LOOK: Passenger Lights Cigarette On Spirit Airlines Flight

A seemingly intoxicated man was caught on camera lighting and smoking a cigarette on a flight. What are the general rules regarding smoking on airplanes?


Meteor The Size Of A Small Car Lights Up Australian Sky

A bright meteor streaked through Australia this week and lit up the night sky. Despite its size and brightness, it is still considered quite small by NASA's standards.

Feature May 24, 2019

What Children Mean When They Say Technology Is 'Creepy'

Parents are worried over the possible effects of technology on their children, but children have their own concerns over the matter, too. What exactly do children mean when they say that technology is 'creepy?'

Feature May 20, 2019

Choosing The Right Sunscreen For Proper Skin Protection

How does one choose the best sunscreen for proper protection from the sun? One of the important things is to choose one that will actually be regularly used.

Feature May 12, 2019

Seagulls Caught Photobombing London Traffic Cameras, Now Nicknamed 'Steve' And 'Graeme'

Who are London's newest traffic reporters? Two seagulls have been photobombing London's traffic camera feed this past week, to the amusement of many people online.

Feature May 3, 2019

Father Who Thought He Donated Daughter's Body To Science Duped By Alleged Black Market Organ Traders

A heartbroken father who thought he donated his daughter's body to science has been duped by black market organ traders in Illinois. The suspect charged with the felony is still a funeral director in the state.

Feature May 1, 2019

Yeti Footprint Photos Taken By Indian Army May Offer Proof The Abominable Snowman Is Real But Some Are Skeptical

The Indian Army has posted what it claims as pictures showing a Yeti footprint sighted in Nepal. Is this evidence that can prove the mythical Himalayan monster does exist?

Feature April 30, 2019

Tattoo Parlor Gives 3-Year-Old Trinity D’Autorio Disney 'Tattoos' As She Battles With Cancer

Employees at the Ink Wolves Tattoo in Tampa, Florida, tatted the 3-year-old cancer patient with Disney characters and other fun designs on her arms and legs. Trinity suffers from neuroblastoma and is undergoing treatment.

Feature April 29, 2019

Doctor Performs CPR On Shooting Victim Unaware She Was His Wife

The mass shooting at a San Diego synagogue on Saturday left one person dead and three others wounded. A doctor who was at the scene at the time even performed CPR on one of the victims, who turned out to be his wife.

Feature April 29, 2019

'Kissing Bugs' Moving North, What To Know About The Disease-Carrying Insect

The CDC is warning the public that "kisisng bugs" are moving northward. What are some important things to know about kissing bugs and the threat they carry?

Feature April 28, 2019

Teen Cheerleader Lilliana Schalck's Sudden Death Caused By Strep Infection

A teen cheerleader fell ill during a competition and just hours later was pronounced dead at the hospital. Evidently, the cause of her death was a strep infection.

Feature April 28, 2019

Dutch Company Concr3de Proposes Rebuilding Parts Of Notre-Dame Using 3D Printing

Rotterdam-based construction and design firm Concr3de plans to use 3D printing technology to help rebuild Notre-Dame. The company will make use of the cathedral's original materials to reconstruct its damaged parts.

Feature April 25, 2019

UAE Woman Munira Abdulla Wakes Up From Coma 27 Years After Sustaining Brain Damage From Car Crash

Munira Abdulla sustained serious brain injury protecting her son during a 1991 car accident. She was left in coma but miraculously woke up, calling her son's name in 2018, 27 years after the incident.

Feature April 24, 2019

'Fear Of Missing Out' And Abundance Of Information Narrow Global Attention Span, Researchers Say

Research showed that the acceleration of popular content is driven by the increasing production and consumption of content. This information overload resulted in decreasing global attention span on individual topics.

Feature April 22, 2019

Crispr Food Will Be Available Within 5 Years, Says Geneticist

Food created from the gene editing tool Crispr is making its way to the supermarket relatively soon. According to the geneticist who helped invent the Crispr tool, the next five years will see an influx of such products.

