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Supercolony Of Adélie Penguins Hidden For Millennia Discovered Because Of Birds' Pink Guano Visible From Space

The Adélie penguin is one of the two penguin species that lives on ice. Their population in the Antarctic Peninsula is threatened by habitat loss due to climate change.

Animals December 13, 2018

New Zealand’s Penguins Are Fast Disappearing: How Are Penguins Elsewhere In The World Doing - Or Dying?

Just like the yellow-eyed penguin of New Zealand, the already endangered African penguin is also under threat of becoming extinct. More than half of the world’s penguin species are dwindling due to global warming and man’s intrusion in their habitat.

Animals May 17, 2017

Say 'Hello' to the Adelie Penguin Before Climate Change Decimates Populations

Climate change is seriously affecting populations of Adelie penguins in Antarctica. How much of a danger does global climate change present to these animals?

Earth/Environment June 30, 2016

Shrinking Of Antarctic Glaciers Causes Adelie Penguin Population Explosion

In recent years, the population of Adélie penguins is continuously increasing. A new study said that the retreating and shrinking Antarctic Glaciers caused this population explosion.

Animals November 19, 2015

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