Sony has only rolled out PlayStation 4 firmware update 3.0 in September, but the console maker is already looking into what new features it will bring to gamers in the upcoming fourth firmware update.

Among these features Sony is mulling over is the arrival of classic games intended for the PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2 to the current-generation console, as well as the ability for gamers to change their PlayStation Network IDs.

Apparently, Sony has sent a poll to some PS4 owners who are part of a feedback program called PlayStation Voice, where customers are asked to participate in surveys about future releases for all sorts of things, including games, marketing materials and, of course, firmware updates.

The survey was posted on gaming-centric forum NeoGAF, where user Saint of Killers uploaded screenshots of the survey.

"Got a PlayStation survey (invite-only)," he says. "They ask for suggestions in a blank box but toward the end this popped up. Looks like they've been paying attention to what people have been asking about."

The survey shows tick boxes for "PS2 classics" and, further down, "PS1 classics." It's still unclear in what form these oldies but goodies are going to take when they make their way back to the PS4. Older titles are already available to PS4 owners via PlayStation Now, but considering the subscription and rental options, it's not exactly the best way to gain access to classic titles.

Sony is also considering allowing users to change their PSN IDs, the second most requested feature as seen on the PlayStation blog, just right after the ability to fully purchase games on PlayStation Now. Right now, users who have been using PSN since it was launched in 2006 are still stuck with whatever ID they chose nine years ago. Sadly, people who chose something embarrassing back then really have no other option but to stick with their IDs.

Other interesting features that could soon make an appearance include the ability to appear offline on PSN, making it easier to dodge other people sharing stuff or wanting to chat. Sony is also thinking of letting users hide or completely remove unwanted content, such as demos and previously delisted games, and to sort folders and filter library content by category to make it easier for gamers to find what they're looking for.

Users will also possibly see an increased maximum number of users for party chat, sign-in notifications, user avatars and custom backgrounds. Sony also asked gamers when they would like to see firmware update 4.0 to roll in, with options ranging from before the end of 2015 to mid-2017.

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