Top 5 Best Translation Management Platforms In 2019

25 February 2019, 3:13 pm EST By Staff Reporter Tech Times

Translation projects have always been in high demand with the need of companies and services to target a global market. With the help of translation management platforms, one can find translators, linguists, and team leaders very easily. Payouts and financial estimations for each projects have also been made more convenient and accessible as these platforms provide additional features to handle the finances for each company.

Here are the top five best translation management platforms in 2019. They have been tested through time and have been reviewed by professionals as well as companies for their outstanding service to clients. They come in different pricing and plans aimed to answer one's individual needs.

1. Smartсat

We're living in the content economy, where traditional approaches to translation are failing. Today's customers expect a connected and agile experience. Smartcat helps language industry players come together to thrive in this new paradigm by streamlining their entire workflow — from content creation to payments.

Smartcat promotes team management via a platform where you can easily bring contributors in a single team to follow, execute, and collaborate on translation tasks online. With its unlimited CAT tool, Smartcat allows the whole team to collaborate in real time with participants having equal access to updated translation memories, glossaries, and QA checks.

Smartcat also features a payment automation system that allows companies to save on administrative costs thus increasing the margin. A company only needs a single transaction to pay all freelancers in the team at the same time. It also provides a marketplace where one can hire from a pool of 250,000+ freelancers and 2,000+ LSPs.


For language service providers

Smartcat is an AI-powered platform for building and managing a translation team in a stress-free, fully controlled, and efficient manner. Its easy-to-use, intuitive UI provides unlimited scalability and efficiency in assigning projects without having to split documents. It allows full overview of all linguistic assets. Payouts are also made painless with zero paperwork but guaranteed legal and tax compliance.

For linguists

Smartcat provides professional translation software in an all-in-one translation platform that connects linguists, companies, and agencies. Freelancers can use the platform for free for their own projects. CAT features include translation memories, dictionaries, custom glossaries, and a wide choice of machine translation engines. The platform can also be used for job hunting and finding professionals as it contains more than 2,000 jobs posted per week from clients all over the world. The handy payment dashboard allows freelancers to track all past and pending payments and withdraw them via bank card, wire transfer, PayPal, and other methods.

For companies

Chosen by hundreds of companies worldwide, Smartcat allows them to cut costs and increase the turnaround speed, transparency, and control in translation projects. The platform allows quick cost estimation, unlimited scalability, and many integration options. Finding translators and building a freelancer team is easy with 250,000+ freelance linguists and 2,000+ agencies ready to be put in the same highly collaborative workflow,. while APIs enable automated workflows.

Security-wise, Smartcat makes use of top-tier data centers and complies with GDPR and other data protection regulations. Payments are protected via payment systems certified to PCI DSS Level 1.

2. Transifex

(Photo : Transifex)

Localizing all digital content from step one until data publishing is made easy with Transifex. It is suitable for both complex apps and digital content, as well as websites.

Using Transifex has been made easy in just four steps. First, content to be translated is uploaded via APL or via Transifex Live. Then, translation management follows until all translated files are added into one's repository like the Transifex's CDN. Content is then ready for publishing on one's app or website.

Plans and Products

Transifex has varied plans for a wide range of businesses from startups to Fortune 500 companies.


The Starter Plan starts at 139 USD per month if billed annually and 179 USD per month for monthly billing plans.


The Growth package starts at 369 USD per month if billed annually and 449 USD per month if billed monthly. It promised to give features from the Starter plan plus more upgrades.


The Advanced Package starts at 749 USD per month if billed annually and 899 USD monthly if billed in a monthly basis. It has features in the Growth package with added upgrades.


The Pro package starts at 1, 549 USD monthly if billing takes place annually. It has everything that Growth plan can offer and more!


The Enterprise package is based on more specific agreements between the client and Transifex and thus one is advised to get in touch by contacting 1-855-418-5000.

3. PhraseApp

(Photo : phraseApp)

Phraseapp is specifically built for software developers and gives them the efficiency without spreadsheets and at the same time, allows direct collaboration with translators and/or use outsourced translations in the software. It is able to reach global audiences, automate localization tasks, and reduce process overhead by 90 percent. Because it streamlines its localization tasks and at the same time, outsources ideas from global sources, it is proven to improve translation quality with its In-Context Editor that considers context of the translation and provides more insights to prevent linguistic and functional translation errors.

