Google co-founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, may not always agree on everything, but there is one thing these gentlemen agree on, and that is to flood the world with robots, artificial intelligence and to take away your car.

In an interview with the folks at Khosla Ventures, the two co-founders spoke a lot about the future, and even about how different things would have been right now if they had sold the company back in 1999. The abundance of innovations we've seen today might not have happened, though chances are another company would have filled the void.

Both Brin and Page see a world that requires fixing, and if no one is up to the task of doing it, then Google will. One of these world changing things Google is working on right now, is self-driving cars. Google is hoping that in the future, folks will no longer see the need of owning a car, something that could cause fewer accidents on death on our roads.

"If you look at the self-driving cars, for example, I hope that that could really transform transportation around the world, and reduce the need for individual car ownership, the need for parking, road congestion and so forth," says Sergey Brin.

From what Brin is saying, it appears Google is planning to launch a service similar to Uber, but instead of people driving, these cars would drive themselves. In our eyes, the Google cars would be powered by Google Maps location data more than anything else.

A plan is also in place to have more artificial intelligence, which could reduce the amount of work people are doing. Many people are not in agreement with the rise of robots taking jobs, but if we look back in the past, 90 percent of the population used to be farmers, and things have changed dramatically.

Furthermore, when it comes down to Google doing several things at the same time, Larry Page believes Google is making the right decisions in this respect, as long as the company is doing things that make sense such as robotics, Google X and self-driving cars.

From what we've heard from both guys, the future of Google is looking bright. The company is involved in several interesting spectrums that could change the world, and if things continue to go down this route, we might see a future where Google's revenue isn't reliant too much on advertisements.

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