Here's How Mosquitoes Find You With Your Sweat

After over four decades, scientists now know how mosquitoes zero in on human sweat. Can removing the responsible receptor lead to mosquitoes that bite less?

Feature March 31, 2019

Serial Swatter Tyler Barriss Gets 20-Year Prison Sentence

U.S. District Judge Eric Melgren sentenced Tyler R. Barriss to 20 years in jail for 51 counts of fake calls and threats. Most notable of these swattings led to the fatal shooting of a Wichita man by police.

Feature March 31, 2019

Massive African Watusi Steer Brought To Petco To Test Leashed Pets Policy

Two ranchers brought an African Watusi to Petco to test the store's policy on bringing pets. Fortunately, Oliver was warmly welcomed to the local Petco.

Feature March 22, 2019

Game Of Thrones Actress Emilia Clarke Writes About Surviving 2 Brain Aneurysms

Emilia Clarke revealed that she suffered from two brain aneurysms amid her contract with the ‘Game of Thrones’ series. About 30,000 people in the United States have ruptured brain aneurysms each year.

Feature March 22, 2019

Girls With Twin Brothers More Likely To Drop Out Of School And Earn Less Income

Research showed that twin brothers have some negative effects on their girl twins. In a study, such girls were found to either be school drop outs or low income earners later in life.

Feature March 19, 2019

5 Innovative Ways To Optimize E-Commerce Sales Strategy And Save Money In 2019

A good online marketing strategy can be built tactfully, lowering your cost per acquisition. Here's how you can do it.

Feature March 27, 2019

Ohio Man Del Hall To Give Up Food And Drink Only Beer During Lent

Del Hall, an employee at a brewery in Cincinnati, will consume only beer and water during the 46 days of Lent. He said he was inspired by German monks in the 1600s who only drank bock-style beer during Lent.

Feature March 13, 2019

Stephen Hawking's Nurse Accused Of Misconduct Over Renowned Physicist's Care

Stephen Hawking’s former nurse had served him for 15 years before she was suspended due to serious misconduct. The public and media are banned from the hearing until it concludes on March 21.

Feature March 11, 2019

Ferry Hits Marine Animal In Sea Of Japan Injuring 80 Passengers

A ferry in Japan carrying 121 passengers and four crew members possibly collided with a whale. Many passengers were injured, 13 of which were serious.

Feature March 9, 2019

California Man Ernest Quintana Told He Was Dying Via 'Robot' Video Call In ICU

A California hospital is now under scrutiny after a 78-year-old in the ICU was told he only had days left to live via a robotic video call. His family is upset with the way the news was broken.

Feature March 9, 2019

Texas Grandma Judith Streng Poses For Photo On Throne-Shaped Iceberg, Gets Swept Out To Sea

A 77-year-old grandma was swept out to sea while posing for a photo on a throne-shaped iceberg. Fortunately, a boat captain saw her and made the rescue.

Feature March 2, 2019

CRISPR Babies Experiment May Have Been Funded By Chinese Government

Documents examined by medical news site STAT suggest the controversial CRISPR babies research may have been initially supported by the Chinese government. The documents identified three different government institutions in China as funding sources.

Feature February 27, 2019

PETA Under Fire For Criticizing Steve Irwin Google Doodle

PETA is taking a lot of heat online after the organization criticized Steve Irwin in a tweet. The controversial tweet came after Google honored Irwin on what would have been his 57th birthday.

Feature February 24, 2019

California Hospital Facing Penalties For Leaving Surgical Sponge In Patient's Abdomen

Several California hospitals are facing penalties for noncompliance with licensing requirements that caused injuries to patients. One of them was fined for leaving a surgical sponge inside a patient, contributing to the patient's death.

Feature February 10, 2019

Indiana Parents Speaking Out After Daughter's Earache Turns Out To Be Meningitis

An Indiana couple is speaking out after their 10-year-old daughter died from complications of meningitis. They want others to know what symptoms to look out for.

Feature February 10, 2019

Tennessee Mom Krysta Davis Chooses To Carry Dying Baby To Term To Donate The Organs

A Tennessee mother decided to carry her dying baby to term even if doctors told her the baby would only live for about 30 minutes. She made the decision so she could donate her baby's organs.

