"Star Wars" has been on a roll most especially this week when it released the new trailer for "Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens" on Oct. 19 when fans raved about the new film, but the marketing department still has a lot of things planned out. Disney has especially invested in one of the biggest markets for the promotion of the film and sent 500 Stormtroopers to invade China. Well, to capture the hearts of the Chinese fans.

On Oct. 21, Disney set up 500 Stormtrooper replicas along the steps of The Great Wall of China's Juyongguan section, displayed huge billboards of the words "The Force Awakens" in Chinese, and gave away lightsabers and other official merchandise to hundreds of Chinese fans who registered and turned up for the event despite not having a release date for China yet.

China is considered to be the second largest film market and Disney knows what it can accomplish by tapping into that huge market. The only issue is that the first six films had never been screened in China. In order to resolve this, Disney and 20th Century Fox signed a deal with Tencent in September to legitimately stream the first six films. Tencent is China's largest Internet portal and Disney's move only secures more fans and audience for the saga by getting the Chinese moviegoers acquainted with the films.

"By working with Tencent we can extend the Star Wars franchise to Tencent's massive user base and go to the heart of digital lifestyles in China," Walt Disney Company China's Vice President for Marketing Carol Choi said.

Tencent had opened a dedicated portal for "Star Wars" as well as offered in Tencent's various streaming channels and its video application.

Look out, China, because The Dark Side and The Galactic Empire are coming for you.

"Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens" opens in U.S. cinemas on Dec. 18.

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