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Driverless Cars May Soon Feature This Laser Technology To See Around Corners

The future looks accident-free, thanks to a new laser-based imaging technique being developed at Stanford University. By bouncing laser beams off surfaces, it could record a still image of an object hidden behind a corner.

Material Science March 6, 2018

Uber To Buy 24,000 Volvo SUVs For Driverless Fleet

Uber has signed a deal to purchase 24,000 Volvo SUVs for its driverless fleet, starting from 2019 till 2021. The premium carmaker is one of the most advanced car makers in the world and produces one of the safest architecture for driverless cars.

Car Tech November 21, 2017

Nvidia Unveils Drive PX Pegasus, Claims It Will Enable Level 5 Autonomous Driving: Here’s What That Means

Nvidia has just proven everyone that it’s at the forefront of autonomous driving technology with the unveiling of its new Drive PX Pegasus computer. Built on the Drive PX platform, Pegasus can pave the way for level 5 autonomous vehicles.

Car Tech October 10, 2017

NASA OKs 3 New Studies On Drones And Autonomous Vehicle Technology

NASA picked three teams to research autonomous technologies for drones and unmanned aircraft. One of the projects will focus on algorithms for autonomous systems in aviation, while the other two will tackle remotely-piloted drones.

Space June 6, 2017

Uber Self-Driving Car Flips To Its Side In Arizona Crash: Should We Still Trust Autonomous Vehicles?

Beleaguered car tech company Uber hit another roadblock when its self-driving car got in an accident in Arizona. The incident brings to question the trustworthiness of autonomous vehicle technology.

Car Tech March 27, 2017

Northern Lights Mystery Gets Complex: New Study Rejects Plasma Turbulence, Mentions Unknown Mechanism

A new research has negated the theory that Northern Lights are causing outages in Global Navigation Satellite Systems or GNSS. It rejected any kind of plasma turbulence and said an unknown mechanism is causing it and a new technology is due.

Space March 14, 2017

Google Waymo Fully Self-Driving Chrysler Pacifica Minivans Smile For The Camera: First Look

Google parent company Alphabet has offered a first look at the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid self-driving minivans in Waymo's fleet. Waymo is now a stand-alone Alphabet subsidiary and the autonomous vehicles will hit public roads next year.

Car Tech December 19, 2016

Kobi The Robot Can Cut Yard Grass And Get Rid Of Snow Autonomously

Kobi the robot wants to take away all the backbreaking yard work from our lives, and it intends to begin down that line by cutting grass and sweeping up snow. All you'll need now is $4,000 to get your own yard-clearing bot.

Smart Home October 19, 2016

Most Americans Don't Trust Self-Driving Cars Yet: Survey

Kelley Blue Book recently published a survey into autonomous vehicles and the majority of Americans are pessimistic about the upcoming technology. The poll found out a couple of and somewhat surprising things about tech-friendly drivers in the U.S.

Car Tech September 28, 2016

Buckle Up, Singapore! World's First Self-Driving Taxis Start Giving Rides To Passengers, Beating Uber To The Punch

MIT-spinoff nuTonomy has announced the world's first self-driving taxi service trial, which started on Aug. 25 in Singapore. The service will pick up select passengers and give them free rides, beating Uber to the punch.

Car Tech August 25, 2016

Uber Spends $680 Million For Otto Startup To Pursue Its Self-Driving Dreams: Autonomous Vehicle Market Heating Up

Uber put the pedal to the metal and invested nearly $700 million into Otto, a startup that develops kits for autonomous trucks. The self-driving race is on in Silicon Valley and Detroit, and Uber is ready to thrust.

Car Tech August 19, 2016

Uber Self-Driving Cars Hit Pittsburgh This Month, Offering Free Rides

Uber self-driving cars are hitting Pittsburg this month, as the company will deploy a fleet of 100 modified Volvo XC90 vehicles. The self-driving cars will pick up passengers, giving them free rides to their desired destination.

Car Tech August 18, 2016

Tesla Fatal Car Crash Still Puzzling: Cameras Or Radar To Blame Instead Of Autopilot?

