Every kid in school has to go through the basic mathematical operations with problems using fruits, balls, or any other object that the teacher can use to illustrate the problem. For one sassy kid given the equation 25 + 16 = 41, however, the problem isn't on how to solve the equation or why 25 + 16 is equal to 41 but why the woman who was taking the video, who is most probably his mother, has so many apples.

In the video, the woman behind the camera asks the boy why the equation is equal to 41, which the boy answers with a "huh?" and taking a drink from his cup. The question is then rephrased to make it more relatable to how equations are usually presented in school. "If you had 25 apples and I gave you 16 more apples, why would you have 41?" the woman asks and as soon as the boy heard "apples," he immediately laughs then turns his back to the camera. "Why do you have so much apples?" the boy answers with a question.

A good question, but the boy missed the part where he had more apples in the beginning since he already had 25 before he was given 16 to get 41.

We can't deny that many of us wanted to ask the same question back when we were solving those kinds of equations. More advanced algebraic equation even lead us to thinking that, instead of solving for a person's age using the age of two other people, we can always just ask the person himself, but whether we like it or not, math is an important part of education just as much as logic is.

If you're also curious why she has so many apples, it's probably because it's apple picking season at this time of the year and, with more than 6,000 known varieties of apples that were grown in the perfect conditions in 2015, why would she want to hold herself back? Don't believe me? Look it up.

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