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'Are You Satisfied With Your Care?' New 'Gentle' Caregiver Robot From Japan Enters Experimental Stage

Scientists at the Riken institute and Sumitomo Riko Company in Nagoya said they have developed a new experimental nursing care robot with a human-like 'gentle touch.'

FUTURE TECH March 3, 2015

Hewlett-Packard Agrees To Buy Aruba Networks For $3B In Next-Generation Mobile Push

Not long after Hewlett-Packard CEO Meg Whitman pledged to acquire new properties, her company announced plans to acquire Aruba Networks in a $3 billion deal that will see Aruba become part of the HP Enterprise Group.

Deals March 2, 2015

MWC 2015: SanDisk Announces World's First 200 GB MicroSD Card For All Your Mobile Storage Needs

At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, SanDisk announces the world's first 200 GB microSD card, which can hold up to 20 hours of HD video and transfer data at 90 MB/s or 1,200 photos per minute.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech March 2, 2015

BuzzFeed Launches New 'Cute Or Not' App For Animal Lovers

Buzzfeed launches Cute or Not , its second app in its 10 year lifespan and as you'd expect, it's all about cute little huggable fluffy animals.

Apps/Software March 2, 2015

'Final Fantasy Record Keeper' Announced For North America: Another Cheap Cash Grab From Square Enix?

Square Enix and mobile develoepr DeNA announced Final Fantasy: Record Keeper, a free-to-play Android and iOS game, for North American audiences today. It releases this spring.

Video Games February 26, 2015

'Fast And Furious' And 'Forza Horizon 2' Team Up For Free Standalone Game

A stand-alone version of Forza Horizon 2 will be available for free from March 27 to April 10 on Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The kicker: it features Ludacris and cars from Furious 7, the seventh installment of The Fast and The Furious action movies.

Video Games February 25, 2015

'Dragon Quest Heroes' Coming To North America And Europe Exclusively For PlayStation 4 In 2015

After a long silence, venerable Japanese RPG series 'Dragon Quest' is finally making a return to Western shores in 2015. 'Dragon Quest Heroes,' an action-packed spin-off in the vein of 'Dynasty Warriors,' will debut on PS4 in America and Europe.

Video Games February 25, 2015

DARPA Proposes Brain Implant That Could Repair Lost Sight, Augment Vision, Grant 'Telepathy'

DARPA doesn't just make robot dogs. Now the U.S. Department of Defense agency wants to tinker with human brains and DNA to potentially recover lost vision, augment eyesight with virtual heads-up displays and grant electronic telepathy.

February 24, 2015

Veniam Wants To Turn One Billion Vehicles Into Free Wi-Fi Hotspots

João Barros, the founder of startup company Veniam based in Silicon Valley, seeks to convert every vehicle on the planet into a free Wi-Fi hotspot. Vehicles would be fitted with a Wi-Fi hotspot powered by the vehicle's battery, which would then allow anyone to connect to the Internet.

FUTURE TECH February 18, 2015

Smaller ISPs, Glenn Beck Join In Net Neutrality Fight

Smaller and rural ISPs aren't happy with the FCC's proposed rules for net neutrality. Neither are AT&T, Republicans and radio show host Glenn Beck.

Internet February 17, 2015

'I Know This' Is The Indie Game That Lets You Hack Jurassic Park

Now you, too, can find the right file in Jurassic Park’s UNIX system if you play I Know This, an indie game based on the beloved computer-hacking scene.

Geek February 17, 2015

Toy Fair 2015: Barbie Gets An Internet Upgrade With Siri-Style Conversations

At Toy Fair 2015, Mattel revealed an Internet-connected version of the famous doll that will have 'real conversations with kids' using PullString technology via San Francisco startup ToyTalk.

Gadgets February 17, 2015

Microsoft Office Opens Up Cloud Support For Box, Google Drive, iCloud And More

Microsoft opened its Office suite to third-party cloud storage services today. The move allows users to open documents straight from other apps like iCloud Drive and Box instead of depending on Microsoft’s OneDrive.

Apps/Software February 17, 2015

Neptune Duo Reverses Roles Of Smartphone and Smart Watch

Neptune Duo, from Canadian inventor Simon Tian, makes the smartphone subordinate to the smart watch. It’s an interesting inversion that you can now pre-order.

Wearable Tech February 17, 2015

AT&T Plans To Match Speeds And Prices With Google Fiber In Kansas City

Making good on last year's promise to bring high-speed gigabit Internet to 21 cities, AT&T announced it will match the prices and speeds of Google Fiber with the launch of U-verse and GigaPower for customers in Kansas City.

Internet February 16, 2015

Asus Zenbook UX305 Ships to U.S. After Yearlong Wait, Priced at $699

It's been over a year, but the Asus Zenbook UX305 ultrabook is finally available to order now at the wallet-friendly price of $699.

Computers February 16, 2015

Sony Abandons 'The Last Guardian' Trademark Once More

The Last Guardian, Sony's perpetually mysterious follow-up to ICO and Shadow of the Colossus may finally be down for the count.

Geek February 16, 2015

Mozilla's Project Shumway Eliminates Need For Adobe Flash Player On Firefox Nightly

Mozilla takes one more step toward the extinction of Flash with Project Shumway, a version of Firefox Nightly that can run content without the need for Adobe's Flash Player plugin.

Apps/Software February 16, 2015

Scanadu Scout: The 'Star Trek' Medical Tricorder Funded On Indiegogo Finally Arrives

No longer the stuff of science fiction, a real-world and functional version of the famous 'Star Trek' prop is now available for those who backed it on Indiegogo.

Gadgets February 16, 2015

'Better Call Saul': The Five Best 'Breaking Bad' Easter Eggs So Far

Here are the five best 'Breaking Bad' Easter eggs to be found in 'Better Call Saul' so far.

Movies/TV Shows February 16, 2015

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