Tesla defends its Autopilot feature in front of authorities and points a finger at either the radar or braking system to explain the fatal crash from May involving a Tesla Model S. Meanwhile, regulators are probing Tesla's Autopilot safety levels.

Car Tech July 30, 2016

Mercedes-Benz Self-Driving Future Bus Made Landmark 12-Mile Trip Across Amsterdam

The self-driving Future Bus of Mercedes-Benz, powered by the CityPilot technology, made a landmark trip in the Netherlands over a route of 12 miles. The bus was not fully autonomous, but it was very much capable of most of the driving actions by itself.

Car Tech July 19, 2016

Jaguar Land Rover To Test Fleet Of Autonomous Cars In UK By 2020

Jaguar Land Rover announced that it plans to increase its autonomous vehicle fleet by 100 cars by 2020. The carmaker offered some details about the type of self-driving technology that it plans to deploy, and it is promising.

Car Tech July 13, 2016

Fatal Tesla Car Crash Investigation Continues: Autopilot Woes, DVD Player Distractions And More

A Tesla Model S driver lost his life in a car crash that seems to have happened after the autopilot feature failed. An investigation is in place, but it seems that a DVD player played a part in the tragedy.

Car Tech July 2, 2016

GM And Lyft To Test First Fleet Of Self-Driving Chevy Bolt Taxis

In January 2016, General Motors has invested $500 million in transportation company Lyft. The Wall Street Journal now reports that Lyft and GM will be ready to start testing a fleet of self-driving Chevy Bolt taxis within a year.

Car Tech May 6, 2016

Michigan Senators Push Long Prison Sentences For Car Hackers

Jail sentences could exceed 20 years.

Car Tech May 2, 2016

Toyota Is Making Ann Arbor, Michigan Into A Connected Car Hotbed

Testing results in the Michigan city can lead to national deployment of connected vehicles.

FUTURE TECH April 13, 2016

Google Self-Driving Cars Headed To Phoenix, Arizona To Test Desert Road Challenges

Google announced that it will begin testing its autonomous vehicles in the dry weather conditions of Phoenix, Arizona. The city is the fourth place where the self-driving cars will be deployed, but some preparations are necessary.

FUTURE TECH April 8, 2016

Amazon And Microsoft Reportedly Want To Be Big Data Players For Self-Driving Cars

The tech companies could invest in HERE, an intelligent digital mapping company owned by BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz, each of which is in autonomous vehicle development.

FUTURE TECH April 1, 2016

Ford Says Hello To Silicon Valley With New Car-Sharing And Autonomous Technology Unit

In an industry energized by the promise of autonomous vehicles and similar technologies and services, carmaker Ford is stepping up its game and ramping up its presence in Silicon Valley. The future, after all, is fast threatening the sales models of these traditional auto companies.

FUTURE TECH March 12, 2016

Public Records Show Google Is Leading Autonomous Driving Race And It's Not Even Close

Let's just say that Tesla isn't even close to the number of test permits for self-driving vehicles in California that the world's most-valuable company has obtained.

FUTURE TECH March 11, 2016

BMW At 100: Carmaker To Overhaul Workforce To Build Most Intelligent Car

As BMW starts its next century, the company teased about building the 'most intelligent' self-driving electric car to take on Google and Tesla. The company says it is planning to overhaul its workforce to reach this goal.

FUTURE TECH March 7, 2016

Interview: Talking Autonomous Cars And Driver-Assist Advances With Ford's Greg Stevens

Ford's global manager of autonomous driving explains the automaker's challenges of testing its self-driving cars in the snow, why autonomous cars respond to skidding better than humans, and the give-and-take relationship between driver-assist technologies and full autonomy.

FUTURE TECH February 2, 2016

Ford Testing Fully Autonomous Vehicles In The Snow [Video]

Have you always wondered how autonomous cars can be capable of handling snow-covered roads? Ford said that it’s currently testing its fully autonomous cars under snowy conditions while using LiDAR and high-resolution 3D mapping technologies.

FUTURE TECH January 11, 2016

General Motors Invests $500M In Lyft With Plans To Develop Self-Driving Car System

Lyft announced on Monday that General Motors is one of the companies to invest during its $1 billion round of funding, with the companies planning to develop an Autonomous On-Demand Network.

