Landscaping is as much art as it is science. Landscaping software performs designing, computing, and much more in a lot lesser time as compared to earlier days when it took a long time to create a landscape design.

Today, it has evolved into a whole software package that is being used by businesses operating in the green industry and the sectors that deal with landscape designing as part of their operations. So here are the top 5 landscaping software in 2019 that are slated to create waves in the green circles.

1. Arborgold

For over 20 years, Arborgold Software has been an industry top choice for tree, lawn, plant healthcare, and landscape companies, with good reason. Back in 1994, founders Jon and Donna Garner built Arborgold originally to streamline their successful tree, lawn, and landscape business. Over the years, the product has continued to dramatically evolve into a super-strong, flexible, durable, all-in-one green industry business management software.

With plans that fit small, medium, and large enterprise organizations and a product that can mirror your business model, companies that are looking to grow revenues and reduce operating costs will enjoy using the software's many features, including Customer Relationship Management (CRM), real-time messaging and appointment center, estimating tools, advanced job scheduling, job management, project management, supply chain management, marketing, reporting, mobile apps, GPS tracking, and third-party integrations such as Google calendar, QuickBooks, SMS texting, and email marketing. In addition, with Arborgold, companies can offer their clients an online portal with secure 24/7 access to client account history, including invoices, quotes, payments, and other service requests.

One of the major advantages of Arborgold Software is its training, technical assistance, and client care program. Users can access help immediately through the company's extensive digital knowledge-base and video library, via phone support, online chat, or email. Clients who have specialized on-boarding and/or data migration needs have turn-key and custom options for one-on-one training, on-site custom training, done-for-you data transfers, and more.

As a whole, Arborgold is our number 1 choice. A powerhouse performer and priced right with product plans, depending on feature needs, any user can reap the benefits of this best-in-class product. Offered today "in the cloud," Arborgold is available through any internet browser and comes equipped with mobile apps to keep your teams connected on the go. In short, Arborgold is that much-needed tree, lawn, and landscaping software that will give a company next-generation tools and personalized support so they can run their business efficiently and grow.

2. Housecall Pro

Housecall Pro was founded by Ian Heidt, Adam Perry-Pelletier, Reza Olfat, Roland Ligtenberg, and Chris Zwickilton in 2013. It is a mobile software platform that has been designed for all types of services business such as landscaping, home automation, junk removal, plumbing, window cleaning, home cleaning, and the like. It comes with compatible features to cater to the management and operational needs of these services businesses. Therefore, it has online booking that lets clients make booking online, on the website or Yelp page. There is Instapay that speeds up payment, digitization for scheduling, dispatching, and invoicing of payments.

The recurring services agreement automates customer retention by scheduling agreement on regular intervals. The automated email marketing sends reminders and notifications. Housecall Pro supports businesses as they compete in the services sector. Housecall Pro is an affordable and efficient solution to grow and perform. The best part is that one gets the free demo offer to check out the credentials of the software and get going only if one finds it useful.

3. Project Quoting

Tailor made for lawn, landscaping, fencing, irrigation, and roofing businesses, Project Quoting is a comprehensive cloud-based software for marketing, quoting, lead generation, invoicing, and customer management. It has every necessary tool to get the work done.

The satellite measuring interface measures properties and automatically converts them into quotes. The pricing control lets one offer prepaid discounts and incentives for early purchase. The quoting and invoicing tool allows for creation of complex quotes based on real-time calculations and measurements. The lead generation tool lets customers measure their own properties and get real-time quotes. The customer management tool helps keep track of customers through activity monitoring, quote history, etc. The scheduling and automation features help in planning events and other activities, ensuring that everything happens on time and nothing is missed.

Project Quoting is an easy-to-use software that utilizes relevant tools and technology to get the business going in the right direction. Suitable for beginners and pros, it has the right number of features, but if one wants, one can easily tweak it to sync with one's personal needs. So if one is looking to get a complete landscaping software, Project Quoting is the right option. Just try the free 14-day trial offer and see the features working.

4. Rapid Garden

Founded in 1985, Rapid Garden is designed to overcome the unique challenges the businesses operating in the green industry face on an everyday basis. The software has been framed with equally unique features such as garden loyalty program to retain and engage customers. There is plant nursery management software to keep track of nursery inventory — a centralized organized system that stores plant database and helps to manage labor, cost of production, and related work.

The order management and processing tools are tailored to streamline operations and increase sales. The email marketing tool further adds to the customer expansion programs. The printing grow/care instructions also builds customer relations. It easily aligns with online shipping dispatch software, letting business beat the competition hands down. So if a nursery, lawn, horticulture, or related business is looking for a landscaping software that would help perform better at a pocket-friendly price, then Rapid Garden is the answer.

A mobile and desktop compatible tool, Rapid Garden will help to manage the plants- and garden-related operations on the go. Once brought in, the business can concentrate on the core job and say goodbye to all worries. The free demo is available 24/7, and the installation takes minutes, after which one gets going with the work.

5. WorkWave

Founded in 1984, WorkWave is a cloud-based field service solution that was created by Marne E. Martin to cater to the mobile workforce companies. It is a perfect software for lawns and landscaping business to work smarter in the labor-intensive and highly competitive niche. It helps to reduce costs, improves service delivery process, and increases sales.

It is designed to cater on all fronts. At the back office, the unified record system keeps track of the work flow and labor. The on-site service delivery improves field operations in the field by reducing errors, allowing work from anywhere through mobile applications, and other features. At the management level, it provides valuable feedback and data to assess performance, increase revenue, and make smart business decisions based on the real-time data.

If one is looking for a business management solution to handle business complexities, then WorkWave offers to be the right solution. It will steer the business operations in the direction of growth and drive productivity in all spheres. The developers offer a free demo to check the potential of the software, and the customer support ensures 24/7 assistance. What is more, the price is easy on the pocket, and thus, one can easily expect to create waves with WorkWave.

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