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Not All Rats Are Created Equal: Why Uptown Manhattan Rats Are Different From Downtown

Uptown and downtown Manhattan rats are different from each other, according to a new study on how rats navigate the city. This is partly because these pesky rodents don’t move away far from their original location.

Animals December 2, 2017

World’s 50 Best Restaurants Of 2017: New York’s Eleven Is No. 1

Eleven Madison Park is 2017’s greatest restaurant in the world. The New York fine dining venue was also named the Best Restaurant in North America, and is the second American culinary establishment to ever snatch the grand prize.

Life & Style April 6, 2017

Bend Buildings, Not Laws: Plans For A U-Shaped Structure Could Change The Face Of New York

OIIO Studio unveils plans for the longest building in the world: a skyscraper in New York City that will bend to the NYC zoning laws.

Life & Style March 26, 2017

Manhattanhenge To Light Up New York City On Memorial Day

Manhattan will be bathed in red light this Memorial Day as Manhattanhenge takes place in the Big Apple and around the world. What is this phenomenon, and what does it have to do with Druids?

May 28, 2016

Amazon Prime Now Offers One-Hour Delivery Of Beer, Wine And Spirits In Manhattan

Amazon Prime customers in Manhattan can now have beer, wine and spirits delivered to their doorsteps in just one hour through the Prime Now service. The service is looking to expand the adult beverage delivery option to all areas covered by Prime Now.

Business December 10, 2015

Apple Expands Same-Day Delivery To Manhattan, New York Just In Time For The Holidays

Apple teamed up with Postmates to make sure that Manhattan residents receive their tech products as fast as possible. For some busy New Yorkers, same-day delivery is a godsend for the holidays.

Business November 19, 2015

'Manhattan' Preview: Liza Begins Her Search For Frank

A sneak peek at next week's episode of 'Manhattan' shows Liza learning about the whereabouts of her husband, Frank, prompting her to sneak on the base where he's being held.

Movies/TV Shows October 23, 2015

Interview: 'Manhattan' Cast Discusses Season 2 Relationships

In an interview with Tech Times, 'Manhattan' cast members Ashley Zukerman, Rachel Brosnahan, Olivia Williams and John Benjamin Hickey discuss their characters' relationships and how they change in season two.

Movies/TV Shows October 13, 2015

Interview: 'Manhattan' Cast Discusses Changes In Season 2

'Manhattan' actors Katja Herbers, Harry Lloyd, Michael Chernus and Christopher Denham discuss their changed relationships in season two, as well as how they'll deal with the spy living among them.

Movies/TV Shows October 7, 2015

Interview: 'Manhattan' Executive Producers Sam Shaw And Director Thomas Schlamme Discuss Season 2

In an interview, 'Manhattan' executive producers Sam Shaw and Thomas Schlamme discuss the creation of the first weapon of mass destruction and how that affects characters on the series in season 2.

Movies/TV Shows September 30, 2015

Tesla Has Plans To Bring Charging Stations For Model S Drivers In Manhattan

Tesla plans to provide parking garages in New York City with chargers for their electric cars to cater to the city dwelling driver that may not have access to their own garage to recharge their vehicle.

FUTURE TECH August 13, 2015

Interview: Alex Wellerstein And David Saltzberg Discuss Getting History And Science Right On 'Manhattan'

'Manhattan' history consultant Alex Wellerstein and science consultant David Saltzberg discuss how they help the show's writers make the look, feel and details of the Manhattan Project accurate on the series.

Movies/TV Shows August 6, 2015

Interview: 'Manhattan' Production Designer Ruth Ammon Discusses Recreating The Manhattan Project's Los Alamos

After a tour of the 'Manhattan' TV series' set, production designer Ruth Ammon discusses how she helped get all the historical details of Los Alamos as close to the original as possible.

