After the mass exodus of PC from Windows 8 to 10 this summer, Xbox One consoles are about to do the same: migrate from their Windows 8 foundation and land on Windows 10. The New Xbox One Experience arrives on Nov. 12.

The NXOE that went into beta as Windows 10 was publicly released for PC this summer. Microsoft still has more to roll out for the NXOE, with digital assistant software Cortana slated for delivery in 2016. But the there are tons of new features set to arrive next month via the NXOE update.

Microsoft claims that the NXOE will deliver faster performance, facilitate a better gaming experience and deliver vertical scrolling.

"Whether you want to discover new movies and shows with the OneGuide or play with the best gamers on Xbox Live, the New Xbox One Experience gives you what you want, when you want it," Microsoft says.

Here's what the NXOE will include (not all features are brand new; those that aren't are refreshed).


  • Follow games and developers for the latest news, along with updates from friends.
  • See what friends have played and are playing.
  • Compare gamerscores, stats and achievements with friends.
  • Try out fully customizable avatars.
  • Like, comment and share content in the Activity Feed.


  • See what TV shows are trending across Xbox Live.
  • TV listings launch instantly and in fullscreen.
  • Browse for the next show, short of movie using picture in picture.
  • The App channel's panels display new content and highlights things important to each user.
  • Get notifications about friends' activities, including achievements and invites.
  • See who's online and who's playing what.
  • Compose a party or respond to party invites.
  • Interact and use voice commands to respond directly to messages without ever leaving your game.
  • Respond to messages without exiting a game.

Backward Compatibility

  • Retain saves, expansions, gamerscore and achievements.
  • Keep your game saves, game add-ons, achievements and Gamerscore.
  • Play legacy Xbox games with Xbox One and its new features, such as DVR and Windows 10 streaming.
  • Play online with friends, regardless of their Xbox consoleSupports disc and digital games.

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