Siri has a lot of uses and people have grown accustomed to her. However, unbeknownst to many, the "intelligent" assistant is a naughty girl and has a few secrets. For instance, she refuses to speak about music when the user does not have a subscription to Apple Music.

This is something that should not really bother most people since they probably have a subscription to Apple's music service. However, it's quite bad news for those whose free three-month trial on Apple Music just ended.

Tom Conrad, a former Apple employee and the cofounder of Pandora, which developed the Pandora music app, took notice of how Siri refuses to look up the music charts unless the user has a subscription.

It should be cleared that the way Conrad formulated his question, "Hey Siri what's the most popular song in the USA today?" will not generate results even if the user has a subscription. Apple Music subscribers confirmed this on their Twitter responses to Conrad.

However, if the Pandora cofounder had a subscription and asked simply for the top songs, he would have been taken to the Top Songs list of the Apple Music app just like everyone else who has a subscription.

What’s interesting is that Siri also will not permit web searches for past music hits. The AI-driven assistant will require users to have a subscription to the music service before it can generate results for what topped the charts in a specific year. This is according to queries made by the Verge.

Bear in mind that when searching for movies, Siri will populate a list on iTunes and of course, ask the user to buy the content. Nonetheless, Siri still comes up with what the user wants to know. Hence, it’s quite puzzling why Apple would limit searches pertaining to music on Siri.

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