SETI Deploys AI To Help Search For Alien Life

SETI used artificial intelligence inspired by the same algorithm used by internet companies to sort through a massive trove of space data. In a recent study, researchers analyzed a mysterious signal coming from far away.

Space September 12, 2018

NASA Planning To Build Outpost On Moon In Next Half Decade

NASA has started constructing a lunar outpost that will enable research to be conducted around and on the Moon. The project is expected to be fully operational and host its first human crew in mid-2022.

Space September 12, 2018

Geochemist Erik Hauri Who Discovered Water On The Moon Passes Away At 52

Carnegie Institute announced that award-winning researcher and geochemist Erik Hauri has passed away. He made great contributions to the scientific community by discovering that there is water on the moon.

Space September 12, 2018

SpaceX Falcon 9 Delivers Satellite Into Orbit And Safely Lands On Drone Landing Ship

The threat of heavy rains and thunder delayed the launch of the Falcon 9 from Florida for over an hour. Several minutes after midnight, the rocket finally blasted off to send Telstar 18 VANTAGE (18V) satellite to orbit.

Space September 11, 2018

NASA's Curiosity Rover Beams Back Beautiful Martian Panorama Shot

Curiosity sent a panoramic photo from his location on Vera Rubin Ridge this week showing important landmarks such as Yellowknife Bay and Peace Vallis where it made important discoveries about water on Mars. Its mission continues to Clay Unit.

Space September 11, 2018

Planet Status: Study Suggests Pluto Should Be Reclassified As A Planet Again

Is pluto a Planet or not? Researchers of a new study argue that the classification that demoted it is actually not supported in research literature.

Space September 8, 2018

Wolf 503b: Astronomers Discover Exoplanet Twice The Size Of Earth Orbiting Orange Dwarf

Astronomers discovered a new exoplanet 145 light-years away from Earth in the Virgo constellation. Wolf 503b is a potential super-Earth and here are the other reasons why astronomers find this planet interesting.

Space September 7, 2018

Scientist Robbed Of 1974 Nobel Prize Finally Recognized With $3 Million Award, But She Gave Away The Money

Jocelyn Bell Burnell should have won the 1974 Nobel Prize for discovering pulsars. More than 50 years later, she was finally recognized with a Special Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics, which came with a $3 million award that she donated.

Space September 7, 2018

NASA Planet Hunter Satellite Kepler Wakes Up From Its Slumber

Kepler woke up from slumber after it went to sleep mode last month. The space telescope, which has discovered over 2,000 exoplanets, has begun its 19th and possibly final campaign as it runs out of fuel.

Space September 7, 2018

Are Space Elevators Possible? Japanese Researchers Will Look To Find Out

Space elevators, ideally, will take people to orbit through vehicles on a cable tethered to Earth and a stationary mass in space. A team of Japanese researchers will conduct the first test to see if such a thing is possible.

Space September 6, 2018

US Geological Survey Sets Sights On Mining In Space

US Geological Survey started a large-scale mapping of available resources from the outer space, specifically asteroids, the moon, and Mars. The effort could help future space missions into deep space and supply resources to Earth.

Space September 5, 2018

International Space Station Leak May Be Sabotage: Hole Was Made By Drill

The recently reported International Space Station leak was due to a 2mm hole in the Russian section. The hole was initially thought to be caused by a micrometeorite, but it has been identified to have been made by a drill.

Space September 5, 2018

Planet Nine Possibly Exists But Invisible To Existing Telescopes: Astronomers

Astronomers think that Planet Nine exists at the edge of the Solar System. Here's one possible reason why the body remains elusive despite circumstantial evidence that it exists beyond planet Neptune.

Space September 3, 2018

Worlds Entirely Covered In Deep Ocean Could Be Habitable To Alien Life: Study

An earth clone, one with some land and a shallow ocean, may not be necessary for alien life to survive. Here's how water worlds covered in deep oceans could be able to keep their climate stable and support life.

Space September 2, 2018

Hubble Takes A Peek At Stunning Aurora Lightshow On Saturn

The Hubble Space Telescope had captured the most comprehensive look at the auroras in Saturn. Because of the gas giant's atmosphere, the light shows can only be viewed using Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph.

