Best Laptops Of 2016 For Different Users: Students, Professionals, Entrepreneurs And Gamers

Whether you're a student, professional, entrepreneur, or gamer, there's an ideal laptop for you. Check out our selection of the best laptops of 2016 for different types of users.

Computers December 31, 2016

New Samsung Notebook 9 Laptops Now Official: Kaby Lake, FHD Display, 1.8 Pounds But Only 7 Hours Battery Life

The new Samsung Notebook 9 laptops are rocking Kaby Lake processors and FHD displays, and the 13.3-inch model is touted as the lightest in the market at 1.8 pounds. However, they can only deliver 7 hours of battery life.

Computers December 20, 2016

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 4K Graphic Card Announced: GTX 980 Ti Owners Get First Taste

Nvidia has announced the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 4K graphic card, the one card to rule them all. It comes at a time when AMD is prepping to launch its own 4K graphic card, codenamed Vega. Both cards should hit market in 2017.

Computers December 22, 2016

Year-End Deals On Apple iMac And MacBook Models Abound: Where To Buy The Best Mac For You

Apple has recently updated its lineup of computers. If you think your computer is due for an update as well, here are some of the best deals on the Mac, MacBook or iMac that Apple has to offer.

Computers December 17, 2016

Lenovo Yoga 910 Review: Here's Why Everybody Loves The Upgraded Hybrid Laptop

The Lenovo Yoga 910 is a great laptop hybrid to buy if you cannot decide between a laptop and a tablet. The large screen and fast processor make it a standout among other hybrid computers.

Computers December 17, 2016

AMD RyZen Destroys Intel’s Core i7-6700K CPU: Here's How Good This Processor Is

AMD RyZen is official, and from everything we have seen, it would appear as if Intel will finally get some much-needed competition. No price has been revealed just yet, but we expect AMD to undercut Intel a great deal when RyZen launches next year.

Computers December 17, 2016

New Chromebook 'Eve' First To Feature Fingerprint Scanner, Gets High-Resolution Display And Kaby Lake Processor

The new Chromebook called 'Eve' features a Kaby Lake processor, fingerprint scanner, and high-resolution display. Based on the features alone, this Chromebook will be a high-end device.

Computers December 20, 2016

You Can Now Use Your New MacBook Pro's Touch Bar For Adobe Photoshop: Here Are The Functions

Adobe has now released a new update for Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 for Mac that adds Touch Bar support for the 2016 MacBook Pro. Let’s take a look at the things users can perform on Photoshop using the Touch Bar.

Computers December 14, 2016

AMD Radeon RX 460 Cores Can Be Unlocked To Boost Performance Via BIOS Modding: 896 Stream Processors To 1,024

There is a trick that can boost AMD Radeon RX 460's performance by about 12 percent. It will be able to unlock additional cores that AMD has so far failed to admit as well as stream processors and texture mapping units, all for a very simple and short procedure.

Computers December 13, 2016

Twitter's Jack Dorsey Interviewed Edward Snowden Via Periscope: How To Watch The Q&A If You Missed It

Twitter's CEO Jack Dorsey's interview with whistleblower Edward Snowden was streamed live through Periscope. Those who missed it can also watch the video on Periscope.

Computers December 15, 2016

Some Netgear Routers Are Easy To Hack: R6400, R7000, And R8000 Confirmed To Have Security Vulnerability

Three of Netgear's routers have been found to be vulnerable to basic attack, which could lead to the complete takeover of an entire network. This is mainly blamed on the routers' inability to filter out malicious commands hidden behind web URLs.

Computers December 12, 2016

Are MacBook Pro Users Switching To Microsoft Surface Pro?

Apple released its newest version of its Macbook Pro laptop computer late this year, but not everyone is happy about it. The bad news doesn't end there as Microsoft is seeing increased sales of its Surface Pro devices due to Macbook Pro users jumping ship.

Computers December 22, 2016

Microsoft 12 Days Of Deals: Big Discounts On Select Gaming PCs And Dell Laptops

‘Tis the season to be jolly. For Dec. 14 and Dec. 15, as part of its 12 Days of Deals sale, Microsoft’s slashing up to $1,000 on gaming laptops and up to 40 percent discounts on select Dell laptops.

Computers December 12, 2016

AMD Crimson ReLive Radeon Update Boosts Performance, Reduces Power Consumption

AMD's Radeon cards got significantly improved thanks to the Radeon Software Crimson ReLive update. The driver introduces new features and functions that can boost performance and efficiency

Computers December 9, 2016

AMD's New Horizon Event For Zen Could Give Us First Look At AM4 Motherboards Based On X370 Chipset

The New Horizon event is set for Dec. 13, and there AMD hopes to have a successful presentation detailing Zen. The company could also talk about its AM4 motherboards that are required to have Zen up and running.

