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Soylent Looking At Algal Flour As Offending Ingredient Making Its Consumers Sick

Soylent has been investigating two of its products after hearing complaints about side effects including gastrointestinal problems. The substance at fault is an algae-based flour.

Public Health November 8, 2016

5 US States Mulling Making Marijuana Legal

Whether or not marijuana will be legal for recreational use in five states will depend on how those in Nevada, Arizona, Maine, Massachusetts and California will cast their votes on their state ballots.

Public Health November 7, 2016

WHO Wants Children To Be Protected From Online Food Marketing: Here's How To Help Kids Eat Healthy

Digital marketing advertisements targeting children could be one of the leading causes of pre-teen and teen obesity. The impact on the children's health is negative on a long-term perspective.

Public Health November 8, 2016

Killer Fungus Found In US Hospitals: What You Should Know About The Deadly Yeast Called Candida Auris

U.S. Federal authorities have reported the attack of a drug-resistant fungus that is killing patients. The yeast Candida auris has already infected 13 people and taken the lives of four.

Public Health November 5, 2016

Ebola Mutation Made Virus More Infectious And More Deadly

The Ebola virus went through mutations that made it more infectious. The mutated Ebola is one reason the epidemic in West Africa spread fast and claimed more lives than earlier outbreaks.

Public Health November 4, 2016

Suicide Death Rate Up In US Middle School Kids: CDC Report

The suicide rates among middle school children have surpassed the number of deaths from car crashes. While the leading causes of pre-teen deaths are still accidents of all kinds, the statistics are dramatic.

Public Health November 4, 2016

Smoking A Pack A Day For A Year Leads To 150 Extra Mutations In Every Lung Cell: Study

For the longest time, it was unclear how exactly smoking promotes cancer. Now, researchers are a step closer toward understanding how tobacco-related cancers develop after identifying how smoking affects the body on a genetic level.

Public Health November 4, 2016

Prostate Surgery Numbers Down As More Men Follow USPSTF Prostate Cancer Screening Guidance

The USPSTF prostate screening guidelines suggested men to skip the prostate tests, as only 1 man is saved per 1,000 tests carried out. However, other cancer associations don't agree with these recommendations.

Public Health November 3, 2016

Washington State Couple Facing Charges After Injecting Their Young Children With Heroin As 'Feel Good Medicine'

Three children in Washington state were removed from their home in November 2015 after their parents had drugged them with heroin. The children are now in protected custody, and their parents risk jail and a $100,000 bail.

Public Health November 2, 2016

Cancer Deaths Among Women Expected To Rise 60 Percent By 2030: Study

A report by the American Cancer Society estimates that as many as 5.5 million women around the world could die because of cancer by 2030. This is a 60 percent increase from cancer-related mortality rates recorded in 2012.

Public Health November 7, 2016

Leapfrog Releases Fall 2016 Hospital Safety Grades, Ranks Hawaii As US State With Safest Hospitals

The Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade has been released, marking the Fall edition. Among the safest hospitals, Hawaii occupies the first position.

Public Health November 2, 2016

Zika Virus Shrinks Testicles, Reduces Sperm Counts In Mice: Should Men Worry About Infertility Risks?

Zika virus infection causes shrinkage of testicles and low testosterone levels in male mice, reports a study. Male mice infected with Zika virus are four times less likely to fertilize healthy female mice than their healthy male counterparts.

Public Health November 2, 2016

India Reaffirms Commitment To WHO Treaty Amid Opposition From Country’s Billion-Dollar Tobacco Industry

India declared it is committed to global tobacco-control treaty. The upcoming annual conference will be attended by roughly 180 state representatives.

Public Health November 1, 2016

Soda Industry Funds Studies That May Mislead Public About Health Effects Of Sweetened Drinks

All of the industry-funded studies in a new analysis failed to find a link between sugar sweetened drinks and obesity. Researchers believe the industry appears to manipulate scientific processes.

Public Health November 1, 2016

Opioid Poisoning Among Children More Than Doubled In 16 Years: Study

An increasing number of children in the U.S. have fallen victim to painkiller poisoning over the past decade and a half, a new study says. Teenagers have been found to be the most vulnerable to deliberate opioid overdosing.

