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Audi Drops Last Manual Transmission Models In US Vehicle Lineup

Low customer demand has forced Audi to drop the six-speed manual transmission from its A4 and A5 models starting next year. In line with this, all of Audi’s U.S. line will only include automatic transmission.

Car Tech August 20, 2018

German Startup To Set Up Cellphone Tower On The Moon

A startup based in Berlin is planning to build the first telecommunications structure on the surface of the moon. The startup and its partners aim to explore the landing site of the Apollo 17 mission.

Business Tech August 11, 2017

The New Self-Driving Audi A8 Will Reduce Headaches From Traffic Jams: How Will The Traffic Jam Pilot Feature Work?

The new Audi A8 will offer the Traffic Jam Pilot, a self-driving system that will take full control of the vehicle at speeds of up to 37 miles per hour. How will the feature work?

Car Tech July 12, 2017

Audi And Volvo To Feature Next Generation Of Google's Android Auto In Newest Cars

With Google I/O around the corner, the company continues to search for partners to make a car running entirely on Android. Thanks to Volvo and Audi, it may have just taken the next step.

Car Tech May 16, 2017

Audi Issues Recall Order For 576,000 Vehicles Due To Risk OF Engine Fire, Airbag Ruptures

Audi has issued a recall order involving 576,000 vehicles for two reasons. The first reason is a fire hazard in the engine, and the second reason is the risk of ruptured airbags that can injure passengers.

Car Tech February 5, 2017

2018 Audi SQ5 Debuts At Detroit Auto Show

Audi unveiled the 2018 SQ5 at the Detroit Auto Show and the vehicle comes with greater efficiency and enhanced performance. With components like a 3-liter V6 TFSI engine, this car is definitely something to look forward to in fall 2017.

Car Tech January 11, 2017

Intel Acquires 15 Percent Stake In Here: Here's Why The Chipmaker Wants To Be Among The Mapping Company's Shareholders

Intel's stake in Here is being viewed by observers as part of an aggressive push toward building an automated car technology. The chipmaker will also now have the opportunity to work with several German automakers, which happen to be Here co-owners.

Car Tech January 4, 2017

IIHS Details Safest Cars, SUVs And Trucks For 2017: Toyota Leading The Pack

The industry-supported IIHS has already released the safest cars, SUVs, and trucks for 2017, and 82 vehicles made it to the list. Find out if your own pick is included.

Car Tech December 9, 2016

This 'Final Fantasy XV' Collector's Item Costs $470,000: Meet The One-Of-A-Kind Audi R8 Star Of Lucis [Video]

Square Enix and Audi have teamed up to create the Audi R8 Star of Lucis, a one-of-a-kind collector's item for 'Final Fantasy XV.' The vehicle comes with the V10 plus engine, exquisite detailing and a $470,000 price tag.

Video Games November 11, 2016

Audi Vehicles Found Cheating In Carbon Dioxide Emissions Test, Says US Regulator

The U.S. California Air Resources Board (CARB) reportedly found another emissions cheating device in a number of Audi vehicles. The defeat device was used up until May 2016, eight months after the Volkswagen dieselgate scandal.

Car Tech November 7, 2016

First Audi All-Electric Vehicle Will Carry The Name 'E-Tron'

Audi was reported to gift its upcoming all-electric vehicles with an 'e-tron' moniker. The carmaker followed the policy of its parent company Volkswagen and focused more on green cars, following the Dieselgate scandal from last year.

Car Tech October 19, 2016

Paris Motor Show 2016: Audi Debuts New 400-Horsepower RS 3 Sedan

The Audi RS 3 Sedan will debut at the Paris Motor Show 2016. The car will be available in the U.S. and China starting summer 2017 and will come in two colors: red and gray.

Car Tech September 30, 2016

Audi, BMW, Mercedes To Supply Real-Time Data To Digital Map Maker HERE

Audi, BMW and Mercedes will supply real-time data to digital map maker HERE for a service that provides vital road information. The service will allow drivers to access data such as traffic conditions, potential hazards and open parking spaces.

Car Tech September 27, 2016

Audi Tech Chief To Be Suspended Over Volkswagen Emissions Scandal

The Volkswagen emissions scandal continues to claim executives’ heads in the group. The lead tech at Audi, Stefan Knirsch, was accused of knowingly lying under oath during hearings and was therefore suspended.

Car Tech September 19, 2016

Daimler Will Roll Out As Many As 9 Electric Car Models: Tesla, Audi On Its Sights

Mercedes-Benz parent company Daimler is looking to launch at least six and at most nine models of electric cars. The first vehicle is expected to be on display at the Paris Motor Show.

