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New Drug Improves Empathy And Social Skills In People With Autism

Scientists found that a new medication may improve social skills of patients with autism. Two new studies showed that targeting vasopressin is a safe and effective way to enhance empathy, communication, and adaptive behaviors for both adult and pediatric patients.

Medicine May 2, 2019

Animals Talk To Each Other And Take Turns During Conversation

Just like humans, other species, which include birds and dolphins, take turns during a conversation. Timing is a key aspect of turn-taking communication in the animal kingdom. Animals follow “overlap avoidance.”

Animals June 6, 2018

Eyebrows Evolved To Help Humans Convey Emotions, Empathize With Others

Smaller and mobile brows allowed humans to express subtle emotions. Brows capable of a range of movements also play an important role in social communication, which helped humans form networks and survive.

Feature | Science April 11, 2018

Pet Translator: Scientist Developing Device To Convert Dog Barks Into English Language

An AI algorithm can convert the vocalizations of prairie dogs into English. Now, animal behavior expert Con Slobodchikoff is working on a pet translator that can translate a dog's barks into human language. When will this device become available?

Animals January 15, 2018

ESA Calls For Sustainable Future In Space, Cites Growing Problem Of Orbital Debris

The European Space Agency (ESA) has raised concerns over the alarming rise of space debris. The junk scenario is posing a serious threat to many active satellites and other assets.

Space April 23, 2017

‘Baby Talk’ In Marmoset Monkeys Highlight Role Of Parents In Developing Vocalizations, Says Study

New research conducted on marmoset monkeys suggests that feedback from parents has a crucial role in the way babies develop vocalizations and acquire linguistic capacities.

Animals January 21, 2017

Twilio And T-Mobile Team Up For Programmable SIMs: Here's The Deal

Twilio and T-Mobile partnered up to bring Twilio Programmable Wireless into the tech world. The platform features API driven cellular connectivity, full Twilio stack and self-service, and is aimed at coders and businesses.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech May 25, 2016

Great Apes Use Cooperative Communication Just Like Humans

Great apes were found to use cooperative communication just like humans. Bonobos and chimpanzees particularly use gestures and turn-taking behaviors to communicate with one another.

Animals May 25, 2016

Autistic Teen Writes Touching Letter About Autism

Sixteen-year-old Gordy Baylinson, a teen with autism spectrum disorder, wrote a nearly 400-word letter to a police officer using a controversial communication technique called Rapid Prompting Method.

Viral May 23, 2016

Your Cat Can Finally Talk Back In A Human Voice With Temptations' 3D-Printed Collar

Temptations Lab developed a 3D-printed collar that gives your cat the ability to talk back by translating meows to English.

Wearable Tech May 13, 2016

Wolf Species Have More Than 2,000 Distinct Howling 'Dialects'

Wolf species, including North-western wolves, apparently have distinct howling dialects that correspond to each kind. Researchers believe this could help understand the evolution of our own language systems.

Earth/Environment February 9, 2016

France's Prime Minister Says The Country Will Not Block Tor Or Public Wi-Fi

Despite the Nov. 13 terrorist attacks in Paris, French prime minister Maurice Valls has denied that the country will cease providing public Wi-Fi or Tor, despite the hypothetical threats both services could pose.

Society December 11, 2015

Chimpanzees Get Video Conferencing Equipment For Online Communication Experiment

Researchers will provide video conference equipment to chimpanzee groups from various parts of the world to see how they adapt social technology. Supported by singer-songwriter Peter Gabriel, the study will compare the animals' online communication tactics to humans' current techniques.

December 7, 2015

Expressing Your Love Online? Email And Social Media Can Influence Romance

Scientists have conducted an experiment among college-age students to compare the effects of expressing love through email and voicemail. Contrary to popular thought, voicemail is not as intimate as email.

September 10, 2015

Twitter Gives 'Voice' To People With Speech Disabilities

The character limit on Twitter can make expressing one's thought difficult but this can be helpful for individuals with communication abilities who have long known how to make every word count.

Life August 24, 2015

Ever Thought Of Calling The ISS? If You Have A Radio, Here's How

Calling the International Space Station is actually a usual possibility on Earth. The process, however, entails more than just finding the right radio signal to contact an astronaut.

Space August 18, 2015

Crocodiles And Other Reptiles Also Sing To Communicate

Reptiles like crocodiles and alligators can use resonance as a means to relay their size, research has found, offering more insight into how animals communicate as a whole.

