Jar Jar Binks is a blight upon the most beloved fictional saga of all time. He's a walking punchline — only nobody finds this joke funny.

So, of course you can count on some goofball to insert his ugly mug into anything and everything. The goofball in question this time is one Michael Murdock, who runs the blog MichaelLovesMovies.com. He did the same with the two teaser trailers for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and now, Murdock's topped himself by compositing everyone's least favorite Gungan into just about every clip in the new trailer.

As silly as it is, you have to admit that Murdock has some genuine skill. Extracting Jar Jar from the prequels, compositing him into The Force Awakens and getting the scale and lighting and all that to match up ... That's far from easy.

What's most mind-boggling about it is that he didn't have to do any new animation for this trailer. Every single ridiculous thing you see Jar Jar doing in the trailer is something he really did in various scenes in the prequels.

Also, watch closely for (inexplicable) cameos by Boss Nass, Jake Lloyd, the voice of Ewan McGregor and the great Bearded One himself.

See more of Michael Murdock's work at his YouTube channel.

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