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Watch Out Harry Potter! Invisibility Cloak Closer To Reality

Invisibility cloaks like those seen in science fiction and fantasy stories are closer to (not) being seen in the real world. How do the latest generation of these devices work?

Material Science July 17, 2016

NASA Answers Charges Of UFO Coverup - What Do They Say?

Video has surfaced showing a bright object passing by the International Space Station (ISS) on July 9. Now, NASA officials explain why they suddenly cut the video feed.

Space July 17, 2016

Are Ducks Smart Like Apes? Ducklings Think Abstract Thoughts

Ducklings are capable of abstract thought, including the ability to tell similar from dissimilar objects. How are they capable of carrying out this task, once thought to only be carried out by higher animals?

Animals July 15, 2016

Deepest Orion Nebula Image Ever Finds Evidence Of New Planets

A new image of the Orion Nebula reveals evidence of planet-sized bodies as well as a plethora of small brown dwarfs. What does this photograph tell astronomers about the universe?

Space July 15, 2016

Meet Gualicho Shinyae - The Other Dinosaur With Short, Stubby Arms

Like T. rex, Gualicho Shinyae had short arms that seem to be useless — or are they? What does this discovery teach us about this distinctive body feature?

Animals July 14, 2016

War And Peace Underwater: Coral Kiss And Wage War

Coral has been examined under a microscope in the wild for the first time. What did researchers find when they looked at coral polyps up close?

Earth/Environment July 13, 2016

Decades Of Hunting For LIfe On Titan Gets New Boost

Alien life may be more likely than once believed on the surface of Titan, researchers discover. What other evidence do we have for extraterrestrial life on the surface of the largest moon of Saturn?

Space July 12, 2016

Kelp! Underwater Forest Roasted In Marine Heatwave

Large areas of kelp forest in the waters of Australia are fading away following a heatwave in 2011. How serious is the damage?

Earth/Environment July 8, 2016

My Three Suns: Newly Discovered Planet Orbits Trio Of Stars

The Very Large Telescope in Chile was used to discover a new exoplanet four times larger than Jupiter. What is so unusual about this massive world?

Space July 8, 2016

Crab Nebula On The Menu For Hubble Space Telescope

The Hubble Space Telescope has photographed the Crab Nebula like never before. What can astronomers learn from this new composite image?

Space July 7, 2016

Relive Stunning Last Moments Of Hitomi Spacecraft - The Black Hole Hunter

The Hitomi spacecraft met its demise just a month after launch. Now, astronomers find surprising results from the data collected by the observatory just before it spun out of control.

Space July 6, 2016

Duck-Billed Dinosaur Suffered From Facial Tumor

A facial tumor found in the skull of a dinosaur fossil is the first of its kind ever discovered. What do we know about this ancient animal?

Animals July 5, 2016

Mars Once Had A Third Moon Accompanying Phobos And Deimos

Phobos and Deimos are the only major natural satellites orbiting Mars today, but computer simulations suggest they were once accompanied by a third, massive companion. What do we know about this ancient Martian moon?

Space July 5, 2016

How Does Carregal Do Sal Stack Up To Stonehenge?

Carregal do Sal was an advanced astronomical tool for a Stone Age monument. How does it stack up to others, such as Stonehenge and the Pyramids of Giza?

Ancient July 3, 2016

Is Alaska's Pavlof Volcano Ready To Blow Its Top?

Pavlof Volcano in Alaska is showing signs it could erupt soon. How real is the danger to surrounding communities?

Earth/Environment July 2, 2016

White Shark Cafe Set To Open To Human Viewers

The White Shark Cafe is an area of the Pacific Ocean where sharks make tremendous dives for unknown reasons. Biologists have a plan to find out why — a shark cam.

Animals July 2, 2016

What Are Mysterious Ripples On Sand Dunes Of Mars?

Sand dunes on Mars have three types of ripples, while those on dry land here on Earth show just two. What can this tell us about the geological past of the Red Planet?

Space July 1, 2016

Juno Makes History As Seventh Probe To Reach Jupiter

Jupiter has been visited by spacecraft six times prior to the upcoming arrival of Juno on July 4. What did these missions teach us about the largest planet in the solar system?

Space June 30, 2016

Bright Spots on Ceres Aren't What They Appear To Be

Ceres contains strange bright spots that astronomers thought they had explained. New analysis of data from the Dawn spacecraft suggests the answer may not be so simple.

Space June 30, 2016

Say 'Hello' to the Adelie Penguin Before Climate Change Decimates Populations

Climate change is seriously affecting populations of Adelie penguins in Antarctica. How much of a danger does global climate change present to these animals?

Earth/Environment June 30, 2016

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