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Misconfigured Box Account Probable Culprit In Confidential Data Leak Involving Apple, Other Tech Companies

Cybersecurity firm Adversis has discovered a vulnerability in the file-sharing system of Box. The company said hundreds of thousands of corporate documents and files are left exposed to a potential data breach.

Security March 13, 2019

Apple Offers Non-Paying iCloud Users A Month Of Upgraded Storage For Free, Which Doesn't Fix Anything

Apple has started offering non-paying iCloud users who've hit their 5 GB limit a one-month free trial to any of the service's premium plans. However, it doesn't address the underlying problem of its free tier.

Apple May 25, 2018

Google One Debuts With New Paid Customer Storage Plans For Google Drive: What Does It Offer?

Google is revamping the paid consumer storage tiers for Google Drive customers, upgrading them to Google One. Here's what it means, what it brings, what changes, and how much it will cost.

Google May 14, 2018

Microsoft Is Trying To Steal Dropbox, Google Customers With OneDrive Deal: What You Need To Know

Microsoft has revealed a new deal for users currently under competing cloud storage services. Businesses can now switch to OneDrive for free and use it until their contract with a competing service ends.

Microsoft February 7, 2018

Google Adding New Undersea Cables To Expand Cloud Business

Google is trying to keep up with major rivals such as Amazon and Microsoft in cloud computing solutions. To gain a larger market share, Google will be adding undersea cables to bolster business in new areas of the world.

Google January 17, 2018

Microsoft Acquires Hybrid Storage Tech Company Avere Systems

Microsoft continues to make a large push into cloud computing. This time, the company bought Pittsburgh-based hybrid storage tech company Avere System to beef up Azure.

Business Tech January 4, 2018

Microsoft Sees Strong Earnings This Quarter Thanks To The Cloud

This quarter has turned out to be a good one for Microsoft. The company's cloud and productivity divisions saw strong growth even though its personal computing departments were pulled down by lagging phone sales.

Microsoft July 21, 2017

Backup And Sync From Google Desktop Tool Now Available To Windows, Mac Users

Users may now finally download Google’s handy Backup and Sync tool, which puts folders up in the cloud for easy access. The tool is now available for both Mac and Windows owners.

Apps/Software July 13, 2017

Amazon Will No Longer Offer Unlimited Cloud Storage For Amazon Drive

Amazon has been one of the only companies to offer unlimited cloud storage, making it one of the most appealing storage plans available. It seems that won't be the case going forward as Amazon is ending unlimited cloud storage with Amazon Drive.

Internet June 8, 2017

New Google Drive Features To Help Teams Migrate Massive Files To Google Cloud

Google has expanded Google Drive’s functionality by adding new features to help enterprises set up and manage team drives through its cloud storage.

Google March 10, 2017

CloudPets Toys Expose 2 Million Messages Due To Unsecured Server, Hackers Held Data For Ransom

Hackers successfully accessed and deleted CloudPets user information before asking for ransom to restore the files. The data was reportedly stored in an unsecure server, exposing millions of children's messages.

Security February 28, 2017

What's Ahead For The World Of Technology In 2017?

So many technological advancements are expected to hit the market in the coming year. Take a look at five of the most highly anticipated newsmakers of the tech industry in 2017.

December 31, 2016

Plex Adds Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive And Dropbox Support To Plex Cloud: Here's How To Set Things Up

Plex Cloud now supports Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and Dropbox, adding more cloud storage providers in the mix aside from Amazon Cloud Drive.

Apps/Software December 5, 2016

Dropbox Beefing Up iOS App With Big Update: PDF Signing, iMessage Sharing, iPad Split-Screen Support And More

Dropbox has released an update for iOS, bringing five new features for the cloud storage and productivity tool app. PDF signing, iMessage file sharing and lock screen access are just some of the new features included in the update.

Apps/Software October 12, 2016

Artificial Intelligence And Deep Learning Will Transform Microsoft, Says CEO Satya Nadella

Microsoft’s leader, Satya Nadella, detailed how the machine learning and artificial intelligence deployed in the company’s products will shape the future. From the cloud to augmented reality, Microsoft said it will put AI to work.