Feature February 9, 2019

New Antibiotic Discovered In Insect-Associated Microbes

Researchers were able to create a new antibiotic from the microbes that they found in insects. They collected over 2,000 insects, tested over 10,000 microbes, and had to do 50,000 tests to see the microbes' antibiotic capabilities.

Feature February 3, 2019

Woman Says Hospital Left Her Mother With Alzheimer's Outside Care Facility At 2 A.M.

A woman says that a hospital left her 84-year-old mother with Alzheimer's disease outside her care facility in the middle of the night. She describes the incident as 'criminal.'

Feature February 2, 2019

Researchers Develop AI-Enabled Technology That Can Translate Thoughts Into Speech

Columbia University researchers developed a system that can translate thoughts into recognizable speech. It could eventually help people who have lost the ability to speak. How does the AI-enabled technology work?

Feature January 31, 2019

Hollywood Doctor William Eidelman Loses License After Recommending Marijuiana Cookies For 4-Year-Old's Tantrums

Natural medicine physician William Eidelman lost his medical license after recommending marijuana cookies to control a child's temper tantrums. The revocation of his license, however, is due to something else.

Feature January 30, 2019

Nobel Prize Winner Craig Mello Reportedly Aware Of He Jiankui's Gene-Edited Babies Long Before Experiment Became Public

E-mails obtained by the AFP suggested Nobel laureate Craig Mello was long aware of He Jiankui's work on gene-edited babies. Mello objected to the project but remained a scientific adviser to He’s Direct Genomics company.

Feature January 29, 2019

Singapore Says US Citizen Mikhy Farrera Brochez Leaked HIV Record Of More Than 14,000 People

Singapore's Ministry of Health said the HIV-positive U.S. citizen who previously worked in the Southeast Asian city state leaked the confidential information online. Who is Mikhy Farrera Brochez?

Feature January 28, 2019

People With Tattoo More Likely Have Mental Health Issues, Survey Shows

Compared with their non-tattooed counterparts, people with tattoos are more likely to engage in risky behavior. They also tend to be smokers, have more sex partners, and likely to have spent time in jail.

Feature January 28, 2019

Superbug Gene First Detected In India Found In One Of Most Remote Places On Earth

Antibiotic-resistant genes first detected in India in 2008 have spread to the Arctic, one of the most pristine environments on Earth. How did the superbug genes get there?

Feature January 28, 2019

Drunk Man Who Swallowed A Catfish Hospitalized

Four friends were inspired by a stunt in the MTV show 'Jackass' and swallowed goldfish. One of them tried ingesting a bronze catfish but went to the hospital after it got stuck on his throat.

Feature January 28, 2019

Arizona Mechanic Cross Scott Saves Woman's Life Using CPR Technique He Learned From 'The Office'

Cross Scott has never done a CPR before. Thanks to an episode of 'The Office,' the 21-year-old mechanic saved a woman's life while singing Bee Gees’ 'Stayin’ Alive.'

Feature January 27, 2019

Clinician Katherine Hall Claims Alexander The Great Had Guillain-Barré Syndrome, Declared Dead 6 Days Before He Died

Alexander the Great's body did not decay for nearly a week after his death. Katherine Hall said this and symptoms of the ancient conqueror's illness suggest he likely had the autoimmune disorder Guillain-Barré Syndrome.

Feature January 27, 2019

Slim People Remain Thin Because Of Genetic Advantage, Study Finds

Are slim people thin because they eat healthier or better? Researchers found that it may not just be about their habits but also their genes that help them maintain their weight.

Feature January 26, 2019

New Technology Uses Laser To Send Secret Audio Message To People's Ear: Here Are Its Potential Uses

MIT researchers developed a laser system that can send secret audio messages directly into a person's ear, without any else in the same area hearing the sound. What are its potential applications?

Feature January 26, 2019

Twins Erin And Abby Delaney, Who Were Formerly Conjoined At The Head, Thriving After Separation Surgery

Despite medical advances, the risks of complications are still high when it comes to the separation of conjoined twins. A set of twin girls who were joined at the cranium survived the surgery, and are now thriving 2-year-olds.