Car Tech September 4, 2016

New Audi Cars Will Tell Drivers When The Traffic Light Turns Green So They Can Safely Snapchat And Text

Audi announced it will roll out a new technology that taps in select models that will inform drivers how long it will take until the red light turns green.

Car Tech August 15, 2016

Volkswagen Recall Plan For 3.0-Liter Diesel Cars Rejected: California Says Proposal Is 'Substantially Deficient'

Volkswagen’s long-running involvement in some 85,000 reported cases of cheating in emission tests continues after proposals to provide a working fix for larger engines were rejected by California’s air-regulation board this Wednesday. It’s back to the drawing boards for the company.

Car Tech July 14, 2016

Nightmare Not Over: Your New Car Might Sport Defective Takata Airbags If You're Buying From These Carmakers

Four major automobile manufacturers continue to use defective Takata airbag inflators in new models of vehicles. While the sale of the cars would not break any regulations, they will be recalled by 2018.

Car Tech June 2, 2016

Audi RS TT Is Engineered For Performance: Five-Cylinder Engine Delivers 400 HP, 354 Lb-Ft Of Torque

Audi unveiled the 2017 Audi TT RS ahead of the Beijing Auto Show, which begins April 25. The new vehicle comes in both coupe and roadster form, and packs a five-cylinder engine capable of 400 horsepower and 354 pound-feet of torque.

Car Tech April 26, 2016

2017 Audi R8 V10 Plus Luxury Supercar Races At 180+ MPH In Daytona Testing: Review Roundup

The new 2017 Audi R8 V10 Plus was tested by journalists on the Daytona testing track, and the results are formidable. The drivers enjoyed speeds of over 180 mph behind the beastly wheel and lived to tell the tale.

FUTURE TECH April 13, 2016

Audi R8 Coupe Crowned '2016 World Performance Car' At New York Auto Show

Audi's R8 is once again the World Performance Car. Crowned with the award for the fourth time at the 2016 New York International Auto Show, this win marks Audi's eighth title in the World Car Awards.

FUTURE TECH March 27, 2016

Volkswagen Has Until March To Come Up With A Viable Diesel Emission Fix

Volkswagen needs to hurry with a definitive answer on whether it found a fix to the emissions issue which stirred a global scandal and numerous lawsuits. A U.S. judge set March 24 as the deadline for the fix update.

Legal February 27, 2016

Audi Tops Consumer Reports’ List Of Car Brands Despite Emissions Scandal

Its parent company may be in trouble, but Audi is still shining brightly. The automaker took top honors in Consumer Reports' 2016 roundup of the best automotive brands.

FUTURE TECH February 24, 2016

2017 Audi R8 Is A Very Cool Car If You Have $162,900

Car lovers will have to splash $162,900 (excluding destination charges) to buy the entry-level 2017 Audi R8. The price of the higher variant R8 V10 Plus will be $189,900.

FUTURE TECH January 21, 2016

Audi Enters Space Race With Moon Rover

Audi’s making its presence felt in the space race by helping send a rover to the moon. It’s called the Audi lunar quattro and will be a testament to the carmaker’s expertise.

Space January 15, 2016

Audi Unwraps A4 Allroad Quattro At Detroit Auto Show

Audi unveiled the new A4 Allroad Quattro at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The vehicle features an additional 1.3 inches of ground clearance and an off-road mode.

FUTURE TECH January 12, 2016

Audi’s 2017 Cars Will Be The First To Have Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820A Auto Chip

The smart and self-driving cars are going to make a huge impact on our lives in the coming years, and Qualcomm wants to be at the center. The company has just announced its new Snapdragon chip for cars.

Automotive Tech January 7, 2016

IIHS Releases Top Safety Pick List Of 2016: Fiat Chrysler Is Lone US Carmaker With Top Ratings As Toyota, Honda Dominate List

The IIHS has handed down Top Safety Pick and Top Safety Pick+ awards to 61 car models. Toyota and Honda topped the list while Fiat Chrysler listed the only domestic vehicle that qualified.

FUTURE TECH December 10, 2015

Audi Planning To Test Self-Parking Cars In Boston Suburb As Part Of Traffic Management Initiative

The automaker will begin the trial in Somerville in 2018 in a garage specifically designed for autonomous cars.

FUTURE TECH November 27, 2015

Audi Suspends Two Engineers After Admitting Installing Emissions Cheat Device In 85,000 Vehicles

Audi suspended two of its engineers upon purportedly confessing installing emissions cheat device into its Audi cars equipped with three-liter V6 diesel engines. Audi is conducting its own investigation to check if employees in its technical development and other departments purposefully committed probable engine software manipulations.

