Under The Tree: Smart Christmas Packaging Tips From Packsize, The Pros In On-Demand Custom Packaging

23 December 2016, 8:44 pm EST
Packsize shares tips on smart Christmas packaging
The most thoughtful gift givers add an extra touch when they wrap presents. They know the secret to gift giving is that how you wrap a gift box is just as important as what's inside.
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The most thoughtful gift givers add an extra touch when they wrap presents. They know the secret to gift giving is that how you wrap a gift box is just as important as what's inside. Festive packaging can serve as an exciting clue to the mystery hidden within, or a heartwarming reminder to the recipient of how much care was put into their gift.

The same care used for the gift selection and wrapping paper should extend to the packaging chosen to send the gift. Whether you're mailing one gift or a dozen, the smart consumer goes the extra mile to come up with creative, cost-efficient, and space-saving packaging that keeps the contents safe and undamaged during transit. Insufficient packaging could spell the difference between a happy recipient and a disgruntled one.

3 Smart Christmas Packaging Tips

Holiday packaging isn't solely about finding any box and stuffing items inside. The stability and durability that the packaging material provides leave an impact on the condition of the gift. Use a flimsy container and you may end up with a delicate object shattered into pieces.

In much the same way, if you use a box that takes up too much space underneath the Christmas tree, smaller items around that big box could get crushed or become lost in a corner.

Here are three tips to consider to avoid damage to your gifts when packaging and stowing presents under the Christmas tree:

1. Consider the insides of the gift box.

Does the gift slide around inside the box? If there is an allowance of more than 1.5 inches between the item and the inside of the box, then the box is too large. Choose a box that will keep the gift snug inside. With the correct size box there is no need to stuff fillers such as bubble wrap, foam, or plastic peanuts. Just the right size of box will do.

Not only will the right size box protect your gift, it will help protect the environment. Using the correct packaging preserves resources. The misuse and excessive use of paper products in the United States has led to approximately 4 million tons of trash each year being generated from wrapping paper and shopping bags alone.

2. Consider the quality of other gift boxes in the pile.

Will you be stacking the gift boxes on top of each other? Then choose boxes made from durable materials to keep them from toppling over or crushing each other when stacked. Many people forget to factor in the strength and durability of the packaging until the goods start piling up underneath the tree.

3. Consider the quantity of gift boxes and the area around the Christmas tree.

By choosing space-saving gift boxes that keep their contents snug, you maximize the space around the tree to neatly fit in all the presents-plus create an Instagram-ready Christmas morning scene of artfully arranged presents under the tree.

Christmas Packaging Pro: Packsize

Manufacturers and retailers are turning to smarter packaging solutions to support their customers' choice of space-saving, durable and eco-friendly packaging, especially at the height of the holiday shopping season.

Instead of settling for pre-made cardboard boxes, many retailers have embraced the idea of on-demand customizable packaging.

The on-demand method allows companies to print out customized boxes on an as-needed basis instead of having to order pallets of bulky pre-made boxes that take up space in storage facilities.

The pioneer and originator of on-demand packaging is Packsize On Demand Packaging.

Packsize provides its partners with a machine that produces a custom-size box based on the specifications of the product and the needs of the company and its customers. It can take into account not only the size of the item but the type of item and the method of transport and delivery.

Smarter packaging eliminates the possibility of receiving damaged goods because of low-quality or inadequate packaging, as well as the hassles of losing precious space around the Christmas tree because of unnecessarily bulky gift boxes.

During the busiest shopping season of the year Packsize is the pro when it comes to the art and science of smart Christmas packaging.

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