Computers December 7, 2016

Fix Your New MacBook Pro Issues With This Accessory: Meet HyperDrive's USB-C Hub That Can Save You From Dongles

Does the lack of dongles on the new MacBook Pro keep you from nabbing the Apple laptop? If so, then HyperDrive's USB-C hub may be just the thing you need.

Computers December 6, 2016

New MacBook Pro Alternatives: Your Options When The Apple Laptop Just Doesn't Cut It For You

Apple’s new MacBook Pro upgrade might be outselling its rivals but that doesn’t mean that it’s the best laptop out there. Here are a few alternatives to consider.

Computers November 28, 2016

AMD's New Zen Desktop CPU Could Be Sold for $499: Better Performance Than $1,000 Intel 5th Generation CPU

The Athlon series of chips are the last CPUs from AMD to truly compete with Intel, and since then, the company has struggled to deliver. However, with its upcoming Zen processor, things could change drastically, especially if the prices are right.

Computers November 29, 2016

Did You Order A Microsoft Surface Studio? Some Lucky Users Will Get Them This Week

If you were among the initial few who preordered the Surface Studio desktop from Microsoft on the first day, you will receive the device this week. Microsoft is now shipping these orders earlier than the given time window.

Computers November 25, 2016

No 32 GB RAM New MacBook Pro Option? That's Because It Would've Reduced Battery Life, Apple Says

Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior VP for marketing, has explained the absence of a 32 GB RAM MacBook Pro. According to him, such a model would have required a different logic board design that posed a risk of reducing battery life.

Computers November 21, 2016

Intel Turns To AI For The Future: Deep Learning Chips Expected Next Year

With the new range of AI chips, Intel wants to give machine and deep learning tasks their own dedicated processors, independent of conventional chipsets. The initial batch will begin slipping into your computers in 2017.

Computers November 18, 2016

MacBook Pro 2016 With Touch Bar Models Are Now Hitting Some Apple Store Shelves

Several people have started spotting the new MacBook Pro model with the Touch Bar inside Apple Stores across some cities in California. The new MacBook Pro retails for $1,499 for the base 13-inch model and $1,799 for the Touch Bar model.

Computers November 16, 2016

Microsoft Office On Chromebooks Require Subscription For Some Devices

Google Chromebooks are good enough computer devices, but they lack key apps found in Windows. One of them is Office, but Microsoft and Google have come together to bring it to Chromebooks - with a tiny caveat.

Computers November 15, 2016

Oculus Rolls Out Asynchronous Spacewarp: Rift VR Headset Now Supported On Cheaper PCs

Oculus has rolled out the Asynchronous Spacewarp, a new technology that lowers the minimum requirements for a PC to support the Oculus Rift.

Computers November 11, 2016

Surface Book i7 (2016) Review Roundup: What Technophiles Are Saying About Microsoft's 2-In-1 Powerhouse

The new Microsoft Surface Book has now started to collect its share of reviews. In unanimous regard, the Surface Book is poised as an impressive and powerful device with a stellar battery life, but is it too expensive?

Computers November 11, 2016

Staples Black Friday 2016 Deals: Save Up To $200 On Surface Pro 4, Get Big Discounts On Tablets And Windows 10 Laptops

Staples has several computer items prepared to go on sale on Thanksgiving and Black Friday 2016. The deals range from Windows 10 laptops to tablets running Android.

Computers November 10, 2016

Zotac VR Go Is A PC Backpack For Portable VR Gaming: GTX 1070, Core i7 Chip Under The Hood

On its 10th anniversary celebration, Zotac debuted its VR GO backpack PC. The new VR GO is lighter, more durable, has an enhanced design that makes cables more manageable, and performs better with an Intel Core i7 processor and GTX 1070 GPU.

Computers November 6, 2016

Costco Black Friday 2016 Deals Leak Early: PS4 And Xbox One S Bundle Sales, Surface Pro 4 Discount

A portion of Costco’s 2016 Black Friday sale flyer has leaked. The circular reveals discounts on Sony PS4 and Microsoft Xbox One S bundles, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and Dell XPS 13.

Computers November 6, 2016

New MacBook Pro 2016 Doesn't Have Enough Ports? OWC's Thunderbolt 3 Dock Has Got You Covered

OWC is offering a timely recourse for the lack of ports in the new MacBook Pro models Apple unveiled last week. With the Thunderbolt 3 Dock, you'll get 13 ports in one dock, including an SD card reader, a Gigabit Ethernet port and much more.

Computers November 3, 2016

Dell Has Its Own Version Of The Surface Studio Creative PC In The Works, Complete With A Dial

Microsoft stirred quite some waves with its Surface Studio and Dial last week, and Dell is not far behind. A new video shows a very similar creative PC from Dell, complete with its very own dial.