Feature April 22, 2019

Men With Masculine Faces More Likely To Cheat On Partners, Study Says

A new study suggests that the more masculine a man's face appears, the more likely he is to cheat on his life partner. However, the same cannot be said about women.

Feature April 22, 2019

Cancer Center Fires Researchers For Allegations Of Stealing Research For China

Three scientists working at MD Anderson Cancer Center were dismissed due to allegations of stealing data for the Chinese government. However, the Chinese-American community claimed the move amounted to racial profiling.

Feature April 21, 2019

Crohn's Disease Patient Michelle Oddy To Undergo Risky 7-Organ Transplant

Michelle Oddy faces nearly 40 percent risk of dying, but she is willing to take the risk. The 20-hour surgery will replace her liver, bowel, colon, pancreas, large and small intestine, and half of her stomach.

Feature April 20, 2019

Letter Written By Titanic Steward Richard Geddes Details Ship's Near Miss Days Before Iceberg Collision

A husband's letter to his wife shed new light on other possible things that might have led to the Titanic disaster. A letter penned by steward Richard Geddes detailed how the ship suffered a near miss before the actual iceberg collision.

Feature April 20, 2019

WHO Ebola Responder Killed By Attackers In Congo Hospital

An Ebola responder was killed by attackers at a hospital in Congo. Witnesses say the attackers do not believe that Ebola exists in their area.

Feature April 19, 2019

A New Frontier In Real Estate Tech Is Upon Us

Technological innovation is witnessing a resurgence in the real estate industry.

Feature April 22, 2019

Are We Close To Resurrecting The Dead? Scientists Revive Brain Cell Activities In Dead Pigs

A Yale University study successfully restores some functions to the brain of a dead pig. Could the resurrection of dead humans be next for researchers?

Feature April 19, 2019

Doctors Cure 'Bubble Boy' Babies Using Gene Therapy: What Is Severe Combined Immunodeficiency?

Ten children with severe combined immunodeficiency completely recovered with the help of modified human immunodeficiency virus. The gene therapy fully restored their immune functions without developing cancer or other side effects.

Feature April 19, 2019

Ja'bari Gray, Baby Born Without Skin Below The Neck, Green Lighted By Insurance Provider To Get Treatment From 'Out Of Network' Hospital

Baby Ja'bari Gray was born with a rare form of skin disease known as Aplasia Cutis. His family hopes he gets life-saving medical treatment at Texas Children's Hospital in Houston.

Feature April 14, 2019

Botched Microblading Treatment Leaves Single Mom Jami Ledbetter With '4 Eyebrows'

Jami Ledbetter received a $250 microblading treatment in November. She decided to get fuller eyebrows but ended up having 'four brows'. She said makeup can't camouflage her botched eyebrows.

Feature April 14, 2019

Sexist Trolls Undermine Katherine Bouman's Role In Black Hole Image

Her work in taking the first image of a black hole has gained Katie Bouman overnight fame. Unfortunately, sexist trolls were also quick to try and pass the credit to a white male scientist.

Feature April 13, 2019

First Image Of A Black Hole Captured, And People Think It Looks Like The Eye Of Sauron

Scientists have captured the first ever image of a black hole, and many find that it resembles the Eye of Sauron from The Lord of The Rings. What else are people comparing the black hole to?

Feature April 12, 2019

Here’s How To Write Work Instructions That Save You Billions

Bad work instructions can cost your business thousands upon thousands of dollars. Here's how you can prevent it.

Feature May 3, 2019

LOOK: Experiment Shows Massive Crustaceans Devouring Alligator Carcass On Ocean Floor

An eerie video shows massive pink crustaceans feasting on an alligator carcass at the bottom of the ocean. The experiment helps scientists understand deep sea and ancient food webs.