Microsoft September 27, 2016

Plex Cloud Taps Amazon Drive To Ditch Your Home Media Server: Unlimited Storage, Nothing To Install [Video]

Plex has tapped into Amazon Drive to offer unlimited storage and more convenience to users through its new Plex Cloud service. Here's the deal.

Business Tech September 26, 2016

Google Collaborates With Box: Big Move To Rule The Cloud?

Google has partnered with online storage service provider Box Inc. to enable the latter's users to integrate Google Docs. The deal between the two presents Box with a valuable opportunity to widen its suite of apps.

Google September 9, 2016

Apple Unveils 2 TB iCloud Storage Option For $19.99 A Month Ahead Of iPhone 7 Reveal

Apple is rolling out a new 2 TB iCloud storage option for $19.99 a month before the iPhone 7 launch. In a word, this competitively priced plan is more or less in preparation for the upcoming flagship.

Apple August 31, 2016

Dropbox Urges Users To Change Their Passwords

Dropbox users who haven't updated their passwords since the middle of 2012 are being asked to update as soon as possible. The company is taking a preventive measure to make sure hackers will never have the chance to take advantage of what could be compromised accounts.

Internet August 26, 2016

Das Keyboard Goes To Kickstarter, Unwraps Cloud-Connected Keyboard

Das Keyboard is launching a new mechanical keyboard, dubbed the 5Q, which features a standalone cloud-connection technology. The company, however, needs help funding the final stages of the project and has taken to Kickstarter to call for interested backers.

Computers July 2, 2016

New Dropbox Features Make Life Easier For Its 500M Users: Document Scanning, New Sharing Features And Other Productivity Tools

Dropbox will be rolling out a slew of handy features targeting office collaboration and productivity. These include integrations with Microsoft Office applications, document scanning using smartphones, an easily accessible document history log and much more!

Apps/Software June 23, 2016

Amazon Cloud Drive Offers Free Unlimited Cloud Storage For Three Months On Mobile

Amazon recently unveiled that its Cloud Drive service will be available to mobile users for no charge over a three-month period. Both Android and iOS users can now see what having unlimited cloud storage space feels like.

Apps/Software June 22, 2016

Samsung Dives Deeper Into Big Data And The Cloud With Joyent Acquisition: Why This Matters

Samsung recently bought Joyent, and the two companies will join forces to provide the OEM with the cloud storage technologies that it could not build on its own.

Computers June 16, 2016

Dropbox Education Goes To School, Provides Cloud Services To Colleges And Universities

Dropbox launches Dropbox Education, which will help educational establishments in easily collaborating files. Dropbox Education will cost $12.50 per month, per user with a storage limit of 15 GB per user.

Apps/Software May 11, 2016

Nextbit Robin Cloud Smartphone Hits Amazon With $100 Price Cut In Tow: Available Now At $299

Amazon officially started selling the Nextbit Robin cloud-first smartphone, and it's celebrating the availability with a neat $100 price cut. For a limited time, the handset costs just $299 on Amazon.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech May 4, 2016

Off To The Clouds: A Tale Of A Late Nextbit Robin Killed By The Latest Software Update

Nextbit recently rolled out a strong update package for its Robin smartphone. The Cloud supported handset got an improved camera and optimized processes, but some users reported overheating issues with deadly consequences.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech April 29, 2016

Dropbox Project Infinite Wants To Revolutionize How You Access Cloud-Based Files: Here's The Deal

Dropbox took an important step toward fixing one of the main problems of handling cloud storage. The company previewed Project Infinite, a way for business users to get folder system integration on Windows or Mac.

Apps/Software April 26, 2016

Dropbox Breaks Free From Amazon Cloud, Moving To Its Own Super Servers Infrastructure

Dropbox announced it is now storing and serving more than 90 percent of its users’ data on a custom-built infrastructure. The move came following the continuing growth in the number of its users and customers.

Internet March 16, 2016

Google Scores A Big Win For Its Cloud Business As Spotify Signs Up As Its Latest Client

Spotify is Google's latest client, choosing the Cloud Platform over the likes of Amazon Web Services and Microsoft's Azure Cloud Services. According to the music streaming company, it's because of its good experience with Google's data platform and tools.