PhraseApp Pricing


The Exclusive package starts at €900/month (1,020 USD) if billed monthly and €720/ month (817 USD) for annual billing. It is a personalized with service level agreement. It can include up to 15 users and has a free trial version.


Considered the most popular, the Pro package starts at €495/per month (562 USD) for monthly billing and € 396/per month (449 USD) if billed annually. It is made for modern software development teams, localization teams, and global brands. It can include up to 11 users and has a trial version for free.


The Lite package starts at €150/month (170 USD) for monthly billing and €120/per month (136 USD) for annual billing. It is for production teams struggling with a complex localization process. It can include up to five users and has a trial version that can be downloaded for free.

To discover more about any PhraseApp products, one can book a demo in its site or enjoy their 14-day free trial, which gives one the advantage to buy a plan or cancel it any time.


4. Lokalise

(Photo : Lokalise)

For mobile apps and web services to get a more global market, they need an efficient translator that can help them multiply their income by adding more languages. Lokalise is made for this purpose and more! It is for translators, marketing managers, product owners, developers, product managers, copywriters, and other professionals who want to target a larger group with their translated texts. With Lokalise, one simply has to upload localization files, let them be translated until they are ready to be integrated to iOS, Android, SDK, API, CLI tool and other integration options. One can also simply download the translated files.

Pricing and Plans


The Lite plan starts at 40 USD/month if billed monthly and 50 USD/month if billed monthly.


The Start plan starts at 80 USD/month if billed annually and 100 USD/month if billed monthly.


The Essential plan starts at 160 USD/month if billed annually and 200 USD/month if billed monthly.


The Pro plan starts at 400 USD/monthly if billed annually and 500 USD/month if billed monthly.


The Enterprise plan follows a customized plan and cost depending on its agreed features.

All pricing plans come with a 14-day free trial, which includes 500 keys and one seat. It can also be activated even without a credit card. The free trial can also be canceled anytime. Meanwhile, downgrading and upgrading of subscription are also allowed. One just have to go to the Account page and choose a new plan to suit one's budget and needs.


5. SDL Trados Studio

(Photo : SDL Trados Studio)

SDL Trados Studio is a trusted and reputable translation software that has been in the industry for 30 years and has been used by over 250,000 translators. It is for everyone needing a translation software — freelance translators, language service providers, and corporate departments.


Software for translators

SDL Trados Studio 2019 Freelance

Translating and reviewing projects have been made easy with this product. One can also use it to efficiently use terminologies or get the machine-generated translations without hassle.

SDL Trados Studio 2019 Professional is a translation platform for companies, translation agencies, and translators. Its wide range of language options and management tools surely help in increasing the productivity of teams.

SDL Online Translation Editor is a cloud-based translation tool that saves the hassle of repetitive copying and pasting of documents in a word processor.

SDL Language Cloud speeds up the translation process with the help of innovative, high quality machine translations made possible with the self-learning AdaptiveMT engines. Its engines provide industry relevant content, which leads to higher quality suggestions.

Software for translation teams

SDL Trados GroupShare is for team-based collaborations to reduce manual tasks. It aims to deliver high- quality translations faster with real time project visibility and control, online project creation, automatic notifications, and real-time updates.

SDL WorldServer is a web-based application that provides essential translation management functions. It also simplifies and accelerates the localization process for any content by providing centralized and automated translations. It also fosters collaborations between systems and people involved in a translation project.

Software for Specialists

SDL MultiTerm Desktop ensures the consistency in terminology across all content types and languages. It can be used as a standalone desktop tool to create terminology databases and glossaries or with SDL Trados Studio to improve overall translation quality and efficiency.

SDL MultiTerm Extract

Creating terminology glossaries from existing translated documents has been made more efficient with SDL MultiTerm Extract. It is also designed to create, store, and share terminology; improve consistency, quality, and accuracy of translation; and improve client satisfaction.

SDL Passolo is software localization tool designed to meet the specific demands of the software localization and gaming industry. Its latest version, SDL Passolo 2018, provides more advantages and flexibility with an improved terminology management and automated flows.

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