Citizen App Launches Monthly Subscription Service Giving Users Access to Remote Safety Experts
(Photo : Screenshot From Citizen Website) Citizen App Launches Monthly Subscription Service Giving Users Access to Remote Safety Experts

The Citizen app is now launching a paid subscription service which will give subscribers access to remote safety experts 24/7. The app has been popularly known for alerting users regarding emergencies that are unfolding around their area.

Citizen App Monitoring 911 Activity

According to the story by HYPEBEAST, the app previously launched back in 2016 and gave its users hyper-local, real-time alerts that would affect public safety. The alerts are reportedly generated by Citizen analysts monitoring 911 activity even including verified user-generated live video.

The subscription program is reportedly called the Citizen Project and has been billed as an "on-demand, personalized, mobile protection subscription" that is backed up by the company's team of Project Agents who are trained safety experts. The virtual agents are capable of analyzing a dangerous situation remotely and can even monitor a user's location.

Citizen Project Agents

Aside from just monitoring, the Project Agents would send emergency responders, notify the users' loved ones, and even provide navigation towards a safe place as well as alert Citizen users that are nearby. The app would also allow users to enable the Protect Mode's A-powered live monitoring in order to be used in situations where users could feel unsafe and might also need extra reassurance.

The company has already started testing out the program some time earlier this year and already had about 100,000 Protect beta users. The paid users will be able to use the Get Agent button located on their home stream which will then connect them to a particular Project Agent through a video, audio-only, or even a text-only experience.

Citizen Protect Mode

The phone can also be used on to Protect Mode in order to keep an agent ready on standby in case of a sudden emergency. The new feature is also reportedly available for iOS for the price of $19.99 a month with the Android functionality expected to come soon. The app has previously been known as Vigilante but has since changed their name to Citizen.

The app has also revealed that it has been recruiting more and more people to livestream certain crime events in Los Angeles as well as New York. Citizen even confirmed to HYPEBEAST that it already has paid teams that are located in some of the cities where the supposed app is available in order to demonstrate just how the platform works. This is also to model the responsible broadcasting practices in certain situations whenever events are unfolding in real time.

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Who Uses Citizen App?

According to the official Citizen website, fire departments already use Citizen in order to direct their resources more effectively due to them being able to see the intensity of a fire on live video. It was also noted that ER surgeons can also prepare operating rooms for upcoming patients even 20 minutes before they get a call from the EMTs. 

The app, however, was previously removed from the App Store due to its potential use for vigilantism. As of the moment, however, the app is back as Citizen.

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