Space September 2, 2018

NASA Announces Survival Deadline For Mars Rover Opportunity

Mars has started to get clearer skies after a planet-wide dust storm covered it with a crimson-hued haze. NASA revealed plans to communicate to Opportunity, which has remained silent in the past several weeks.

Space September 3, 2018

Astronauts Plug Leak In International Space Station With Epoxy And Duct Tape

The International Space Station was hit by an unknown object and left it with a 2mm hole. If the problem was left unfixed, the crew would have run out of air in just 18 days.

Space September 2, 2018

Scientists Find What Could Be 'Ghost' Black Holes From A Previous Universe

Theorists suggest that other previous universes have existed before the current one. The team theorizes that traces of the dead black holes, which are the remains of the previous universe, could be detected in the cosmic microwave background radiation.

Space August 31, 2018

NASA Spacecraft New Horizons Beams Back First Image Of Flyby Target Ultima Thule

New Horizons took the first ever images that showed Ultima Thule. The probe is on its way to fly by the Kuiper Belt Object but will first make its way to 2014 MU69 on Jan. 1.

Space August 30, 2018

Scientists Peek At Jupiter's Great Red Spot To Find Water

A research conducted using telescopes on Earth found chemical signatures of water in the Great Red Spot, a raging storm. Scientists estimate that the giant planet has two to nine times more oxygen than the Sun.

Space August 31, 2018

Ancient 'Monster Galaxy' Is Forming New Stars At Astonishing Rate

Researchers observed an ancient monster galaxy located 12.4 billion light-years away that has been forming stars at an incredible and unusual rate. Experts described COSMOS-AzTEC-1 as an unstoppable monster.

Space August 30, 2018

Astronaut Candidate Robb Kulin Retires: First NASA Astronaut Candidate To Do So In 50 Years

NASA 2017 Class astronaut candidate Robb Kulin is the first astronaut candidate to resign before finishing the program in 50 years. He did not disclose the reason for his abrupt departure.

Space August 28, 2018

Mars Opportunity Rover May Be Down For The Count But NASA Remains Hopeful

NASA remained optimistic that the Opportunity rover will recover after it had gone silent due to a global dust storm on Mars. Scientists say that the vehicle would need sunlight to power back up and send signals to Earth.

Space August 28, 2018

Astronauts Play First Tennis Match In Space, And It Looked Like So Much Fun

Four astronauts participated in a game of doubles during the first tennis match played in space. The International Space Station served as the venue for the historic match, which was shown live on the Unisphere in New York.

Space August 24, 2018

Woman Loses NASA Internship After Vulgar Tweets At National Space Council Member

A woman's excitement backfired when she tweeted about her acceptance for a NASA internship. She issued a vulgar response against another Twitter user who noted her language, and that person happened to be a member of the National Space Council.

Space August 23, 2018

NASA Finds Ice On The Surface Of Our Moon

Researchers finally found definitive evidence to prove that there is solid ice on the moon. The findings were done with the help of information that was gathered by the Moon Mineralogy Mapper, an imaging spectrometer launched in 2008.

Space August 22, 2018

Strange Aurora-Like Light Called STEVE Not An Aurora At All, Say Scientists

A new study found that STEVE, a light phenomenon in the night sky, is not produced by the same mechanism that creates the auroras. Instead, scientists believe that STEVE is a new celestial phenomenon distinct from an aurora.

Space August 21, 2018

NASA Worries For Mars Opportunity Rover Amid Massive Dust Storm, But All Hope Not Yet Lost

NASA admitted that it may have already lost the Opportunity rover, as it has remained silent since June 10 amid the massive dust storm that has enveloped Mars. However, all hope is not yet lost.

Space August 18, 2018

Discovery Of Water-Worlds Increases Chances Of Finding Alien Life

A group of Harvard Scientists found that there are exoplanets that contained more water than Earth. The scientists said these water-worlds are bigger than our planet, suggesting that they could also support life just like Earth.

Space August 18, 2018

Fireball 40 Times Brighter Than Full Moon Swooshed Pass The Alabama Sky

Numerous eyewitnesses saw an extremely bright fireball over SouthEast Alabama on Thursday night. NASA Meteor Watch said a small asteroid of about 6 feet in diameter caused the fireball.

