flawlessly use a hoverboard on the first try, especially if the hoverboard available at the present time requires a user to have perfect balance as they glide through the streets or, in the case of the United Kingdom users, in their own private properties.

The two-wheeled electric device is called the IO Hawk and is a cross between the traditional skateboard and a Segway, and bears the same name as the company that produces it. The self-balancing board has already taken the world by storm and is very much hyped not only among celebrities, but among regular citizens who want in on the action as well. Many Hollywood celebrities already shared their experience with the product, whether they were successful in riding their new toy or just tried and failed.

This board can reach the speed of up to 6.2 mph, which might seem slow but for anyone who has to balance in order to keep themselves on it, 6.2 mph is pretty fast. It is 23 inches in length and weighs 22 pounds. It can reach up to 10-12 miles on a full battery and can support weight of up to 280 pounds.

Many people have already tried their hands on using the board and ended up on the floor several times because of the difficulty in balancing themselves without any steering device or handrails.

Just take a look at all these people who have tried and failed again and again. Don't worry, though, because the company said it would only take users three to five minutes to get comfortable on the board and about 30 minutes to become proficient in using it... if you believe them, that is.

Watch some of the funniest hoverboard fails in the video below.

That guy at 00:48 is smooth with his landing, though. You would even think falling off the hoverboard was part of his plan all along.

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