(Photo : Mindark) ComPet lets Entropia Universe players earn real cash using the cross-platform trading structure.
(Photo : Mindark)
(Photo : Mindark)

Entropia Universe is a sci-fi-based massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Its 3D planets gameplay and universal Real Cash Economy system provides users with unique and exciting gaming experience.

What sets Entropia Universe apart from other MMORPGs is that it features an extraordinary trading system that allows players to exchange pets for Project Entropia Dollars, or PED, from another game called ComPet.

How The Entropia Universe/ComPet Trading Platform Works

ComPet, which left the beta stage on Dec. 2, 2016, offers the opportunity for Entropia Universe players to earn real cash using the cross-platform trading structure.

Initially, Entropia Universe users will only be able to trade "level-up pets" for PED, a handy feature for ComPet players, as it provides them an efficient way to quickly level up their pets.

MindArk, the creator of Entropia Universe explained the strategy:

"The first tradable cross-platform pets will be 'level-up pets': pets that can only be used for leveling up existing pets in ComPet. ComPet players will be able to level up their pets faster using this method, so this will create a market for trained 'level-up pets' within Entropia Universe."

Level-up pets trading is just the beginning. With subsequent iterations of the game MindArk promises that the "ability to transfer 'pets' from (and to) ComPet will be introduced in future releases."

How To Download ComPet

Android/Windows: ComPet is currently available for Android and Windows devices only. Direct downloads are available here: Android (.APK download) and Windows (.EXE download).

Alternatively, the game is downloadable from the Google Play Store and Steam as an Early Access title.

iOS: MindArk has announced that they are working on an iOS version of the game, optimized for both iPhone and iPad, for a future release date.

ComPet Is Free!

Just to be clear, there is no cost to play ComPet. The game is free to play!

How To Play ComPet

Can't wait to learn how to play? The ComPet creators have posted video tutorials on YouTube, including the one below, to teach new users the basics.

Keep Your Account Secure With The Entropia Pocket App

Because the virtual assets in Entropia Universe have actual cash value in the real world, users need to protect their accounts as they do for any site that contains their personal information.

The Entropia Pocket app allows users the opportunity to add another layer of security to their logins with two factor authentication. The app generates a code every 30 seconds that is then used in conjunction with their login credentials.

"With Entropia Pocket the knowledge of your Username and Password will not be enough to access your account, an attacker will also need to have access to your connected iOS or Android device," stated the developers.

The Entropia Pocket app is available via the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Let's Get Started!

The Entropia Universe/ComPets cross-platform integration provides players with a unique gaming experience. Entropia Universe's unique 3D environment allows players to travel the universe, visit other planets and virtually hang out and socialize with players from around the world. The integration with ComPet allows users of both games to take advantage of the cross-platform trading system that allows players to exchange pets for Project Entropia Dollars. Plus, both games are free to play. What's better than that? It's easy to get started. MindArk provides tutorials and beginners guides for each game. Let's get started!

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