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Fugitive Jose Simms Makes Deal With Police To Turn Self In If Wanted Poster Gets 15K Likes On Facebook

Police in Connecticut are searching for a fugitive who made a deal to turn himself in if his wanted poster gets 15,000 likes on Facebook. The deal was reached, but the suspect is still on the run.

Viral May 24, 2019

Suburban Mom Who Robbed 12 Homes Blames PTSD For Two-Day Crime Spree

A stay-at-home mom from Ohio was found guilty of stealing packages from 12 different homes. The woman claimed to have been suffering PTSD and that stealing the packages brought excitement to her life.

Public Health July 3, 2018

DNA Evidence Helps Solve 31-Year-Old Double Murder Case: How Does Genetic Sleuthing Work?

A cold case was finally solved when investigators used a public genealogy database to track down the person responsible for double murder in 1987. Could this method also result in privacy breaches?

Feature | Science May 25, 2018

Sleepy Teens 4.5 Times More Likely To Commit Criminal Offenses As Adults

A study has found that teenage boys who feel drowsy in the afternoon tend to be antisocial. They also have higher odds of committing crime by the time they become adults.

Public Health February 23, 2017

‘Dateline’ Takes On ‘Making A Murderer’ Case Again With New Interviews That Deny Investigators Involvement

‘Dateline’ will air a new special that includes new developments in the cases that were the focus on the Netflix series ‘Making a Murderer’ this Friday

Movies/TV Shows February 14, 2017

Study Results Are 'Very Clear': There's No Link Between Immigration And Crime

According to a study, having a lot of immigrants doesn’t equate to increased levels of crime. The research results are relevant as the Trump administration recently issued an executive order banning nationals from seven countries.

Life & Style February 14, 2017

When DNA Fails, A Single Strand Of Hair May Save The Day

A new research indicated that proteins are better than DNA in identifying human remains. The new hair analysis claimed that even a single strand of hair can make a difference in crime detection.

Material Science September 8, 2016

What's Really Going On Between Olympic Swimmer Ryan Lochte And The Brazilian Government?

Inconsistencies in the statements of Olympic swimmers Ryan Lochte and James Feigen about an alleged armed robbery on Sunday have raised questions about the veracity of their claims. Two of their teammates, Gunnar Bentz and Jack Conger, were prevented by Brazilian authorities from flying out of Rio in connection with the incident.

Life & Style August 18, 2016

Olympic Medalist Ryan Lochte And 3 Other US Swimmers Robbed At Gunpoint In Rio

U.S. Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte and three teammates were robbed at gunpoint by thieves who posed as police in Rio. All four athletes are now safe and cooperating with investigators, Olympic officials said.

Life & Style August 15, 2016

DNA Analysis To Help Investigate Mysterious Shark Head In Newport Beach

Officials in California will use DNA analysis to investigate the mystery behind the decapitated shark head allegedly found in Newport Beach. The photo of the shark head went viral online.

Animals May 14, 2016

New Lipstick Analysis Technique May Help Police Track Down Criminals

Scientists developed a new lipstick analysis method that can help track down suspects by identifying the brand of smears found at crime scenes. This new technique can effectively lift lipstick residues from various surfaces and use gas chromatography to analyze the samples.

March 16, 2016

Why A Former Treasury Secretary Wants To Kill The $100 Bill

Former treasury secretary and presidential economic adviser Larry Summers said that the U.S. government should consider removing paper currencies with large denominations, such as the $100 bill. Here's his reason why governments should go after 'big money.'

Business February 17, 2016

Tokyo Police Will Start Taking 3D Mugshots To Help Catch Criminals At All Angles

Tokyo's Metropolitan Police Department will start taking 3D mugshot of its suspects in custody and store them in a database to make arrests more quickly in the future.

FUTURE TECH January 25, 2016

6 True Crime Documentaries To Stream On Netflix After Watching 'Making A Murderer'

These true crime documentaries are dying to be streamed on Netflix after finishing 'Making a Murderer.'

