Move Over, James Bond: Experts Might Tap Nemo And Friends As Spies

The U.S. government taps marine life as agents of defense in a new project led by DARPA. By monitoring the behavior of certain marine species, scientists believe they can detect the presence of foreign vehicles around.

Animals April 1, 2019

Rocket Lab Military Satellite Launch Called Off Due To Transmitter Problem

Rocket Lab's first commercial launch of the year has to be postponed yet again after mission engineers detected an issue with the video transmitter. The launch was rescheduled on Tuesday, March 26 (U.S. time).

Space March 25, 2019

Future Combat Vehicles Might Use DARPA's Wheels That Can Change Shape In A Blink

Most military ground vehicles are equipped with either tires or tracks. However DARPA's Ground X-Vehicle Technologies program has developed a new shape-shifting technology that can transform wheels into tracks.

Defense June 27, 2018

DARPA Wants To Slow Biological Time On The Battlefield To Save Injured Soldiers

US agency DARPA created the Biostasis program to prolong the time that is crucial for an injured soldier on the battlefield to get treatment. It has been inspired by the microscopic organism tardigrade to develop the process.

Biotech March 6, 2018

Boeing And DARPA To Build XS-1 Hypersonic Spaceplane

DARPA has chosen Boeing to design, build and test its Experimental Spaceplane, XS-1. Check out why the hypersonic spaceplane, called the Phantom Express, is so unbelievably cool and when it’s expected to launch on its first flight.

Space May 25, 2017

DARPA's LUKE Robotic Arm Will Attach Itself First To War Veterans Before Going Commercial

A robotic arm named after Luke Skywalker will find its way to war veterans before becoming available to the general public. LUKE is DARPA's latest invention, and it is expected to change the way robotic arms are designed.

Robotics December 26, 2016

Uber Wants To Build Small Planes To Beat Traffic In Cities [Video]

Uber’s head of products, Jeff Holden, recently announced that the sky is the limit for the car sharing service. Uber said it will research vertical take-off and landing airplanes (VTOL) to expand mobility choices for its customers.

Car Tech September 26, 2016

DARPA Launches 'Aerial Dragnet' Program To Monitor Drone Traffic In Cities

DARPA has announced an Aerial Dragnet program to keep track of drones in urban environments. DARPA wants the drone tracking program to monitor drones, especially the unknown and hostile ones, in low altitude.

Defense September 16, 2016

DARPA Autonomous Bug-Hunting Bots Don't Need Human Hackers Anymore: Are Bots The Future Of Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity could soon be another place where bots become invaluable for experts. DARPA recently organized The Cyber Grand Challenge, where computer algorithms showed how easy it is to clean up vulnerabilities in code written by humans.

Security August 8, 2016

DARPA Awards $7.5M Grant For Development Of Implantable Biosensors

DARPA has awarded a grant worth $7.5 million to San Francisco-based Profusa for the development of tissue-integrated biosensors. The biosensors will be used by the military to monitor the health status of soldiers in real time.

Defense July 18, 2016

The Mind-Controlled Bionic Arm Named After Luke Skywalker Will Finally Launch This Year

The mind-controlled LUKE bionic arm will be rolled out by the end of the year. Wearers can control the prosthetic limb, which presents a drastic upgrade to current basic offerings, by tensing or flexing their arm.

Robotics July 12, 2016

DARPA Wants Future Armored Vehicles To Drop Thick Steel For Speed And Agility

DARPA wants to drop the thick steel in today's armored vehicles to make these faster and more agile. Forget the Caped Crusader's Batmobile because it appears the agency is going for Spider-Man's lightning-quick reflexes.

Defense April 27, 2016

DARPA's Gremlin Drones Are Like Tiny Alien Ships That Fly Home To Mothership After A Mission

DARPA wants someone to help it make gremlins real. These mil-spec drones would be nothing like Furby, however.

FUTURE TECH April 16, 2016

DARPA Wants Shape-Shifting Vaccines That Adapt Real-Time When Fighting Killer Viruses: Here's The Plan

How do you resolve a quick-changing viral strain that can kill hundreds of people? DARPA wants to create vaccines that can shape-shift and adapt real-time.

