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Comcast xFi Advanced Gateway Modem Hits The Market, Shooting For Gigabit Speeds Over Wi-Fi

Comcast's xFi Advanced Gateway is now available nationwide in all markets where Xfinity broadband is available. The xFi Advanced Gateway promises power and simplicity, aiming to deliver Gigabit speeds over Wi-Fi.

Internet December 6, 2017

Massive Internet Outage Hits Major US Cities Affecting Comcast Xfinity Users

Most Comcast Xfinity internet subscribers in major U.S. cities suffered from outages on Nov. 6, reporting either slow or no connections at all. Comcast confirmed the issue rooted from a configuration error and says it’s now fixed.

Internet November 7, 2017

Comcast Sends Cease And Desist Letter To Pro-Net Neutrality Group Over Website Name

The net neutrality debate has led to some contentious battles in the last few years. The latest sees Comcast taking on an internet advocacy group because of its website's domain name, which Comcast says is similar to its trademark.

Internet May 24, 2017

Comcast Launches Xfinity xFi Cloud-Based Gateway: Smart Wi-Fi For The Smart Home, Now Easier To Manage

Comcast launched a new cloud-based gateway called Xfinity xFi, aiming to simplify home network management and deliver smarter Wi-Fi. With xFi, getting started is as easy as downloading an app.

Gadgets May 8, 2017

Comcast Prepares Wireless Phone Service: Unlimited Plans To Cost $45 Or $65, Exclusive To Comcast Subscribers

Comcast has just unveiled Xfinity Mobile, it’s official entry into the competitive wireless phone service market. Its unlimited data plans, while not too bad, have a few caveats.

Internet April 6, 2017

Comcast Clears The Air Over Sale Of Customers' Browsing History

Comcast has cleared the air over the controversy surrounding sale of customers' browsing histories. The company affirmed it would not share sensitive web data without opt-in consent from consumers.

Internet April 1, 2017

Comcast Planning Major Expansion Of Its Streaming TV Services

Comcast intends to expand its reach and could launch a new service called Xfinity Instant TV for its subscribers. Xfinity Instant TV is reportedly targeted at those unwilling to subscribe to Comcast's traditional cable TV plans.

Internet March 28, 2017

Comcast Integrates YouTube Into Xfinity X1 Set-Top Box: Why It's Better Than Having YouTube As A Stand-Alone App

Comcast and Google teamed up for a neat YouTube integration on the Xfinity X1 set-top box, and not just as a stand-alone app. Starting later this year, YouTube content will be more easily accessible, including via the X1 voice remote, and will integrate similarly to Netflix.

Internet February 27, 2017

All Xfinity TV Subscribers To Get Comcast’s New Xfinity Stream App On Feb. 28

Comcast has given its Xfinity TV app replacement a release schedule. The new Xfinity Stream app will roll out Feb. 28 as a free download for all Xfinity TV subscribers.

Apps/Software February 15, 2017

Comcast Can No Longer Claim It Delivers 'America's Fastest Internet'

Cable company Comcast can no longer claim that it offers the fastest Internet in America per a ruling by the NARB. The regulatory body has asked Comcast to stop false advertising and misleading customers.

Internet February 9, 2017

Comcast To Start Testing Xfinity TV Beta App For Roku: Free For Now, Monthly Charge Later

Comcast has now opened up the Xfinity TV beta app to owners of Roku streaming devices for testing. The test run is free to use now, but additional outlet charges are on the cards when the service officially launches.

Apps/Software January 31, 2017

Verizon Could Buy Comcast Valued At $173 Billion

Verizon is rumored to be contemplating the acquisition of cable company Comcast, which is valued at $173 billion. This acquisition may aid Verizon in expanding its reach in the wireless space.

Business Tech January 19, 2017

CES 2017 Highlights: Comcast Plans To Turn 15 Million Homes Into 'Digital Homes'

Comcast has announced a new 'Digital Home' solution at CES 2017, aiming to connect 15 million homes by the end of the year. The Advanced Wireless Gateway promises an easy and secure connection to manage all connected devices, so here's the deal.

Smart Home January 5, 2017

Comcast Set To Launch Dish’s Sling TV Bundles On Xfinity X1 Platform, But Why?

Comcast is set to launch DISH TV’s Sling bundles on its X1 platform. The move seems strange at first, but Comcast has a very specific reason for having initiated the new partnership.

Business Tech November 25, 2016

Netflix Coming to Comcast X1 Platform With Free One Month Trial Starting This Week

Netflix is set to appear on the set top boxes of millions of Comcast customers this week. The two companies have joined forces to provide Netflix programming directly via Comcast’s X1 platform, and are offering customers a one-month free trial of the service.