Business February 24, 2016

Google Drive Update Makes It Easier To Organize Your Files

Google wants to help consumers make sense of Drive's clutter. The latest update for the cloud storage service brings three new tools to make cleaning up Drive easier.

Apps/Software January 15, 2016

Amazon Offers Unlimited Cloud Storage For $5 Per Year: How This Compares To OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive And More

Amazon is offering a massive discount on Cloud Drive subscription fee. Customers can pay $5 for one year and get unlimited cloud storage for a year.

Internet November 30, 2015

Unlimited No More: Microsoft Sets Limits To OneDrive Storage Of Office 365 Users

Just over a year ago, Microsoft decided to provide Office 365 subscribers with unlimited OneDrive storage. The company is now taking back the decision, with Microsoft citing the reason of abusive users for the changes.

Apps/Software November 3, 2015

Boston Startup ClearSky Data Receives $27 Million Funding

ClearSky Data, a Boston-based startup, raised $27 million in Series B funding. Investors aided in the rounding to help the global network storage firm reach its ambitious goals.

Money November 3, 2015

This Pocket-Sized Computer Takes The Focus Off Apps And Puts It On Projects

Meet Solu, a pocket-sized computer that wants to change the way people interact with computers. It's linked the cloud and is structured around projects, not apps.

Computers November 2, 2015

Nextbit's Robin Now Up For Preorders: $399 For The Cloud-Based Smartphone

The Robin smartphone from Nextbit is now available for preorder at a starting price of $399. With ‘mint’ and ‘midnight’ as the color options to choose from, the device is scheduled to ship in the first quarter of 2016.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech October 23, 2015

Adobe And Dropbox Team Up To Simplify PDF Editing From The Cloud

Dropbox has teamed up with Adobe to simplify PDF editing from the cloud, offering some neat functionality. The company also promised deeper mobile integrations, with iOS set to get the treat in the coming months and Android set to follow next year.

Apps/Software October 14, 2015

WhatsApp Users On Android Will Now Be Able To Back Up Everything On Google Drive

WhatsApp users will now be able to back up their chat history, photos, video and other content in Google Drive using their Android devices. The new integration feature is rolling out in the next couple of months.

Apps/Software October 8, 2015

Tech Real Estate: Google Cloud Platform Opens A New Data Center In South Carolina

Google opens an East Coast Cloud Data Center in in South Carolina. Services such as Google Cloud Storage, Google Compute Engine, and Google Cloud SQL will be available in the new facility. App Engine is on the way.

Business October 3, 2015

Interview: CEO Talks TVibes App, Your Personal TV Channel In The Cloud

TVibes is the iOS app that lets users store, share and watch near live videos in one platform.

Apps/Software October 2, 2015

PS4 System Update 3.0 Is Coming Sept. 30, Here Is What's New

Check out all the new features coming to the PS4 in update 3.0.

Geek September 29, 2015

Xbox 360 System Update Doubles Cloud Space To 2GB

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 recently got a system update that not only offers users with a bunch of new features but also highlights an increase in the free cloud storage which now reaches up to 2GB.

Video Games September 25, 2015

Google Says Google Drive Now Has 1 Million Customers, Improves Security To Get More

As Google Drive attracts more paying customers, Google rolls out new enhanced security features to lure more businesses and organizations to its service.

Internet September 24, 2015

Apple Drops iCloud Prices By Half, Now Offers 1TB Cloud Storage For $9.99 A Month

Apple has reduced the pricing for its iCloud storage and will now offer 1TB of storage for $9.99 per month instead of $19.99.

Internet September 10, 2015

IBM Teams Up With ARM To Develop Deeper Internet Of Things Integration

For those having Skynet-fueled nightmares, read no further! IBM and ARM are joining forces to create the world’s best cloud service for Internet of Things.

Deals September 8, 2015

Nextbit's Robin Cloud-Based Smartphone Hits Kickstarter Goal On First Day

The 30-day goal of the Kickstarter campaign for Nextbit's Robin cloud-based smartphone was reached in less than half a day, raising over $500,000.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech September 3, 2015

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