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Like Brock Lesnar, This Impending WWE Superstar Didn't Make The Vikings' Cut

Meet 6 foot 9, 350-pound Babatunde Aiyegbushi.

Movies/TV Shows April 12, 2016

Tesla's Model S Has Just Been Given An Updated Look With New Features

Notice anything different about its front-end design? Oh, there's hardware updates, too.

FUTURE TECH April 12, 2016

When A Traditional Football Coach Deals With Too Much Analytics

That's the situation that the Cleveland Browns seem to be in with new coach Hue Jackson and data-driven chief strategy officer Paul DePodesta.

Movies/TV Shows April 12, 2016

Watch The Hennessey Venom GT Spyder Become The World's Fastest Convertible

Just wait until you learn the record-setting speed.

FUTURE TECH April 12, 2016

Is This The Beginning Of The Bullet Club Taking Over WWE?

Bullet Club members Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows definitely made their presence felt on 'Monday Night Raw.' Will the faction now grow in WWE?

Movies/TV Shows April 12, 2016

Ford's Research And Innovation Center Has Become An Audition Stage For Startups' Interface Technology

Jennifer Brace, Ford's user interface supervisor, says the Silicon Valley office sees hundreds of start-up demonstrations - some of which are too far-fetched for the company to put in its vehicles at the moment.

FUTURE TECH April 12, 2016

Google Launches New Tools For Visually, Hearing And Motor Impaired Users

Vision Settings for the visually impaired is just a taste of what the company is delivering thanks to its update.

Internet April 11, 2016

Jaguar Land Rover Launches New Startup, Expected To Develop Car-Sharing Service

InMotion is expected to offer an hourly rental service that can compete with Avis' ZipCar and Hertz.

FUTURE TECH April 11, 2016

The Knicks Can Say They Won At Something This Season

The team engaged in a 'FIFA' gaming tournament.

Geek April 11, 2016

5 Situations Dr. Phil Can Help The WWE Roster With On 'Raw'

Only Dr. Phil McGraw can shed light on these troubling matters, including the most notorious father-son saga around.

Movies/TV Shows April 11, 2016

Electric Cars Have Long Ways To Go Despite Hype For Tesla's Model 3

Overall, the sales of EVs leave a lot to be desired from the market and automakers.

FUTURE TECH April 11, 2016

Ford's Research Vehicle Uses LiDAR Sensors Instead Of Lights To See In The Dark

The automaker's self-driving technology and software is already up to the point where it can navigate an autonomous vehicle without headlights, as evidenced during a test on pitch-black Arizona roads.

FUTURE TECH April 11, 2016

WWE Network Is The Perfect Formula For Streaming Sports Networks

Would the NFL ever follow suit and digitally stream all of its regular season games like WWE does with its pay-per-view events?

Geek April 11, 2016

Major League Baseball's New Slide Rule Didn't Take Long To Stir Up Controversy

Does Rule 6.01 make the game softer, robbing players from the style of play that has dominated the sport forever?

Movies/TV Shows April 11, 2016

BMW Jumps Into Car-Sharing Space, Launching Program In Seattle

ReachNow will put a 370-vehicle fleet of BMW 3 Series, electric i3 models and Mini Coopers on the road in the 'Emerald City.'

FUTURE TECH April 8, 2016

Unreleased Owen Hart Match To Be Included In New WWE DVD Set This Summer

You'll never guess who he faced.

Movies/TV Shows April 8, 2016

PlayStation Launches Trailer For New 'DiRT Rally' Game

The title allows gamers to race on snow, ice, gravel, asphalt and dirt-covered roads in a thrilling racing experience.

Geek April 8, 2016

One Country Wants To Ban All Gas And Diesel Vehicles By 2025

Lofty ambition, to say the least.

FUTURE TECH April 8, 2016

Stone Cold Steve Austin's Take About Whether WWE Should Forgive Hulk Hogan

Very interesting point by the Texas Rattlesnake.

Movies/TV Shows April 8, 2016

Watch Nissan's GT-R Break The Guinness World Record For Fastest Drift

What an awesome sight.

FUTURE TECH April 8, 2016

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