Computers November 3, 2016

Alienware 13 Is A 13-Inch VR-Ready Laptop: GeForce GTX 1060, Intel Skylake Make It A Portable Beast

Alienware has released a powerful new 13-inch laptop designed to take on virtual reality experiences. The Alienware 13 sports a GTX 1060 series graphics card and a sixth-generation Intel Skylake processor with a base price of $1,199.

Computers November 1, 2016

Best 2-In-1 Laptops 2016: Microsoft Surface Book vs. Lenovo Yoga 910 vs. HP Spectre X360 15t

When it comes down to computers with Windows 10, 2-in-1 laptops are all the rave. They have taken the market by storm due to the success of the Surface products, and now we have the option of picking between the many good ones.

Computers October 31, 2016

MacBook Pro 13-Inch vs. MacBook Pro 13-inch With Touch Bar vs. MacBook Pro 15-Inch With Touch Bar: Which Apple Laptop Should You Buy?

Apple has rolled out its latest MacBook Pro laptops. Check out our comparison between the 13-inch MacBook Pro, 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and 15-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar before choosing which one to buy.

Computers October 28, 2016

LG's UltraFine 5K Display Was Made For Apple's New MacBook Pro

Apart from the new MacBook Pro models Apple unveiled on its latest event, it also announced an external monitor created by LG. The UltraFine 5K display features a built-in camera, speakers and a 27-inch 5K display, among other things.

Computers October 28, 2016

New MacBook Pro vs. Surface Book: Battle Of The New Apple And Microsoft Devices

Apple has released the updated MacBook Pro with the Touch Bar, and Microsoft has also released the updated Surface Book. How do these devices fare in terms of features, display, battery life, pricing and more? Let's find out.

Computers October 28, 2016

Apple Unveils 13- And 15-Inch MacBook Pros With New Touch Bar And Touch ID, Preorders Start Today

Apple announced its redesigned MacBook Pros that are available to preorder today, featuring its new OLED strip called Touch Bar and Touch ID.

Computers October 27, 2016

Microsoft's Surface Studio vs. Apple's iMac With Retina 5K Display: All-In-One Specs, Price And Features Comparison

The Microsoft Surface Studio is now official, and it's loaded with impressive features and powerful specs to dominate the all-in-one market, but how does it compare with Apple's iMac with Retina 5K display?

Computers October 27, 2016

Microsoft Unveils The Surface Studio, Its $2,999 Ultra-Thin PC That Transforms From A Desktop Into A Tablet-Like Creative Space

Microsoft announced the expansion of its Surface lineup to now include a desktop PC, the Surface Studio that retails for $2,999 when it becomes available for the holidays.

Computers October 26, 2016

Apple October 27 Event: MacBook Pro 2016 Specs, Design, Features And Everything We Know So Far

Apple is set to unveil its updated line of MacBook this coming Thursday, Oct. 27. The MacBook Pro 2016 units will reportedly be available in 13-inch and 15-inch frames with improved design and features.

Computers October 24, 2016

17-Inch Razer Blade Pro Review: How Does It Stack Up Against Other Portable Gaming Rigs?

Razer's new 17-inch Blade Pro laptop is billed as a high-performance gaming rig in the body of a laptop. Its Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 GPU packs enough power to handle high-end PC games and support VR graphics as well.

Computers October 23, 2016

Apple MacBook Pro 2016: OLED Dynamic Function Row, Integrated Touch ID, AMD Chips And Everything We Know So Far

Apple is set to hold a press event on Oct. 27, where it's expected to unveil the new MacBook Pro. The company's soon-to-be flagship laptop is rumored to feature an OLED secondary display, Touch ID, beefed-up internals and more.

Computers October 21, 2016

Ubisoft, Activision And Other Game Developers And Publishers Announce Their Support For The Nintendo Switch

Nintendo recently released its newest console, and a large number of game developers and publishers jumped in the bandwagon. Nintendo Switch will get support from Activision, Ubisoft, EA, Capcom, Square Enix, and more.

Computers October 23, 2016

2016 Razer Blade Pro Desktop-Grade Gaming Laptop Rocks GTX 1080 Graphics, Vapor Cooling And Mechanical Keyboard [Video]

Razer officially unveiled its 2016 Blade Pro gaming laptop and it's a desktop-grade beast. The laptop rocks a 4K display, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 graphics, vapor cooling and a cool mechanical keyboard, but it also comes with a price to match.

Computers October 20, 2016

2018 MacBooks Will Reportedly Have E-Ink Keyboards, But It's Still Unlikely

Apple is reportedly set to refresh its MacBook lineup with new e-ink keyboards, allegedly seeking the help of Australian design startup Sonder for the technology. Sonder has since denied the claims, saying that its founder did not meet with Apple.

Computers October 20, 2016

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