We're still around eight months away from Suicide Squad hitting theaters, but that hasn't quieted talk around Jared Leto's role as The Joker. When the first official image of the new Clown Prince of Crime hit the web a few months back, reactions were ... mixed. People didn't quite know what to do with an inked-up Mister J sporting a Lil Wayne grill and no eyebrows.

As comic book fans are wont to do, they complained and petitioned and vowed to boycott the movie, but then the Suicide Squad Comic-Con trailer hit, and our first look at Leto's Joker in motion began to calm the nerves of the Internet geek squad. He looked ferocious, sadistic and just a little bit unhinged, just as he should be.

Now, as the movie draws closer, Empire Magazine is featuring Suicide Squad in its latest issue, and of course, Leto is gracing the cover. This is our best full look at his Joker yet, and yes, the tattoos are still there—but now we also get to see his stylish purple coat (apparently the DC universe has some species of purple alligator roaming around) and a slick new cane that is a callback to countless comic book interpretations.

You can take a look at the cover below, courtesy of Super Hero Hype

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