Life April 12, 2016

Stop Calling It ACTUV: DARPA's Self-Driving Warship Christened As Sea Hunter

U.S. defense officials christened their new self-driving vessel 'Sea Hunter' during an event in Portland on April 7. The robotic warship was developed as part of DARPA's Anti-Submarine Warfare Continuous Trail Unmanned Vessel program.

FUTURE TECH April 9, 2016

DARPA Proposes System To Serve As Satellite Lifeline

A new DARPA program aims to do what many have wanted to achieve for decades: provide a satellite lifeline. To start, they want to create a robotic modular toolkit to fix satellite troubles anytime.

Space March 28, 2016

DARPA's New Grand Challenge Wants To Address Congested Radio Spectrum

DARPA wants to see machine learning manage spectrum usage intelligently. It will give $2 million to the group that shares the best idea for doing so.

FUTURE TECH March 27, 2016

Improv DARPA Program Pays Techies To Turn Household Items Into Weapons

DARPA has launched a new program called Improv to seek out proposals from techies who can turn every day household items into powerful weapons. Successful proposals will be granted generous funding.

March 15, 2016

DARPA VTOL Experimental Plane (X-Plane) LightningStrike Enters Phase 2: Pushing Technology Needle The Farthest

Aurora Flight Sciences prepares to make the LightningStrike more than just an idea. The VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing) will be quieter and more fuel efficient than the MV-22 Osprey.

Business March 5, 2016

Meet ACTUV, DARPA's 132-Foot Unmanned Submarine Hunter

DARPA is launching the Anti-Submarine Warfare Continuous Trail Unmanned Vessel, or the ACTUV, on its maiden mission in April. The 132-foot, 140-ton drone is capable of hunting stealth submarines.

FUTURE TECH February 13, 2016

DARPA Has A Tiny, Fully-Loaded And Autonomous Quadcopter Drone Going 45 MPH Indoors [Video]

DARPA has released a video showcasing its progress in the Fast Lightweight Autonomy (FLA) program. The video shows the autonomous flying quadcopter going through an obstacle course at 45 mph speeds, and the gadget can do much more.

FUTURE TECH February 13, 2016

Lockheed Martin Working On Smaller, Better Telescope Technology With 'Spider' Eyes [Video]

Lockheed Martin wants to develop future telescopes using the latest and most advanced technology to allow the creation of lighter, thinner and cheaper telescope models. By using ‘Spider,’ this new breed of telescopes hopes to dramatically reduce the size and weight of current models.

FUTURE TECH January 25, 2016

US Military Gears Up For Cyborg Soldiers: Other DARPA Projects With Military Applications

How soon can we have cyborg soldiers? That depends on how DARPA’s Neural Engineering System Design program turns out, which is under development to help U.S. military soliders relay and receive information more efficiently.

Animals January 24, 2016

US Military Wants To Link Human Brain To Computer Using Mind-Reading Implants

A new DARPA program dubbed Neural Engineering System Design seeks to develop an advanced interface to link the human brain to a computer. The implant is intended to connect to up to 1 million neurons in a region of the brain.

FUTURE TECH January 21, 2016

'Atlas' The Robot Is The New Rosie Jetson

This new robot can clean house with the impressive fluidity we expect in a human.

FUTURE TECH January 19, 2016

Darpa Is Building Drones That Will Turn Small Ships Into Aircraft Carriers

Darpa has announced plans to build a new series of drones that can be used and operated on small ships, enabling the defense force to bring them to areas that they haven't been able to before.

Gadgets December 29, 2015

Forward To The Future: DARPA Predicts What The World Will Be Like In 2045

In DARPA's 'Forward to the Future' video series, three researchers shared predictions on what life will be like in 2045. According to their forecasts, advanced AI, nanotechnology and neurotechnology will dominate the future.

FUTURE TECH December 17, 2015

Researchers Create Artificial Sense Of Touch With ‘Sheet Music’

Now with a guide to follow, researchers are a step closer towards refining prosthetic limbs and offering an artificial sense of touch that is hopefully comparable to a natural sensation.

October 27, 2015

DARPA To Develop Delivery Vehicles That Vanish After Completing Job

DARPA recently launched ICARUS, a program aiming to create and launch air vehicles that can deliver critical supplies and vaporize into thin air afterwards. This new endeavor was scheduled for a 26-month run with an $8 million budget.

October 22, 2015

DARPA Developing Tech To Keep Squadrons Connected Even With Jamming Attacks

DARPA is developing technology that will keep pilots connected when there is a jamming attack. The technology will be used on manned as well as unmanned combat aircraft.