Internet November 8, 2016

Comcast Shares Drop Despite Subscriber Increase, AT&T New $35 DirecTV Now Bundle Worries Investors

Comcast just released a stellar earnings report with a healthy jump in subscriber numbers. Share prices of the company still dropped, however, on investor concerns about competition from AT&T’s newly announced $35 DirecTV Now bundle.

Business Tech October 29, 2016

Comcast's 1 TB Data Cap To Reach 18 More Locations At The Beginning Of November

Comcast is expanding its Xfinity Terabyte Internet Data Usage Plan to 18 more locations within the U.S. starting November 1. This is in addition to the 16 areas that already benefit from the increased data cap.

Internet October 8, 2016

Google Gigabit Internet Can Finally Roll Out In Nashville Following Final Approval Of Metro Council

Google registered another victory in Nashville, where the Metro Council gave a voice vote for the passing of a new law that would allow for the quick deployment of Google Fiber on its utility poles. AT&T and Comcast are displeased with the law, and might attack it in court.

Google September 21, 2016

Comcast Set To Launch Mobile Phone Network In 2017

Comcast says that it will launch its own wireless mobile phone network by mid-2017. The service will function like Google's Project Fi and will leverage Comcast's 15 million Wi-Fi hotspots, as well as Verizon's network.

Business Tech September 21, 2016

Comcast Gigabit Internet Service Trial Kicks Off In Chicago, But It Costs Double The Usual Price

Comcast gigabit internet service rolls out in Chicago on a trial basis, but compared with the ones that launched in Atlanta and Nashville, it's two times more expensive.

Internet August 19, 2016

Comcast Credit Checks, Misleading Service Protection Plans Spark Lawsuit: Washington State Sues For $100 Million

The Washington State announced taking Comcast to court, alleging that the enterprise is misleading and overcharging its customers. Should the company lose, it will have to shell out more than $100 million in compensation fees.

Business Tech August 2, 2016

AT&T Raising U-Verse Data Caps To 1TB, Adding New Unlimited Data Option For GigaPower

AT&T announced that it plans to raise the data cap for U-verse users of its 1 Gbps subscription. The upgrade aligns the company with other rival carriers that showered their clients with higher traffic.

Internet July 30, 2016

Here's Why The Comcast-Netflix Partnership Is A Win-Win Deal For Everyone

Archnemesis Comcast and Netflix have struck a deal: Netflix will soon receive native support on the Xfinity set-top boxes. The partnership shows a classic case of symbiosis in a highly competitive market.

Business Tech July 5, 2016

Hillary Clinton Wants High-Speed Broadband Internet For Everyone In US By 2020

Hillary Clinton has set ambitious goals for the United States. She aims to have broadband internet speeds in all 50 American states, but that might be a tall order based on a report on the country's connection speeds.

Internet July 2, 2016

Comcast And Charter Pledge To Improve Customer Service In Senate Hearings

Cable and internet service provider companies Comcast and Charter appeared in front of the Senate to explain exactly how they are addressing their poor customer service performance. Executives from the companies cited new programs aimed at eliminating some of the most-cited issues, such as overcharging, uninformed agents, confusing pricing and overly-aggressive retention agents.

Internet June 28, 2016

Comcast Rolls Out Gigabit Internet Service To Nashville: Here's The Deal

Comcast announced that its Gigabit Internet service will soon be live in Nashville. Residents of the city can opt between a few payment plans, and they all come with dazzling broadband speeds and high data caps.

Internet June 7, 2016

‘DreamWorks Will Absolutely Continue To Make Animated Films’: Comcast Tries To Calm Nerves Over Acquisition Deal

Brian Roberts and other Comcast execs are doing their best to allay fears associated with the company acquiring DreamWorks Animation, holding a meeting to talk directly with the animation studio’s employees.

Business Tech May 5, 2016

Comcast Increases Internet Data Limits: Caps Go From 300 GB To 1 TB

Comcast plans to increase the 300 GB monthly data cap in trial markets to 1 TB, aiming to give subscribers 'peace of mind' to do what they want online.

Internet April 28, 2016

Comcast TV Available Without Set-Top Box Thanks To App Coming To Samsung TVs And Roku Devices

Comcast has launched its new Xfinity app that will head to Roku devices and Samsung Smart TVs without set-top box. This is part of the company’s effort to give subscribers a new way to enjoy their Xfinity TV cable service.

Apps/Software April 21, 2016

You Can Now Buy Comcast Internet, TV And Phone Bundles Via Amazon

Comcast service bundles are now available on Amazon. A complete customer service for Comcast patrons is now up on the online shopping site.

