(Photo : Digiarty Software) Video processing and editing software.
(Photo : Digiarty Software) Video processing and editing software.

Best 4K Video Processing & Editing Software 2018: VideoProc Works Much Easier without Quality Loss
4K, the technology buzzword, is explored at every corner of an electronics shopping mall, as the prominent icon on a camera billboard or being labeled on a TV. It also becomes the trend for video recording and media streaming lies in detailed and crisp images it can demonstrates on a large display.
4K brings a boatload of benefits but makes some troubles. To process a 4K video, CPU will take increased loads to render more pixels of a 4K file resulting in high consumption and overheating if out of capability, while common editing software probably involves in lagging, freezing errors or exports a video with decreased quality.

   VideoProc arrives as a solver offering a much easier solution and great performance to process 4K videos from GoPro, drones, smartphones, cameras etc with Full GPU hardware acceleration. It has a modern and straightforward interface that has you happily processed 4K video in a few of clicks. You can basically select an output format of video audio for conversion, or an editing tool in toolbox to cut, trim, crop, merge, resize, compress, adjust, transcode 4K UDH and large-size videos and more with personalized settings quickly and simply.

This nice 4K video processing software is developed by Digiarty Software, Inc., who is a solid media software developer in DVD video software since 2006. The developing work of VideoProc took about a year and a half, from designing, building, testing and finalizing the version for release. To celebrate the release of VideoProc, Digiarty Software officially launches GoPro Hero 7 and accessories sweepstakes in the tutorial page of how to resize GoPro 4K video. From this page, you can get a trial license of this 4K video processing & editing software after click "Free Download" button.

Why Is VideoProc the Best 4K Video Processing Software?

There are many video editing & processing software on the internet, such as Final Cut X, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Vegas, etc. However, these programs may be more complicated for common people, especially for beginner. Some big programs requires higher computer configuration and may lag and freeze in mainstream computer. For those who are looking for an easy, stable and fast tool to process general video and action videos from GoPro, iPhone, drones, etc, VideoProc will be a solid software solution which is skill at processing 4K UHD videos, large-size videos and high-speed videos in high quality and simple steps.

Let's take a closer at the advantages of VideoProc to processing 4K videos;

Drive Perfect 4K Video Processing Performance with Full GPU Acceleration

VideoProc utilizes level-3 hardware acceleration with the support of all types of GPUs - Intel, NNIDIA, AMD - to process large-sized 4K (30fps/60fps) videos reaching up to 47x real-time faster. It makes full use of GPU encoding/decoding to offload the burden of CPU during handling 4K HEVC/H.264 videos thus driving a low CPU usage. It also keeps the best balance between speed and quality. Your 4K footage retains vivid without compromising quality thanks to full GPU acceleration.

Once you launch VideoProc, it will automatically detect what GPU you are using and enable it to deliver the fastest 4K video processing performance.

Convert Resize and Edit 4K Video to Optimize File Size for Sharing, Sending or Storing
4K UHD videos feature large file size for higher bit rate or sometimes higher frame rate making it unable to share over internet limited by size or bandwidth. This 4K video processing software gives a hand to reduce 4K video file size.
l It allows you to transcode 4K video to the format having higher compression ratio (for example HEVV) or lower parameters - bit rate, frame rate, resolution - to the most appropriate number available to output the file with smaller size but great quality.
l It is able to trim 4K video and split the whole file into several clips to cut video length for size shrinking.
l Cropping, used to remove unwanted parts, black bars on images, is another feasible way to compress 4K video.
Merge, Rotate, Stabilize, Denoise and Correct Fisheye for Better 4K Footage
Every essential video editing tool for beginners can be easily accessed in VideoProc. You can merge multiple segments into a single video; rotate and flip video if the original file is reserved; add subtitles to make your video better understandable; add watermark to prevent from reproduction and add effects for generating better or special effects. It also allows you to increase or decrease brightness, contrast, hue, gamma and saturation.
VideoProc is the right troubleshooter if you shoot a shaky 4K footage using GoPro or phones. It can maximally stabilize wobbly clip while minimally cropping the image. It can also reduce wind or background noise existing in the footage.
Fisheye appears when recording with GoPro Wide or SuperView mode to embrace more scenes in footage but produces not so good-looking. This 4K video processing software can help correct fisheye to get a linear looking.
There's More VideoProc Can Do for You
More than a 4K video processing & editing software, VideoProc does more perfect video jobs than you image. It also comes with a DVD video converter, online video downloader and video recording tool.
1. Digitize and Back Up DVD
VideoProc offers the easiest DVD backup solution. It can not only convert physical discs to MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, FLV, 3GP etc, but also clone DVD to ISO image, VIDEO_TS folder, or a single MPEG2 file while keeping all video, audio and subtitle tracks. Presets for devices, TVs, websites are also available. You can directly convert DVD to iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Samsung, Huawei, PS3/4, Xbox, YouTube, Facebook etc. with ease.
2. Download Online Videos
Discover an awesome video and try to download it for learning or collecting? VideoProc can make it, which empowers you to download virtually all videos (4K/1080P HD/VR/3D etc.) from 1000+ sites, covering YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. It can even save full playlist, whole channel and live off.
3. Record Screen and Webcam
VideoProc is a good helper when you try to record a tutorial of gaming, education or some others. It can record your screen to tell viewers how it should do and your webcam to show your face in the picture simultaneously. You are able to set resolution and audio during recording.
About VideoProc
VideoProc is the easiest video processing software available to convert, transcode, resize, edit, download and record videos. It is developed by Digiarty Software, the leading multimedia solution provider, who offers easy but powerful programs for Windows, Mac and iOS, including DVD ripper, DVD copy software, DVD burner, media player and iPhone file manager.
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