Internet Culture January 12, 2016

Texas Police Finds Possible Remains Of Girl Missing For 25 Years

Exactly 25 years after her disappearance, then 15-year-old Rosemary Diaz’s remains were found in a shallow grave in Matagorda County, Texas police reported. Family members of the alleged suspect reached out to investigators to assist the case.

Society November 27, 2015

Introducing GreenDispenser, A Money-Stealing Malware That Liquidates ATMs

A global cyber security firm has detected a malware called GreenDispenser that, with help from an inside man and a texting device, can help liquidate ATMs with little warning — and it's spreading.

Apps/Software October 6, 2015

iPhone And Other Electronics Thefts Top NYC Subway Crime

Electronics theft is now the top subway crime in NYC. Theft of electronic devices on the system has increased to over five times what it was in 2009.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech September 23, 2015

Heart Rate In Teen Boys May Foreshadow Violent Adult Behavior

Teens and adolescents with low resting heart rates may be more prone to violent behavior in adulthood, a study suggests. The risk of violence is 39 percent higher in those with the lowest heart rate, researchers say.

Life September 11, 2015

World's Worst Roommate Caught On Camera: Watch What She Does

A student from the University of South Carolina was caught on camera spitting and spraying her roommates' food with Windex.

Internet Culture May 5, 2015

$4.8 Million: Amount Of Gold Stolen In Armored Truck Heist In North Carolina

Armed robbers hijacked an armored truck parked alongside Interstate 95, and went away with 275 pounds of gold bars. The loot was estimated to be worth more than $4 million.

Society March 3, 2015

What Will 'Serial' Season 2 Be About? Host Sarah Koenig Wants Your Ideas

Season 2 of the hit podcast 'Serial' is happening, but host Sarah Koenig says it doesn't have a story yet. That's where you come in.

Movies/TV Shows January 29, 2015

Close Your Eyes for Better Memory Recall

Closing your eyes can help you remember things, a new study shows. This works for both audial and visual information.

Life January 18, 2015

Actor Allegedly Skins And Eats Ex-Girlfriend's Pet Rabbit; Insists It's All A Misunderstanding

Angry boyfriend skins and eats your rabbit -- scary. Man then says he will do the same to you? Better call the police.

Movies/TV Shows December 12, 2014

New York City Allocates $130 Million to Improve Services for Mentally Ill Inmates

New York City’s reformation plan aims to treat mentally ill offenders better, keeping them out of jail where they can hurt and be hurt themselves.

Society December 2, 2014

Citigroup Banker Shawn Miller Found Dead, Throat Slashed: Murder or Suicide?

Shawn Miller, managing director of environmental and social risk management at Citigroup, was found dead in his New York apartment with a laceration on his throat. Investigators initially suspected foul play, but evidence suggests the banker may have committed suicide.

Society November 20, 2014

Microsoft Hires Robots To Fight Crime In Silicon Valley

Microsoft has robot security guards protecting the Silicon Valley. The robots detect and prevent crime using high-tech equipment.

Geek November 20, 2014

Man Pushed in Front of Subway Train, Killed Instantly

Wai Kuen Kwok was killed when an unknown assailant pushed him in front of a speeding train. Can you help identify the killer?

Society November 17, 2014

$11 million: Amount Pennsylvania State Police Spent to Hunt Down Cop Killer Eric Frein

Pennsylvania State Police spent $11 million to track Eric Frein, a man who allegedly shot two Pennsylvania cops in September. Frein led police on a 48-day manhunt.

Society November 17, 2014

Trespasser trapped in wall of Marshalls for days finally removed

A man was freed on November 11 from a wall in a Marshalls department store. Police believe the man had been trapped in the wall for three days.

