Hillary Clinton is upping her campaign rally with some star power, courtesy of singer-songwriter Katy Perry.

Clinton turned to Perry to bring fireworks to her rally last Oct. 25 in Des Moines, Iowa. Not only did the pop star perform hits "Roar," "Fireworks" and her rendition of "America the Beautiful," she also received Clinton's Instagram account for the day.

"Katy Perry here, taking over Hills' IG today for the rally in Iowa. The stage is set, and the nails are pressed. T-minus 1.5 hours before we Roar together. #ImWithHer -Katy," Perry wrote as she took over Clinton's Instagram.

As expected, Clinton's Instagram page erupted with "favorites" and comments from various sectors: non-supporters and nail art lovers.

Perry's next post was one about her young niece taking a similar stand on politics, but taking to a different medium to show her support. "I'm here in Iowa, but meanwhile back at home, my niece... #itrunsinthefamily -Katy," she captioned.

Iowa's afternoon rally was meant to generate enthusiasm prior to the annual Jefferson-Jackson fundraising dinner, an event hosted by the Democratic Party.

"She's my firework," Perry shared to Clinton's supporters.

The 31-year-old singer sported a white strapless gown, adorned by a flowing American flag cape, topped with a Clinton campaign logo.

Of course, there's the mandatory selfie, featuring the politician and her Instagram moderator for the day.

Bill Clinton was also at the event to support his wife, and gave a speech, with tongue in cheek, complaining that he was tired of women having a "stranglehold" as first spouse. He said that he wanted to witness the White House gender barrier broken.

"The American people in the last six weeks have learned a lot about Hillary - what she's for, why she's running, and what kind of president she'd be," said the former President.

The presence of husband and girl BFF definitely drew fireworks to Clinton's campaign rally, as the capitol city of Iowa was soon brimming with supporters, wearing T-shirts and waving signs.

It seems like Hillary and Katy have taken their friendship to a whole new level with this birthday gift.

"My birthday gift to fellow Scorpio, Hillary, says it all. -Katy," read the caption.

A recent Iowa poll found Clinton with a slight lead over her main rival, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

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