Public Health November 1, 2016

Ancient Cholera Strain Likely Present In Haiti Since Colonial Times: Study

Non-virulent Vibrio cholerae O1 strain could be present in the Haitian aquatic environments for centuries, way before cholera epidemic emerged in Haiti. The virulent strain from U.N. peacemakers could have transferred toxigenic genes to such non-virulent strains before the epidemic, suggest researchers.

Public Health November 2, 2016

2 Oreo Fudge Cremes Flavors Voluntarily Recalled In The US

The Original and Mint varieties of Oreo Fudge Cremes were recalled voluntarily by Mondelez Global LLC after it was discovered that milk, a known allergen, was not included in the ingredient list in the product labels.

Public Health October 31, 2016

Measles Complication That Can Occur Years After Infection Kills More Than Previously Thought

SSPE, a deadly complication that occurs years after a child gets infected by the measles virus, is more common than previously believed. Experts recommend that children get two doses of MMR vaccine.

Public Health October 30, 2016

Jury Awards $70 Million To Ovarian Cancer Patient In Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder Lawsuit

A jury has awarded a California woman more than $70 million in a lawsuit that claims the use of Johnson & Johnson's baby powder caused her ovarian cancer. About 2,000 women have already filed similar suits that question the safety of the talcum powder.

Public Health October 28, 2016

Harmful Bacteria Can Latch On Hospital Scrubs, Study Finds

A new study revealed that nurses' scrubs help facilitate the spread of pathogens that cause hospital-acquired infections. The scrubs' pockets, midriff and sleeves have been found as the most contaminated.

Public Health October 28, 2016

Halloween Makeup: Toxic Chemicals Found In More Than Half Of Face Paints And Cosmetics For Kids

More than half of 187 children's cosmetics and face paints that underwent lab test have at least one toxic ingredient. Here are some of the Halloween products with contaminants that can cause developmental delays and even cancer.

Public Health October 27, 2016

'Patient Zero' Was Innocent: New Study Shows HIV Spread In The US Earlier Than Previously Thought

New research denies the influence of 'Patient Zero' on the AIDS epidemic in the U.S. in the 1980s. Far from being the epicenter of the disease, Gaétan Dugas was simply a patient who volunteered to help the research.

Public Health October 27, 2016

One In Seven Children Breathe Highly Toxic Air: UNICEF

UNICEF revealed that 300 million children worldwide are exposed to toxic fumes, which is more than six times the recommended international guidelines. Air pollution kills more children than malaria and HIV combined.

Public Health October 31, 2016

Parent-Led Early Autism Intervention Reduces Symptoms In Children

Early intervention for children suffering from autism spectrum disorders has been found to be long-term efficient. Communication and severity of the symptoms have improved, especially on children whose parents were part of the treatment.

Public Health October 26, 2016

Vending Machines Dispense HIV Testing Kits At A Chinese University As Virus Becomes Widespread Among Youth

A university in China's Sichuan Province has started selling inexpensive self-administered HIV testing kits to students. China's HIV/AIDS cases continues to grow, with 501,000 cases recorded at the end of 2014.

Public Health October 26, 2016

How To Avoid Obesity? E-Cigarettes Can Help Prevent Weight Gain In Ex-Smokers

Scientists have found a connection between people who are trying to quit smoking and vaping electronic cigarettes. According to the research, the latter could help control the weight gain associated with quitting the habit.

Public Health October 27, 2016

Zika Virus And Pregnancy: Pregnant Miami Woman Gets Infected With Zika, But Doctors Say Her Baby Is Safe

Doctors in Miami are monitoring the medical status of a pregnant woman who tested positive for Zika virus. Despite the infection being detected during the 16th week of pregnancy, the woman's baby seems to be developing normally.

Public Health October 26, 2016

New Study Explores How Doctors Can Combat Discrimination By Their Patients

Researchers at Stanford University have developed strategies on how medical trainees can deal with discrimination from patients and their families. One of these is putting the importance of the patient's health above all other matters, including the family members’ prejudice.

Public Health October 27, 2016

Babies Sharing Parents' Room Prevents SIDS : Tips To Make Sleeping Environment Safe For Infants

The American Academy of Pediatrics gave parents advice to greatly reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or SIDS. The recommendations largely discuss creating a safe sleeping environment for an infant to avoid SIDS.

