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Bentley Bentayga Gets Apple Watch App, Now Lets You Control Functions Remotely - But Don't Use It While Driving!

Bentley Motors introduced an Apple Watch app designed to let users control Bentayga's functions remotely. The app is intended for passengers, though, not for drivers.

Apps/Software May 5, 2016

Apple Watch Sold Two Times More Than The iPhone, But Does It Deserve The Hype?

The Apple Watch was launched exactly a year and a day ago. Apple is yet to release an official sales report for the smartwatch, but Wall Street analysts estimate that the Apple has sold more than 12 million watches in its first year.

Wearable Tech April 25, 2016

Homemade App Uses Morse Code To Send Messages On Apple Watch

A cognitive scientist came up with a homemade app that offers a new way to send messages with the Apple Watch. How about tapping the dash and the dot on the wearable’s display to communicate through Morse Code?

Apps/Software January 28, 2016

Vine Launches App For Apple Watch, Updates iOS App For Swipe Left Discovery

Vine launches its Apple Watch app, which allows users to see content from two main feeds, along with their stats and the ability to like and retire posts directly from the wearable.

Apps/Software November 24, 2015

Apple Watch Heart Rate Monitor Saves Massachusetts Teen’s Life

Apple technology is finally gearing away from fad and focusing more on health and utility, as a young football player was saved by his smartwatch heart rate monitor app.

Wearable Tech September 21, 2015

Bank Of America iOS And Android App Now Lets Users Sign In With Their Fingerprint

Bank of America has announced a series of security and usability improvements made to its mobile banking app. The updated version will feature fingerprint and Touch ID sign-in.

Apps/Software September 18, 2015

Square Cash Launches Apple Watch App

Get ready to send money from your wrist. The money exchange app Square Cash now lets you send and receive money right from your Apple Watch.

Apps/Software August 19, 2015

Pizza Pizza Lets Customers Order Pizza Using Apple Watch

When the hunger for pizza strikes, you only need to make a few taps on your Apple Watch.

Wearable Tech May 24, 2015

Got Apple Watch? Now Get These Top 7 Apple Watch Apps

The Apple Watch is finally available to the public and while it might take a while for many to get their new device, for those that already have it, it's time to download some new apps. Here is a list of 7 of the best Apple Watch apps.

Apps/Software May 11, 2015

Apple Watch Gets Many Apps But No F — Fart And Facebook

Those looking for Facebook or Fart Watch for the Apple Watch may be disappointed to find that neither are available. There's a chance that one of the two could appear later, but the other has been ruled out.

Wearable Tech April 27, 2015

Apple Watch Accepting App Submissions; NYT App To Display One-Sentence Stories

As developers submit their Apple Watch app designs, The New York Times, a specially invited early developer, says its app will feature single sentence stories with bullet-point summaries and pictures.

Wearable Tech April 1, 2015

First Batch Of Apple Watch Apps Hits The App Store

Apple reveals it has just added a slew of freshly updated apps for the Apple Watch in the App Store. These include apps for airlines, department stores, social networks, real estate listings, games and more.

Wearable Tech March 28, 2015

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