August 13, 2015

Bonobos Observed Communicating Like Human Babies: What Makes Human Language Unique?

Bonobos are closely related to humans so it’s no wonder similarities in how the two communicate exist. Linguists, however, argue that human language remains unique.

August 5, 2015

Bonobos Speak And Squeak Like Human Babies, But Is It Communication?

Human babies just a few months old are capable of carrying out communication by a means thought to be uniquely human. Now, bonobos have been heard doing the same thing.

August 4, 2015

Babbler Birds Don't Just Babble: They Communicate Like Humans

Babblers carry out communication by utilizing sounds in specific orders, new research reveals. What can this tell us about other species, including our own?

June 30, 2015

Gibbons' Whispers May Hold Clue To Evolution Of Speech

Researchers have found that gibbons use over 450 distinct sounds to communicate with their fellow gibbons. The discovery could offer the best chance at understanding the evolution of human communication.

Earth/Environment April 8, 2015

Happy Language? Happiest Language? Check Them Out

Researchers conducting an investigation of the Pollyanna hypothesis have found that some languages tend to be more positive and happier compared with others. Here are the ten languages ranked according to their linguistic happiness.

February 12, 2015

Facebook at Work Launched Because We Can't Live Without It

Facebook at Work, a smartphone app that will be hitting both Google Play and Apple's App Store today, will function as a collaboration tool that will allow office colleagues to communicate with each other through a mobile app or a web interface.

Apps/Software January 15, 2015

Stone Age Butchery Tools Influenced Language Evolution More Than You Think

Our human ancestors developed a primitive way of communicating with each other so they could teach the skill of stone tool-making. This paved the way for the advent of language, teaching and learning.

Animals January 15, 2015

White-Handed Gibbons Communicate the Same Way as Early Human Ancestors

Two researchers have found that white-handed gibbons used distinct sounds that convey specific meanings and scientists think this is likely the way human ancestors communicate by song 1.8 million years ago.

Animals January 13, 2015

Is X-Ray the Future of Communication and Navigation in Space?

The Nicer/Sextant mission, launching in 2016, will study neutron stars, and also test a new method of navigating through space - using pulsars!

Space November 20, 2014

Telepathy-like brain-to-brain communication achieved across 5000 miles: What does it mean?

A group of researchers proved that brain-to-brain communication of thoughts is possible in an experiment that could pave way to technologically-enabled telepathy and significantly change the way people communicate with each other.

Life September 8, 2014

Brain-to-brain communication achieved for the first time

An international team of scientists create a new form of telepathy by successfully transmitting messages from one human brain to another, with the two brains being 5,000 miles apart.

Internet Culture September 5, 2014

Plants may communicate to each other through their own language

Scientists discovered that plants may have their own language at a genetic level that allows parasitic plants to communicate with and hack into the plants that they're invading before sucking them dry.

Internet Culture August 15, 2014

Musical training bolsters learning, academic process in young and older students

New research reveals playing an instrument and singing while attending school can boost everything from memory to cognitive thinking. It can have an impact on young students' brains as well as college students' brains.

Life August 9, 2014

Common web language develops into Internet dialects

PBS Ideal Channel explores the idea of Internet dialects in different virtual communities. When it comes to web language, common ways of writing causes site-specific dialects.

Internet Culture August 8, 2014

The worst way to break a relationship is silently

Communication creates stronger romantic bonds, but a review of research found the deadliest couple killer. Withdrawing from your partner is the kiss of relationship death.

Internet Culture August 8, 2014

Horses' eyes and ears hold the secrets to communication

New evidence suggests that horses use their swiveling ears not just to hear, but also to communicate and indicate direction to other horses.

Animals August 7, 2014

Horse communication utilizes ears, eyes, study reveals

Horses use their eyes and ears as important tools in communication, a new study shows

August 7, 2014

Toyota makes scolding unruly kids while driving a lot easier

For parents who have unruly children Toyota has a solution. Driver Easy Speak is a microphone dedicated to communicating with those in the back of a Sienna 2015 without causing a driver to take their eyes off the road.

FUTURE TECH July 21, 2014

Yo! Yo's been hacked, is your account safe?

Only days after the Yo app skyrocketed to the top of app charts, it appears a security flaw has been discovered. Students uncovered it and the creators are scrambling to fix it.

Apps/Software June 20, 2014

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