Society November 12, 2014

Heart of murdered 5-year old girl donated to save another child's life

A five-year-old girl, Laylah Peterson, was shot dead in her grandparents' home on Thursday evening. Laylah's heart will be donated to save the life of another child.

Life November 10, 2014

Abduction of Philadelphia woman caught on video. Authorities offer $10,000 reward for information [Video]

Police are offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the identification of the abductor of Carlesha Freeland-Gaither. The attack was captured on surveillance.

Internet Culture November 4, 2014

Regretful robber? California man returns cash (with apology) to gas station and surrenders himself

Cyle Warren Abbott Jr. robbed a gas station at about 6 a.m. and returned the undisclosed amount of cash three hours later. He said he wants to turn his life around and do the right thing.

Society October 28, 2014

Man joins Chicago marathon while being chased by police

File this one away in news that sounds too perfect to be true: a man fleeing from police joined a marathon in progress to lose his pursuers. No, he didn't get away.

Internet Culture October 15, 2014

Mom who tried to kill autistic daughter due for sentencing

Kelli Stapleton, 46, attempted to kill both herself and her autistic daughter in September 2013. There have been conflicting views on Stapleton, who allegedly only faked her suicide.

Society October 7, 2014

Police nab teen suspect in 23 arson cases in Washington state

A 16-year-old resident of Spokane Valley, Wash., has admitted guilt in 23 arson cases. The teen had recently moved to the city and was depressed as he did not have any friends.

Society October 2, 2014

Arkansas realtor Beverly Carter abducted and slain, found in shallow grave

Days after Arkansas realtor Beverly Carter had gone missing, her body was discovered in a makeshift grave 20 miles away from the house she was showing. The suspect identified as Aaron Lewis is charged with capital murder, kidnapping and illegal gun possession.

Society October 1, 2014

Mother of Oklahoma beheading suspect apologizes to families of victims in Facebook video

Alton Nolen allegedly killed one co-worker and injured another on Sept. 25. Joyce Nolen, his mother, apologizes to the families of the two victims in a video posted on Facebook.

Society September 30, 2014

Oklahoma food processing plant worker beheads woman: FBI probe ISIS nexus

The FBI is swooping in on an Oklahoma beheading incident where a recent Islamic convert was said to have severed the head of one of his former co-workers.

Society September 28, 2014

California woman crouches on roof to escape home intruder

Chilling images of a woman hiding on the roof were caught on camera. The woman tried to seek help using her phone as the intruder approached from behind.

Society September 27, 2014

Ex-FBI leader not too thrilled with Apple, Google smartphone encryption moves

iOS encryption would have cost a man his life if it had been in place during an investigation several years ago, says a former FBI head. He believes Google and Apple's new encryption protects the bad guys.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech September 23, 2014

Texas pastor sports a pistol, stops thief from stealing packages from porches

A Texas pastor was at the end of his rope when packages kept disappearing from his front porch. Determined to stop the neighborhood thief, he staked out his own home, gun in hand, to finally catch his 52-year-old neighbor in the act.

Internet Culture September 23, 2014

Former Phoenix Suns star Rex Chapman arrested for stealing $14,000 worth of Apple products by faking EasyPay

A former NBA basketball player was arrested yesterday for felony-level theft of Apple products. Rex Chapman was tied to a string of thefts using EasyPay to nab $14,000 worth of Apple's goods.

Society September 21, 2014

Siri tells murder suspect where he should hide his roommate's body

Florida teen accused of killing roommate asked Siri where he should hide the remains. The iPhone app gave several replies that were presented as evidence in Tuesday’s trial.

Internet Culture August 13, 2014

California kill switch law awaiting governor signature

The California bill that would require all smartphones to have a 'kill switch' is on Gov. Jerry Brown's desk. A signature and the new rules go in place starting in July next year.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech August 12, 2014

Graphic descriptions influence brain's desire to punish

Punishments depend, at least in part, on how graphic the details are and if the act was planned, according to new research.

August 5, 2014

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