Public Health October 25, 2016

Cigarettes Account For About 30 Percent Of Cancer Deaths In The US

The American Cancer Society found that smoking caused 30 percent of cancer deaths in the United States. The rate hovered around this percentage for all states except Utah, which registered 22 percent.

Public Health October 26, 2016

Ebola Survivor Nina Pham Reaches Settlement With Dallas Hospital Over Negligence, Deception Lawsuit

Ebola survivor Nina Pham has reached a settlement with Texas Health Resources, the parent company of the hospital where she used to work. The lawsuit accused the hospital of negligence and deception in handling the case of Thomas Duncan.

Public Health October 25, 2016

Georgia Woman Rushes To Hospital For Kidney Stones, Goes Home With A Baby

A woman gave birth to her third child, the same night she went to the hospital accusing kidney stone-related pains. Stephanie Jaegers had no idea she was pregnant, although 38 weeks far.

Public Health October 24, 2016

How To Prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome? Parents Should Sleep In The Same Room, Experts Recommend

Sudden death syndrome among infants has urged the American Academy of Pediatricians to issue a series of updated recommendation. Sleeping in the same room, but not the same bed, for the first six months up to a year is recommended.

Public Health October 24, 2016

Not Just Gluten: Other Proteins In Wheat Can Cause Upset Stomach And Trigger Chronic Health Conditions

Some individuals may experience stomach symptoms after ingesting wheat products despite not suffering from celiac disease. A group of proteins called ATI may be responsible for this.

Public Health October 24, 2016

Bundle Of Cuteness: Mom Cradles Separated Twin For First Time A Week After 27-Hour Surgery

Nicole McDonald, mother of the conjoined twins who underwent a separation surgery, has held one of her sons. The touching moment happened one week after the operation was performed.

Public Health October 24, 2016

Vibrio Vulnificus Flesh-Eating Bacteria: Signs, Symptoms And Everything You Need To Know

Vibrio vulnificus, a flesh-eating bacteria, may cause potentially fatal septic shock and skin lesions in infected individuals. People with a compromised immune system are at increased risk of fatality.

Public Health October 25, 2016

Flesh-Eating Bacteria Vibrio Vulnificus Kills Man In 4 Days

A man died after contracting a flesh eating bacteria. Vibrio lurking in the waters of Assawoman Bay infected the man through a wound in his body.

Public Health October 23, 2016

Seattle Man Saved By App Connecting Cardiac Arrest Victims With CPR-Trained Bystanders

A location-aware mobile app saved a man's life after he entered cardiac arrest. The lifesaving app notifies people in the network who are nearby to intervene, in case of emergencies, before the paramedics arrive.

Public Health October 21, 2016

Total Reported STD Cases In The US Highest Ever In 2015

Chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis recorded an abnormal increase in 2015 compared to 2014. Young people, men who have sexual intercourse with other men and ethnic minorities were the most affected.

Public Health October 20, 2016

CDC Updates Zika Guidance, Advises Pregnant Women Traveling To, Living In Miami-Dade To Get Tested

CDC updated its travel and testing guidance on Oct. 19 to apply recommendations to all of Miami-Dade County. The region is labeled as yellow, not red, which makes it a cautionary region.

Public Health October 21, 2016

HPV Vaccine For Pre-Teens: How Many Doses Of HPV Vaccines Do Kids Need And Everything You Need To Know

For children in their pre-teen years, the CDC is recommending a different dosage schedule for the HPV vaccine, simplifying the vaccination process touted to protect against certain types of cancers.

Public Health October 20, 2016

When Eating Contests Go Wrong: Ghost Pepper Puree Tears Hole In Man’s Esophagus

A man suffered a spontaneous esophageal rupture after eating ghost pepper on a contest. He was hospitalized for 23 days, connected on a plastic tube.

Public Health October 19, 2016

Dental Sealants Effective Against Cavities But Most US Children Don’t Have Them: CDC Vital Signs Report

Dental sealants are proven to be highly efficient among children, preventing up to 80 percent of cavities. However, up to 7 million children are in need of dental sealant programs, which could save up to $300 million in dental treatments.

Public Health October 19, 2016

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