Things are heating up on this season of Manhattan. Not only is the scientific team getting ready to test the world's first nuclear weapon, but it's happening without the original lead of the implosion project, Frank Winter (John Benjamin Hickey).

Last week's episode showed us more about what happened to Frank after the season one finale: he's now a captive somewhere in the U.S. in a prison run by the military. There was also a big reveal given at the end of that episode, when Frank learns that the project he spent so much time fighting for is getting built under false pretenses.

So what happens this week? In a new preview released by WGN America, Liza (Olivia Williams), Frank's wife, starts asking around, trying to figure out what happened to her husband. Of course, Los Alamos lives and dies by its secrets, so that information isn't forthcoming. However, in this clip, she finally learns that Frank is in a prison somewhere in Texas. This prompts Liza to take action to find Frank and bring him back home.

Of course, even if Liza succeeds and brings Frank home, things for the couple will change.

"The assumption is in Liza's head that if one had the opportunity to leave, they would do so, knowing now what we know," said Williams to Tech Times. "Because at the end of season one, Frank told Liza what they were building, and her assumption is, 'well, great, so if we can leave, let's go.' And I think that's the thing in marriages, when each person makes an opposite assumption, and the moment when you realize that you have an absolutely opposite stance on something. That makes for an extremely explosive scene in many ways."

The clip also introduces Neve Campbell to the series, who takes on the role of Robert Oppenheimer's wife, Kitty. In the preview, we see Kitty confronting Abby (Rachel Brosnahan) about something Abby overheard while operating the telephone switchboards on the base.

Here's the official description for episode three of Manhattan's second season, "The Threshold:"

"Liza faces off against Darrow as Abby learns a secret about Oppenheimer."

This season of Manhattan deals with how the scientists and their families handle the Trinity Test, which history tells us was the first detonation of a nuclear weapon. This test, of course, led to the creation of the atomic bomb.

Manhattan airs on WGN America on Tuesdays.

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