Google has got no problem deploying apps on iOS, but Apple has appeared to have been unmotivated to release software for Android. Netting subscribers for its new streaming music service appears to have been motivation enough and there's fresh evidence suggesting Apple Music will arrive on Android soon.

Screenshots purporting to show Apple Music for Android have popped up on German-language outlet Mobile Geeks, and they look legit at least. All of the key features are there: Beats 1 Radio, For You, My Music, Playlists and Connect. Plus, the timing is right.

Apple previously stated that it plans to release Apple Music for Android this fall. Well, it's fall now.

Before the purported screenshots of Apple Music for Android emerged on Mobile Geeks, there were reports claiming that Apple was quietly holding a closed beta period for the Android app.

Though Apple Music is arriving on Android, the streaming music service doesn't appear to be headed to Google's Chromecast anytime soon. Trusted Reviews asked a Google spokesperson if the company tried to work with Apple to get Apple Music support for the Chromecast.

"We certainly have," said the spokesperson in response. The spokesperson then went on to say that Google doesn't restrict development for the Chrome platform.

"So iTunes Music. We have an open SDK, and any developer can write to that SDK to support cast," the Google spokesperson said, adding: "So if Apple does that, then it supports iTunes Music."

Despite not supporting Chromecast and being currently unavailable for Android, right now, Apple Music has gotten off to a hot start. The music streaming service's subscriber base has swelled to about a third of the size of that of rival Spotify. Still, there are growing pains.

People have been complaining of Apple Music-instigated issues on iTunes. However, Oliver Schusser, vice president, iTunes International assured the Guardian that Apple is on top of the problems.

"There's a lot of work going into making the product better. Our focus is on editorial and playlists, and obviously we have teams all around the world working on that, but we're also adding features and cleaning up certain things," said Schusser.

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