Smart TV: 8 Reasons Why You Need One (And Will Want One)

26 May 2018, 9:22 pm EDT

Smart TVs are changing the way in which people consume content. Users are no longer held by the whims of television networks, they can make their own schedules and watch content whenever they please. Smart TVs are a progression of how the internet has changed technology. With internet connectivity, they are able to open a new avenue for the way these devices can be used.

Smart TVs can also be a focal device of a home, and convenience is just one of the reasons why smart TVs are becoming more attractive for the average consumer.

Watch What And When You Want

In a world where television is connected to the internet, users are no longer dictated by television networks what they can watch and when they need to watch it. Users are free to stream whatever content they want, whenever they wish. Schedules become a thing of the past and the only schedule users need to worry about is their own.

Enormous Amount Of Content

Users are still free to use their TVs with cable boxes; however, content may be limited with these devices. By using various streaming apps such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and YouTube, users now have a vast resource of content at their disposal.

Smart TV Apps

Just like smartphones and tablets, smart TVs come with a vast array of apps, including video and music streaming, social networking, and online browsing. These apps add another level of functionality not present in regular TVs, and the Smart TV could be your go-to device at home if your smartphone starts causing you problems. However, that does not mean you will have to live without your smartphone for long. If your smartphone ever causes you problems, simply contact Puls, as they provide doorstep phone repair services that can take care of any issue that your smartphone is facing.

No More Single Remote

Along with the wealth of apps that smart TVs offer, there are also apps that allow users to control their smart TVs through their smartphones. They no longer need to rummage around the room for their TV controller when they have a smartphone with a remote app installed.

No More Extra Boxes

At one point, to be able to stream videos online, users had to buy media players such as Roku. With a smart TV, this functionality is already built into the device. Users no longer have to set up an extra device just to view the content that they would like to see. Without added devices, it's easier to have a mounted television. Having trouble mounting your smart TV at home? Puls provides professional TV mounting services, allowing users to install their TVs on nearly any type of wall material (including brick, cement and drywall), or even above the fireplace. That's not all. In addition to smart TVs, Puls can install all your digital devices, for a fully automated smart home.


Instead of having to switch back and forth between television, smartphone, and computer, users are able to get all of their entertainment needs from one device - the smart TV. They no longer have to switch over to a computer or smartphone to enjoy YouTube. Navigating to the YouTube app on the TV lets users access its vast video library. Installing a smart TV can be difficult. Whether mounting it or setting up, Puls helps you save save time by doing it all professionally, coming to you wherever and whenever you like for installation.

Device Connectivity

Smart TVs have a USB port for connecting devices such as digital cameras and smartphones. Instead of having to upload files of images and videos into a computer first, users are able to view the files directly on a smart TV. Those files can also be shared with friends, uploaded online, and posted on social networks.


Unlike a traditional television, smart TVs are constantly being updated. Even though they won't receive hardware updates, getting the latest software allows users to have up to date technology for their consumption needs.

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