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Paleontologists Oppose Sale Of Mystery Dinosaur Skeleton: Here's Why

The auction of the 150-million-year-old dinosaur skeleton for $2.3 million on June 4 stirred discussions among experts within the scientific community. In fact, a group of international vertebrate paleontologists had tried to stop Aguttes weeks ahead of the controversial auction.

Animals June 7, 2018

Meet Gualicho Shinyae - The Other Dinosaur With Short, Stubby Arms

Like T. rex, Gualicho Shinyae had short arms that seem to be useless — or are they? What does this discovery teach us about this distinctive body feature?

Animals July 14, 2016

150-Million-Year-Old Skeleton Of Teenage Allosaurus Dinosaur For Sale At Auction

The UK-based Summers Place Auctions is selling the skeletal remains of an Allosaurus discovered at a dig site in Wyoming in 2009. Curators believe the fossils could fetch up to £500,000 (around $754,800).

Animals November 26, 2015

Fossilized Skeleton Of Juvenile Allosaurus To Be Auctioned In UK

Summers Place Auctions, one of the leading auctioneers of garden statuary and natural history in the world, is offering skeletal remains of a juvenile Allosaurus.

September 12, 2015

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