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In Worst Case Scenario, What Are The Most Fatal Effects Of An Asteroid Strike?

How would humanity die in a catastrophic collision with a large-sized asteroid? Researchers list the seven most deadly effects of a big asteroid impact and analyze which are more likely to wipe us out.

Space April 21, 2017

Near-Earth Asteroid To Safely Fly Past Earth On April 19: How Likely Are Huge And Dangerous Collisions?

The upcoming April 19 asteroid is no threat to our planet, but what would happen if a giant celestial body collided with Earth? Astronomers calculate the chances of a massive-scale catastrophic event.

Space April 11, 2017

Remains Of Massive Asteroid That Struck Ancient Earth Found In Australia

Australian researchers have found evidence of a massive asteroid colliding with Earth during our planet's early life. The proof: spherules or tiny glass beads in seafloor sediments in northwestern Australia.

Ancient May 18, 2016

How Would the Public Be Warned of Potential Asteroid Impact?

Experts at a workshop debate the best way to advise the public in the event of a possible impact by a near-Earth object. Communicating such warnings on a global scale to diverse audiences will be difficult, they warn.

Space November 22, 2014

Meteorite smashes into Nicaragua, leaving crater in Managua: Big BOOM stuns local people

The Nicaraguan capital of Managua was hit by an asteroid on 6 Sept., forming a crater that could have swallowed a house.

Space September 9, 2014

Asteroids smash around new star, NASA may be witnessing rocky planet’s birth

Sudden increase of dust around distant star put down to cosmic collision. Result may be the formation of new planets, astronomers say.

Space August 28, 2014

Discovery of forces that hold together space rocks may help scientists tackle Earth-threatening asteroids

Asteroids, spinning faster than the laws of physics say should be possible, may be held together by a force easily seen in a glass of water.

Space August 14, 2014

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