October 17, 2015

DARPA Is Building Drones That Can Disappear After Completing Their Mission

DARPA has announced that it is researching the development of drones that can dissapear after they have completed their mission. These drones will be used for helping Special Forces and disaster relief.

Gadgets October 14, 2015

The Military’s ICARUS Project Wants To Build Delivery Drones That Vanish Into Thin Air

The ICARUS project hopes to make drones that literally vanish into thin air. DARPA is working on the ICARUS project along with the VAPR program to make it happen.

FUTURE TECH October 10, 2015

DARPA Investing $32M Into DNA Manufacturing: Super Soldiers On The Way?

DARPA confirms that it has granted a five-year $32 million contract to the Foundry in a move to support the facility’s projects on genetic engineering.

Society September 26, 2015

DARPA And Air Force To Equip War Planes With HELLADS Combat Lasers By 2020

Enemy threats have become increasingly sophisticated and the U.S. Air Force, along with DARPA and General Atomics, aim to rise up to the challenge. Future war planes will boast combat lasers called HELLADS to counter missiles, UAVs and other combat aircraft.

FUTURE TECH September 20, 2015

DARPA Puts Robotic Legs On Helicopter That Let It Land On Uneven Terrain (Video)

Robotic legs fitted to helicopters would let them land like an insect on difficult terrain, researchers say. Movable, articulated legs can increase take-off, landing options for the versatile craft, they suggest.

FUTURE TECH September 15, 2015

DARPA Creates A Prosthetic Hand That Can Feel Objects

As part of its Revolutionizing Prosthetics program, DARPA has developed a prosthetic hand that is able to feel real-life objects, relaying that feeling to the brain through sensors in both the hand and the brain.

Gadgets September 13, 2015

DARPA Space Plane May Reach Speeds In Excess Of Mach 10

DARPA has selected three awardees of $6.5 million each to develop and design the concept of a space plane that will be able to send small spacecraft in orbit, fly at Mach 10 speed, return to Earth and go back to space repeatedly, while costing less than $5 million each flight. Designs should be completed a year from now, and a prototype should be sent to space in 2018.

FUTURE TECH August 16, 2015

DARPA's Grand Plan To Make Mars Hospitable: Terraform Planet With Genetically Engineered Organisms

Mars will likely be the next planet settled by human beings. How do we get past the numerous challenges to living on the Red Planet?

Space June 27, 2015

DARPA Wants To Use Genetically Engineered Organisms To Make Mars More Earth-Like

In support of plans to colonize Mars, DARPA is using genetically engineered organisms to make the Red Planet more habitable by terraforming the environment.

Space June 27, 2015

DARPA Funds Research To Engineer Bacterial Assassins That Target Stomach Bugs

Traveler’s stomach is a drag when you’re away on vacation, but the consequences are more serious for the military. To combat stomach bugs, DARPA is funding research to engineer bacteria such as E. coli that can go to battle in the gut.

Science June 17, 2015

25 Robots Facing Off For Darpa Robotic Challenge Finals

This year's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Robotics Challenge will feature 25 of the most talented robotics teams from around the world. The final round will be in Pomona, California on June 5 and 6.

June 4, 2015

DARPA's EXACTO Bullet Is Nightmare For Bad Guys [Video]

Watch a video of DARPA’s life-fire test showing its new self-steering bullet hitting a moving target in all instances.

FUTURE TECH April 29, 2015

Extinguish Fire Without Water? These Guys Did It With Sound [Video]

Soon, you can take out that fire extinguisher in your kitchen and replace it with this new contraption.

Geek March 27, 2015

DARPA Proposes Brain Implant That Could Repair Lost Sight, Augment Vision, Grant 'Telepathy'

DARPA doesn't just make robot dogs. Now the U.S. Department of Defense agency wants to tinker with human brains and DNA to potentially recover lost vision, augment eyesight with virtual heads-up displays and grant electronic telepathy.

February 24, 2015

Memex Is DARPA's Latest Tool To Search Dark Web, Catch Human Traffickers

DARPA has released a search engine called Memex designed to index pages of the Dark Web that cannot be indexed by the likes of Google. The goal is to index pages related to human trafficking in an attempt to help put an end to it.

Internet February 16, 2015

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