Feature April 12, 2019

Illinois Father Donald Greene Sr. And Son Charged For Selling Human Body Parts With Infectious Diseases

It is not illegal to dismember and broker human body parts, but it is illegal to sell remains that tested positive for the infectious disease. The Greenes were involved in this scheme from 2008 t0 2014.

Feature April 12, 2019

New Supermetrics Connector For BigQuery Streamlines Data Warehousing For Marketers

The accessibility to, and availability of, troves of data which speak to everything from individual preferences to broad trends present companies with impressive new ammunition for making better decisions.

Feature April 11, 2019

Empowerment Through Digitization In Angola

The gender gap is often highly pronounced in emerging countries, creating an imbalance in opportunity, earning potential, and prosperity. Technological progress is fundamental in empowering women's human rights.

Feature April 22, 2019

Startup Developing Birth Control Drugs That Can Be Used By Both Men And Women

The birth control drug that a startup is creating can supposedly prevent pregnancies in several ways. It can do so without the hormone-related side effects.

Feature April 7, 2019

Alert Issued For Fisher-Price Baby Sleeper Following Reports Of Infant Deaths

Consumers are being warned about all models of a particular Fisher Price product. So far, 10 infant deaths related to using the product have been reported since 2015.

Feature April 6, 2019

Toad The Dog Has A Second Mouth Where Her Ear Should Be

Toad the dog is a unique rescue dog that has a second mouth. She is just one of the dogs with a medical condition being cared for by the Mutt Misfits Animal Rescue Society.

Feature April 6, 2019

How To Capitalize On Business Trends To Achieve More Growth In 2019

What types of trends are important to know in 2019 that could potentially help you boost your business growth? Read on to find out.

Feature April 3, 2019

World's Fastest Camera Captures Speed Of Light In Slow Motion

Scientists were able to capture the speed of light using the fastest camera in the world. YouTubers collaborated with experts to record light as it travels through a milk bottle in slow motion.

Feature April 1, 2019

Here's How Mosquitoes Find You With Your Sweat

After over four decades, scientists now know how mosquitoes zero in on human sweat. Can removing the responsible receptor lead to mosquitoes that bite less?

Feature March 31, 2019

Serial Swatter Tyler Barriss Gets 20-Year Prison Sentence

U.S. District Judge Eric Melgren sentenced Tyler R. Barriss to 20 years in jail for 51 counts of fake calls and threats. Most notable of these swattings led to the fatal shooting of a Wichita man by police.

Feature March 31, 2019

Massive African Watusi Steer Brought To Petco To Test Leashed Pets Policy

Two ranchers brought an African Watusi to Petco to test the store's policy on bringing pets. Fortunately, Oliver was warmly welcomed to the local Petco.

Feature March 22, 2019

Game Of Thrones Actress Emilia Clarke Writes About Surviving 2 Brain Aneurysms

Emilia Clarke revealed that she suffered from two brain aneurysms amid her contract with the ‘Game of Thrones’ series. About 30,000 people in the United States have ruptured brain aneurysms each year.

Feature March 22, 2019

Girls With Twin Brothers More Likely To Drop Out Of School And Earn Less Income

Research showed that twin brothers have some negative effects on their girl twins. In a study, such girls were found to either be school drop outs or low income earners later in life.

Feature March 19, 2019

5 Innovative Ways To Optimize E-Commerce Sales Strategy And Save Money In 2019

A good online marketing strategy can be built tactfully, lowering your cost per acquisition. Here's how you can do it.

Feature March 27, 2019

Ohio Man Del Hall To Give Up Food And Drink Only Beer During Lent

Del Hall, an employee at a brewery in Cincinnati, will consume only beer and water during the 46 days of Lent. He said he was inspired by German monks in the 1600s who only drank bock-style beer during Lent.

Feature March 13, 2019

Stephen Hawking's Nurse Accused Of Misconduct Over Renowned Physicist's Care

Stephen Hawking’s former nurse had served him for 15 years before she was suspended due to serious misconduct. The public and media are banned from the hearing until it concludes on March 21.

Feature March 11, 2019

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