SwiftKey, developers of the intuitive and predictive multilingual keyboard app, launched SwiftKey Neural, which uses a neural network to predict and correct user input, and its 100 language milestone earlier this month. Less than two weeks since the 100 languages were added into the app's libraries, the company launched SwiftKey 6.0 beta for Android.

The company notes that the SwiftKey 6.0 beta contains an extensive list of new enhancements and features which rivals that of last year's when "SwiftKey free for everyone" was launched. The list includes Double-Word Prediction and a readily available panel of emojis.

Building upon the functions of SwiftKey Neural, the company came up with Double-Word prediction, an app that is described to take "mind-reading accuracy to the next level."

"SwiftKey will now predict the next two words you're likely to type at the same time, resulting in a much faster (up to 2x) experience for you than ever before," said the developer. "The Double-Word Prediction feature will continue to capture the phrases that matter most to you to truly embody your personal writing style."

Double-Word prediction's addition requires nothing of the user except for the user to look at the two words displayed on the prediction bar. Moreover, the feature will be applied to the more than 100 languages that were added.

Furthermore, SwiftKey 6.0 beta will also host a new panel of emojis, which were rebuilt to make them load faster and easier to spot courtesy of the ribbon found in the upper portion of the panel. To bring out the panel, a simple prolonged press of the "123" key, which is now located on the left side of the virtual keyboard, is all that's needed.

The settings menu for the app was also revamped to facilitate easier navigation for users. Themes, Typing style, Languages and SwiftKey Account will be the main labels.

Aside from all the technical stuff, Carbon Light, a new theme, was also added. SwiftKey notes that aside from being clean and pleasing to look at, it also matches the emoji panel and the SwiftKey hub.

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