Movies/TV Shows July 31, 2015

'Manhattan' Season Two Gets Its First Teaser Trailer

For fans of WGN's 'Manhattan,' the wait for the series' second season is almost over. The series returns this October, and now, we have our first trailer giving us a teaser for the new season.

Movies/TV Shows June 29, 2015

Study Shows Ants Have A Preference For Junk Food

Researchers have found that ants living on the streets of Manhattan have developed a liking for the food people eat, allowing them to thrive in an urban environment.

April 2, 2015

'Justice for Eric Garner' Protest Gains Steam, Crowds Flock to Apple Store, Macy's in NYC

Hundreds of angry protesters took to the streets and major stores in Manhattan. The demonstrations came after a grand jury decided not to indict NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo in the death of Eric Garner.

Society December 6, 2014

Katja Herbers talks 'Manhattan' and what it's like playing a 1940s woman scientist

In 'Manhattan,' series co-star Katja Herbers portrays Helen, the only woman scientist working on the Manhattan Project. Herbers discusses this unique role, along with what it's like to portray her.

Movies/TV Shows October 14, 2014

Amazon opening first store in Big Apple, but is it just a clever warehouse strategy?

Reports claim online retailer Amazon is preparing to open its first physical store and has chosen Manhattan as the location. The store will feature a showroom for new Amazon products and a warehouse for same-day deliveries.

Business October 10, 2014

Microsoft takes Manhattan, retail store strategy much more than just sales

Microsoft is moving into Sony and Apple's neighborhood on Fifth Avenue. Microsoft's new flagship store will go beyond retail, offering community theater and experimental space, says Microsoft executive.

Business September 29, 2014

Atomic bombs, female scientists and Los Alamos: An interview with 'Manhattan' creator Sam Shaw

TV series 'Manhattan' tackles the creation of the first atomic bomb. In this exclusive interview with series creator and writer Sam Shaw, we learn why this period of history is still fascinating today.

Geek September 22, 2014

Parking spots go for $1 million in NYC

Already known for outrageous real estate prices, a development company is offering parking spots under a new condo building for $1 million a pop in NYC.

Movies/TV Shows September 10, 2014

Four reasons you should be watching WGN's 'Manhattan'

If you haven't watched WGN's 'Manhattan,' a dramatic television series based on the men and women responsible for the Manhattan Project at Los Alamos, New Mexico, you may want to tune in.

Movies/TV Shows August 14, 2014

German artists claim they were behind the Brooklyn Bridge white flag stunt

Two German artists claimed responsibility for replacing the American flag with a white one on the Brooklyn Bridge. They say the stunt was not an act of terrorism, but rather artistic expression.

Internet Culture August 13, 2014

Google, Microsoft, others support Facebook in user privacy dispute

Tech companies support Facebook as the social networking company fights to prevent more broad search warrants seeking access to user data. Civil liberties unions say Facebook was right to challenge warrants that sought data from 381 Facebook accounts.

Business August 12, 2014

Rising sea levels, storm tides make NYC more prone to big floods every four years: Study

A new study revealed that New York City is 20 times more likely to flood than it was 170 years ago and researchers point to the drastic sea level rise and the storm tide's current maximum height.

Earth/Environment April 27, 2014

Giant iceberg six times the size of Manhattan, could threaten shipping during Antarctic winter

Massive iceberg only known as iceberg B31 is making its way to the Southern Ocean where NASA would find it difficult to track due to long winter darkness.

Earth/Environment April 23, 2014

Uber goes on two wheels with UberRUSH courier service in Manhattan

Uber plans to speed deliveries by tapping foot and bike messengers through its UberRUSH courier service. But it faces tough competition in a saturated market, so will it stand out?

Business April 8, 2014

Measles outbreak in Manhattan and Bronx make epidemiologists scratch their heads

Two of the children infected in the measles outbreak were not vaccinated because their parents did not want them to. Health officials urge everyone to get vaccinated because measles could lead to complications and even death.

Life March 11, 2014

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