Feature January 25, 2019

Apple's Contest Can Put Your iPhone Photo On A Billboard

iPhone users may have a chance to get their photos that were taken via Apple smartphones to be featured in billboards and other marketing channels of the tech company. Entries should be submitted on or before Feb. 7.

Feature January 22, 2019

Why Sunday's Total Lunar Eclipse Is Called 'Super Blood Wolf Moon'

Why is the upcoming total lunar eclipse called the super blood wolf moon? The name sounds a little ominous, but there's actually a very simple explantion for it.

Feature January 19, 2019

World's Oldest Periodic Table Chart Dating Back To 1885 Found In Storage Room Of British University

Thomas Purdie, a chemistry professor who worked at St Andrews, purchased the periodic table of elements chart in 1888. It likely hung in his classroom for years until he retired in 1909.

Feature January 18, 2019

Man Hospitalized After Injecting Semen Into Arm To Cure Back Pain

The 33-year-old man developed a cure for his chronic back pain. He injected his own semen into his arm for a year and a half. The treatment did not work.

Feature January 16, 2019

Repeated Racist Remarks Prompt Lab To Cut Ties With James Watson, Scientist Who Co-Discovered DNA Double Helix

James Watson, the scientist who co-discovered double helix structure of the DNA, has made several controversial statements about gender and race. The laboratory he once led is now stripping him of his titles for his repeated racist remarks.

Feature January 14, 2019

College Student's Headaches Turns Out To Be Aggressive Brain Cancer

A college student's headaches were found to be aggressive brain cancer that she is now bravely fighting. The family is hoping to get Laura an experimental treatment not funded by the NHS.

Feature January 12, 2019

Woman Suddenly Can't Hear Men's Voices Because Of Reverse-Slope Hearing Loss

A woman from Xiamen, China, lost her hearing for men's voices overnight due to a rare and bizzare ear condition. What is reverse-slope hearing loss?

Feature January 12, 2019

DNA Evidence Clears Accused Golden State Killer Joseph DeAngelo Of 1975 Murder

The accused Golden State Killer is cleared of involvement in a 1975 murder case. DNA profile from a sample taken from Donna Jo Richmond's body does not match Joseph DeAngelo's genetic profile.

Feature January 10, 2019

Almost Brain-Dead Man Miraculously Survives After Family Removes Life Support

Doctors said that a man was nearing brain dead, prompting his kids to decide to remove his life support. However, the patient, dubbed the 'miracle man,' suddenly and miraculously recovered.

Feature January 8, 2019

Chinese Scientist He Jiankui Who Created World's First CRISPR Babies May Face Death Penalty

The Chinese scientist who was instrumental to the birth of the world's first genetically edited babies has far worse predicament than earlier thought. He could face corruption and bribery charges, which are punishable by death in China.

Feature January 7, 2019

Disease That Causes Teen Jordyn Walker To Lose Senses Remains A Mystery To Doctors

Doctors and parents of a 15-year-old girl whose unidentified illness took most of her senses were left mystified on what could have caused it. Recently, the teen became permanently blind after the pressure on her eyes became too much.

Feature January 6, 2019

Heart Valve Transplant Recipient Now Power Lifts, Co-Owns Gym

A woman now co-owns a gym and is powerlifting after the heart valve transplant that changed her life. She says she will not take the chance she was given for granted.

Feature January 5, 2019

Mediterranean Diet Deemed Best Diet For 2019, The Second Year In A Row

The Mediterranean diet is once again deemed as the best diet for the second year in a row. What are the other diets that made the list?

Feature January 4, 2019

Dutch Astronaut Reveals He Accidentally Dialed 911 While In Space

The ESA's Andre Kuipers admitted in an interview that he once accidentally contacted 911 while trying to get in contact with NASA. He was supposed to be dialing 011 instead.

Feature January 4, 2019

Vermont Fertility Doctor John Coates III Accused Of Using Own Sperm To Impregnate Woman More Than 40 Years Ago

A couple filed a lawsuit against a fertility doctor over allegations that he used his own sperm instead of that of an unnamed donor to impregnate a client more than 40 years ago.

Feature December 30, 2018

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