FUTURE TECH November 27, 2015

Audi Pledges To Revise Software For Emissions Control In US To Address Cheating 3L Diesels

Audi promised to revise its emissions control software in a bid to make its vehicles more compliant to the clean air laws in the United States. More than 85,000 vehicles powered by Audi's 3.0-liter diesel engine are said to be affected.

FUTURE TECH November 25, 2015

Volkswagen Fallout Grows As Carmaker Admits To Installing ‘Exhaust Control Devices’ In Porsche Cayenne, Audi A8 And More

U.S. regulators revealed that the emission cheating scandal spreads to more cars. Volkswagen confessed that emission control equipment was installed on its 3.0-liter diesel-powered cars dating back to 2009.

FUTURE TECH November 21, 2015

Volkswagen's Gift Cards Are Actually A Scheme To Identify Owners Of Bad Diesels, Reckons Audi

Volkswagen recently kicked off a 'Goodwill package,' offering gift cards and dealership credit to owners of faulty diesels involved in the emissions scandal. Audi now reveals that this is not just about good will, the move also helps identify and locate affected vehicles and their owners.

FUTURE TECH November 19, 2015

Audi Launches 'Audi At Home' Vehicle-Sharing Service In San Francisco And Miami

Audi has just announced 'Audi At Home.' The service enables residents of the LUMINA condominium in San Francisco or the Four Seasons in Miami to book cars with their mobile phones.

Apps/Software November 10, 2015

Audi Shows Off 3D-Printed Grand Prix Car Based On 1936 Model

The automaker's printer essentially turned powder to components to build this mini-scale vehicle.

FUTURE TECH November 6, 2015

Volkswagen Stops Sales Of Diesel Audi Models After EPA's Accusation Of Violating Emissions Standards

The Environmental Protection Agency says several 2015-16 Audi diesel models, including the A6, A7, A8 and Q5, have emissions-cheating software.

Legal November 4, 2015

Porsche, Audi Dragged Into Volkswagen Emissions Scandal As EPA Finds Cheat Device In Luxury Vehicles

New findings by the EPA reveal some of Porsche and Audi’s newer sedans and SUVs are also equipped with emissions cheating software. Volkswagen, however, denies equipping its luxury vehicles with a cheat device.

FUTURE TECH November 3, 2015

Fall From Grace: Volkswagen Faces Reputation Damage After Being Caught Cheating On US Diesel Emissions Tests

Volkswagen could soon be facing massive fines and recalls. It stands accused of installing software in its cars to cheat on emission testing, with the cars allegedly emitting up to 40 times the standard.

FUTURE TECH September 19, 2015

Google Not Looking To Become A Carmaker, Says Executive

Google may seem very serious about pushing its self-driving car to hit public roads in the near future. However, the company negates all speculations that it also intends to manufacture its own line of self-driving cars soon.

FUTURE TECH September 17, 2015

Audi And Porsche Unveil Electric Cars To Compete With Tesla

Audi's e-tron Quattro SUV concept and Porsche's first-ever battery-powered sports car are slated for a 2018 release to the market. For now, they're stealing some of Tesla's thunder for their Model X, which begins deliveries September 29.

FUTURE TECH September 14, 2015

Audi Is Working With LG And Samsung On An Electric SUV With A 500KM Range

Audi looks to give its new all-electric SUV a broader appeal with a promised 300+ mile range.

FUTURE TECH August 14, 2015

Tesla Killer? Audi Electric SUV Will Go For 310 Miles Using LG And Samsung Battery Cells

Named the Audi Q6 e-tron, a preview of the electric SUV in concept form will be showcased at the upcoming Frankfurt Auto Show in September, with the vehicle looking to be released by Audi within 2018.

FUTURE TECH August 14, 2015

German Automaker Consortium Buys Nokia's Mapping Business For $3 Billion

Audi, BMW, and Daimler are each taking an equal stake in Nokia's Here mapping business.

FUTURE TECH August 3, 2015

Audi, BMW And Daimler In Talks To Buy Nokia Here For $3.71B

Audi, BMW and Daimler are reportedly close to purchasing Nokia's Here mapping technology, which will power their navigation technology as well as their self-driving car tech. The three companies beat out Uber, which was previously set to purchase Here for $3 billion.

Business July 21, 2015

Audi Insider Reveals Turbocharged R8 Is On The Drawing Board

It's inevitable. Audi will have to turbocharge its top sports cars to stay competitive, according to Audi execs.

FUTURE TECH July 20, 2015

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