Internet March 22, 2016

Comcast Brings Gigabit Internet To Atlanta: $70 A Month For Three Years Without Data Cap

Comcast is rolling out Gigabit Internet to Atlanta at a promotional price of $70 per month on a three-year contract. Customers can choose to avail the service without being tied to a contract, but there's a catch.

Internet March 16, 2016

Comcast Acquires OneTwoSee Sports Technology And Data Company To Boost Sports-Watching Experience

Comcast lately purchased OneTwoSee, the provider of real-time sports-information in graphical form. OneTwoSee, which covers sports ranging from baseball to hockey and from basketball to professional soccer, will give an edge to Comcast’s X1 cable box.

Deals March 9, 2016

Comcast Announces Gigabit Internet Service For Five New Cities

Comcast will be launching its Gigabit Internet service in five cities this year. The service will provide Internet speeds of 1,000 Mbps to customers, which would allow for an HD movie to be downloaded in just 7 seconds.

Internet February 3, 2016

Slow Internet Speed? This Frustrated Comcast Customer Comes Up With Raspberry Pi Tweet Bot To Deal With Issue

A frustrated Comcast subscriber has developed a Raspberry Pi tweet bot that can send tweets to Comcast when Internet speed is slower than advertised. The subscriber has also revealed the source code of the bot for others to try.

Internet February 1, 2016

T-Mobile, AT&T, And Comcast Being Questioned About Freebie Streaming

The FCC wants to set up an informal review about the streaming services internet service providers do not count towards subsciber data caps to determine if companies are violating Net Neutrality rules. The companies in question agree to provide information.

Business December 19, 2015

Comcast Customer Wrongfully Slapped With Huge Data Bill Over A Typo

A typo in Comcast’s records led to a huge misunderstanding between the broadband carrier and one of its captive subscribers. The cable company accused a man of stretching over his data plan, but he unveiled the truth.

Internet December 19, 2015

FCC To Take A Closer Look At Data Cap Exemption Programs

Figuring out how some data is exempt and some isn't seems like a good idea.

Business December 18, 2015

Google, Microsoft, Comcast Gang Up On Verizon Over New LTE-U Technology That Could Ruin Wi-Fi

Verizon has plans to roll out LTE-U, but Google, Microsoft and Comcast all oppose the technology, saying that it can disrupt existing Wi-Fi systems. The FCC leaves the companies to sort things out themselves, but the organization says that it'll 'step in' if necessary.

Business December 8, 2015

Comcast To Show 'The Wiz Live!' With Video Description Track For The Visually Impaired

Comcast will be including a video description track to the 'The Wiz Live!' when it airs on NBC on Dec. 3. The track will let people with visual impairments know when something happens that could not be picked up from the dialogue.

Business December 2, 2015

Movie Studios To Interrogate Suspects Who Streamed Movies With Popcorn Time

Movie studios are targeting free streaming Popcorn Time users in a deposition that will help them identify film pirates. A particular focus is placed on subscribers who allegedly pirated the Adam Sandler film ‘The Cobbler.’

Legal November 23, 2015

Comcast Brings Stream TV Service Without Data Caps To Chicago

Comcast has extended its Stream TV service to Chicago without data caps, and the company intends to roll out the service on its entire cable territory by early 2016.

Internet November 20, 2015

Hulu In Talks With Time Warner Cable To Sell Stake

Time Warner may buy 25 percent of Hulu's stake. Currently, Hulu is jointly owned by Walt Disney, Comcast and 21st Century Fox, who have equal stakes in the company.

Business November 14, 2015

Comcast Resets 200,000 Passwords: No Data Breach But What To Do If You're A Victim Of One

Comcast has reset password of 200,000 accounts that were exposed to hackers. Here is what to do if you think you are a victim of the latest data leak.

Internet November 11, 2015

Comcast Support To Escalate 300 GB Data Caps, Net Neutrality Or Netflix Questions To Special CSA Team

Comcast’s leaked documents made its clients wonder what the company is thinking. The customer support service received clear instructions how to handle questions regarding the controversial 300 GB data cap, net neutrality and other touchy subjects.

Internet November 10, 2015

More Than Half A Million Comcast Customer Emails On Sale On The Dark Web For $1,000: Comcast Denies Breach, Blames Customers

Over the weekend, a list containing 590,000 Comcast subcriber account credentials was listed for $1,000 at a trading portal on the Dark Web. Comcast quickly denied breaches of its network and stated that only 200,000 of the accounts are active.

Internet November 10, 2015

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