Space August 18, 2018

NASA Reconnaissance Orbiter Spots Beaker The Muppet, Yoshi, And Cookie Monster On Mars

A camera aboard NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter transmitted images that showed sand and rocks taking the shape of a Muppet. The image was posted on Twitter, and netizens joined in, spotting other adorable figures from it.

Space August 18, 2018

New Study Suggests The Earth Has More Than 1 Moon

Scientists have discovered that mini-moons are orbiting the Earth. Researchers believe that it could provide a better understanding on what makes up asteroids. However, finding the objects could be a challenge because of its small size.

Space August 17, 2018

NASA Administrator Backs Military Space Force But With One Important Clarification

NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine said he fully supports President Donald Trump’s proposal to build a military space command. The Trump appointee, however, believed there should be a clear demarcation between NASA and the future military unit.

Space August 16, 2018

Excavation For Giant Magellan Telescope Begins: How Big Will It Be, And What Will It Be Able To Do?

Excavation works have started for the Giant Magellan Telescope, which will be 24.5 meters in diameter. The telescope, located in the Atacama Desert of Chile, will take sharper images compared to the Hubble Space Telescope.

Space August 15, 2018

NASA Engineers Play Wake-Up Song List While Opportunity Rover Remains In Slumber

Engineers with NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover program came up with a themed song list they have been playing each day, trying to awaken the Mars Opportunity Rover. The team’s morale had been low since the rover went silent on June 10.

Space August 15, 2018

New Horizons May Be Approaching Long-Sought Hydrogen Wall At Solar System’s End

Scientists may now have understood the explanation behind the mysterious glow emanating from the edge of the solar system. The source of the strange radiance has been the subject of discussions among experts for the last 30 years.

Space August 14, 2018

NASA Launches Parker Solar Probe For Mission To ‘Touch The Sun’

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe successfully launched on Aug. 12 after it had been delayed due to weather problems. The spacecraft victoriously separated and the probe was launched into space.

Space August 14, 2018

Omega Centauri Probably Doesn’t Have Any Sign Of Life, Scientists Say

Omega Centauri has been ruled out to have a possible habitable zone. According to the researchers, the rate at which its stars interact with each other would be too high to harbor any form of life.

Space August 11, 2018

Jupiter Moon Ganymede Releases Electromagnetic Waves That May Damage Spacecraft

Scientists discovered that Jupiter moon Ganymede is releasing powerful electromagnetic waves that may destroy spacecraft. The invisible magnetic field surrounding Ganymede is powered by the magnetic field of Jupiter, which is about 20,000 times stronger than Earth's.

Space August 8, 2018

Astronomers Discover Massive Glowing Planet Just Drifting Beyond The Solar System

Astronomers discovered a planet just beyond our solar system with many mysterious characteristics. It is 12 times bigger than Jupiter with a magnetic field that is 200 times stronger, and it emits a glow like the northern lights on Earth.

Space August 7, 2018

New Radio Telescope Detects Strange Frequency Coming From Deep Space

The Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment or CHIME has picked up fast radio bursts with a frequency that became the lowest ever to be detected. The new telescope was expected to detect similar low-frequency burst on a daily basis.

Space August 6, 2018

Meteor Explodes Above US Air Force Base In Greenland

A meteor exploded above the Thule Air Force base in Greenland on July 25. The base is home to intercontinental ballistic missile sensors that give warning in an instance when ICBMs were deployed against the United States.

Space August 8, 2018

Moonless Night Makes Perseid Meteor Shower 2018 More Spectacular

A NASA meteor expert described the Perseid meteor shower 2018 as the best one among all the meteor showers this year. The celestial event will be visible to people across the world.

Space August 4, 2018

NASA Announces SpaceX, Boeing Target Test Flight Dates For Commercial Crew Program

NASA has officially announced the scheduled test flights for SpaceX and Boeing under the agency’s Commercial Crew Program. Elon Musk’s SpaceX was scheduled to conduct its first crewed test flights ahead of Boeing’s.

Space August 4, 2018

NASA Kills Hope Of Colonizing Mars, But Elon Musk Says Humans Can

A NASA-led study released on July 30 ruled out the possibility of transforming Mars to a habitable state like Earth by tallying all possible scenarios to make this happen. SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, however, begged to differ.

Space August 2, 2018

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