Deals January 4, 2016

Self-Driving Cars Should Roam US Streets Within Four Years, Says Ford CEO

Ford CEO Mark Fields said his company wants to have self-driving cars on U.S. roads in about four years. Ford already trialed an autonomous vehicle at Mcity, a complex testing ground specifically designed for this purpose, and Field's comments now hint at an exciting future.

FUTURE TECH November 20, 2015

Forget Driverless Cars: Driverless Bus Will Hit Swiss Roads In 2016

Producing truly autonomous cars is the next step that the automotive industry must take. However, a Swiss company is looking to top that with its launch of the driverless bus, which will hit the streets in 2016.

FUTURE TECH November 14, 2015

One Day We Might Travel In On-Demand Autonomous Pods

An Italian designer, Tommaso Gecchelin, has designed a new transportation concept that could combine public and private transportation. The concept is called Next.

FUTURE TECH November 2, 2015

Nissan Starts Testing Self-Driving Car Prototype In Japan, Taking Its Revolutionary 'Piloted Drive' On The Road

Nissan announced that its high-end Piloted Drive 1.0 technology is ready to be tested on the open road. At the Tokyo Motor Show 2015, Nissan described the features that will make highway and urban navigation easier and safer for Nissan drivers.

FUTURE TECH November 2, 2015

Uber’s New Camera-Equipped Mapping Vehicles Spotted In Kentucky

Uber has started to roll out a number of camera-equipped cars to map the streets not only for the drivers but for the autonomous car it plans to introduce sometime in the near future. One of the mapping vehicles was spotted in Florence, Kentucky.

FUTURE TECH October 20, 2015

Google Plans To Up Production Of Self-Driving Car Prototypes: Would We See Mass Production Soon?

Google has scaled up its self-driving car plans and it's mulling the possibility of mass-producing the vehicles in the future. If all goes well, the company could make and sell its own autonomous vehicles.

FUTURE TECH September 14, 2015

Google To Begin Testing Its Self-Driving Cars In Texas

Google has announced that it will begin testing its pod-like self-driving cars in Austin within the next couple of weeks. The company has already been testing its modified self-driving Lexus SUV in Texas.

FUTURE TECH September 1, 2015

Austin: New Test Site For Google's Self-Driving Car

Google is taking the next step in its autonomous vehicle endeavors, with fully self-driving cars set to roam the streets of Austin soon.

FUTURE TECH August 31, 2015

Google Sends Self-Driving Lexus SUV To Test The Roads In Austin

Google has officially announced that it is testing its self-driving Lexus SUVs in Austin, Texas. The autonomous vehicles have been roaming the streets of Austin since last month.

FUTURE TECH July 7, 2015

The SparkFun Autonomous Vehicle Competition Is Drawing Near

All sorts of vehicles will be on display during the SparkFun Autonomous Vehicle Competition in Colorado on June 20.

Movies/TV Shows June 9, 2015

Google’s Self-Driving Cars Have Clocked 1 Million Miles

Since the project started in 2009, Google's cars have now driven 1 million miles. That's the equivalent of 75 years driving experience for the average U.S. driver.

FUTURE TECH June 3, 2015

Self-Driving Cars Can Go Vroom Vroom On 70 Miles Of Virginia Highway

Self-driving cars will soon be roaming more than 70 miles of Northern Virginia highways. The congested roads will be a tough test for the autonomous vehicles.

FUTURE TECH June 3, 2015

Not Optimus Prime But Daimler's Self-Driving Truck Is Just Amazing [Video]

That big rig barreling down the highway may just be operating on autopilot or, as Daimler describes it, in autonomous operation.

FUTURE TECH May 6, 2015

Daimler Not Scared Of Apple Car

Daimler executive Bodo Uebber has said that his company is not scared of Apple and its alleged plans to enter the auto market.

FUTURE TECH March 4, 2015

Driverless car tech advances with permits, cloud system approach

Mercedes-Benz, Audi and Google are the three first companies to get permits to test driverless cars on public roads in California. Mercedes-Benz also is taking steps toward ensuring a driver's data is safe.

FUTURE TECH September 19, 2014

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