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Scientists Store, Retrieve Digital Photos In Tiny Molecules Used For Metabolism

In the future, data could be stored in molecules instead of chips. New research takes a significant step forward by successfully storing and retrieving images with great accuracy in metabolites.

Material Science July 4, 2019

Dead Will Outnumber Living Facebook Users By 2070

At the end of the century, there will be more than 1 billion memorial pages on Facebook than living users. Researchers from Oxford believes that their findings have implications on the legacy and history of the current generation of users.

Public Health April 30, 2019

Engineers Store 214 Petabytes Of Data In A Gram Of DNA: What It Means For The Future

Scientists in New York have successfully stored the highest amount of data ever kept in just a single gram of DNA. This breakthrough in data science can change how we keep and retrieve information in the future.

March 3, 2017

T-Mobile Customers Can Now Stream Apple Music And More Services Without Using Their Data

T-Mobile CEO John Legere announced the addition of 16 new services to Binge On. These include Apple Music, Fox Now and the Disney Channel.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech July 26, 2016

YouTube Joins T-Mobile's Binge On Program To Further Help Customers Save Data

After initially being against the program, Google-owned video content providers YouTube and Google Play Movies have joined T-Mobile's Binge On to allow users to stream video without using up their data allowance.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech March 17, 2016

Europe Launches Rocket Carrying First Building Block Of Space Data Highway

The European Data Relay System (EDRS) of the ESA will collect data from low-orbiting satellites through laser and send it down to Earth in almost-real time. It is projected as Europe''s new space data superhighway.

Space January 30, 2016

T-Mobile Wants You To Binge Even More With Binge On Expansion

Along with streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, T-Mobile has added Fox News, Amazon Video and more to its Binge On roster.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech January 28, 2016

Google Chrome For Android Data Saver Update Uses 70 Percent Less Data When Web Browsing

Google announced an update to its Data Saver functionality that will now remove images from loading at first to save users up to 70 percent of data on the Chrome app for Android.

Apps/Software December 1, 2015

Women Get More Sleep Than Men According To New Jawbone Study

A new Jawbone study published Wednesday found that women around the world get 20 minutes more sleep than men on average. But why is this the case?

Wearable Tech October 21, 2015

More Americans Are Coming Out On Facebook

New data from Facebook reveals that Americans are increasingly coming out on Facebook. The number of people coming out each day is on track to be three times higher than what it was last year.

Internet October 16, 2015

IBM Buys Data Storage Vendor Cleversafe To Boost Object Storage To The Hybrid Cloud

IBM announced its planned acquisition of Cleversafe, developer of dsNet solutions. The acquisition will put dsNet solutions and technologies into IBM's hands, which the company plans to use for hybrid cloud implementations.

Legal October 7, 2015

T-Mobile Finally Cracks Down On Heavy Data Users

T-Mobile now has plans to ban its extreme heavy data users, particularly those that tether their smartphones to their devices and use up to and more than 2,000 GB per month.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech September 11, 2015

Windows 10 Privacy Issues Extend To Windows 8.1, 7: How To Stop Microsoft From Collecting More Of Your Data

Microsoft has released updates for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 and it turns out that the updates have enhanced data collection on these older operating system versions. We will guide you on how to stop Microsoft from collecting the data.

Apps/Software August 30, 2015

Sprint Announces Open World International Add-On Plan For Calling, Texting, Roaming And Data

Sprint just rolled out a new free add-on for its plan that consists of free calls, texts, and 1 GB of data from those U.S. customers traveling to Canada, Mexico, or select Latin American countries.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech August 11, 2015

This New Platform Helps GOP Political Candidates With Their Campaigns

Forget about grassroots campaigns. Republic VX is a new platform designed to help campaign managers for Republican candidates keep track of staffers, voters and volunteers.

Apps/Software August 5, 2015

T-Mobile Reportedly Throwing Great Deals This Week: UnRadio, Data Bump, Contests And More

T-Mobile is reportedly planning to make a few announcements this week, including one that is a part of the grand scheme of better compliance with net neutrality regulations.

June 8, 2015

Data Breaches, Hacks And Phishing Attacks Aren't Slowing Down, Verizon Report Warns

The human element, specifically clicking on malicous emails and attachments, pose the greatest network security threat and lead to a majority of data breach incidents. A new report also notes that hackers are favoring Web application attacks more and more.

Internet April 15, 2015

Wonder How Fast Stolen Credit Card Data Can Travel In Dark Web? You'll Be Shocked

Once hackers hit a file and data trove, the information can fly fast and furious around the globe. Perhaps what's most surprising is that hackers don't jump on vulnerable data as quickly as most may think.

Internet April 8, 2015

Snapchat Outs First Transparency Report: You'll Be Surprised By Number Of Data Requests

Social network Snapchat promises to provide insight on data requests twice a year. It's also aiming to shore up security so that uers' snaps aren't grabbed by third-party apps.

Apps/Software April 4, 2015

Facebook Could Be Tracking You Even If You Opted Out Or Don't Have An Account

Anyone using Facebook is reportedly being tracked and activity data is being collected in violation of European law, according to a new report. Facebook isn't making it easy for account members or visitors to opt-out of such monitoring.

Internet April 1, 2015

Best Ways To Preserve Data On iPhone 6, 6 Plus And Android Phones

Don't go over your monthly quota! Use these hacks to preserve data on your iPhone or Android phones.

Geek March 17, 2015

State Department Email System Goes Dark But Don't Panic: Here's Why

The U.S. State Department takes down its unclassified email servers again. This time, however, there doesn't appear to be a threat. The department is being proactive, it claims in a press release.

Internet March 15, 2015

CIA Helped Justice Department Develop Technology To Secretly Slurp Thousands Of Cellphone Data At Once

Federal law enforcement agencies are under scrutiny for tapping unique surveillance technology to find and collect citizen cellphone data. The program has reportedly collected information on tens of thousands of citizens, claim reports.

Internet March 12, 2015

The Best Spring Break Destinations May Be Found On This Road Trip Across The U.S.

What are the best spring break destinations? Sitting on the beach might be fun, but taking this 'optimal road trip' may just be the coolest thing you could do.

Internet Culture March 10, 2015

Cablevision Introduces Wi-Fi Mobile Phone Service 'Freewheel': Here Are The Details

Cablevision announced a new Wi-Fi mobile phone service that will provide a much cheaper connectivity than standard cellular services. The service will be the first to be introduced by a cable providing company.

Business January 26, 2015

CES 2015: Wearables Need To Give Us More Than Just Numbers

If CES 2015 showed us anything, it's that you can quantify everything about yourself, from tracking your steps to your unborn baby's movements. But what's really going to be meaningful to our lives?

Geek January 12, 2015

Tips, Tricks for Troubleshooting Android Mobile Devices

Freezing apps and stalled text messages are common annoyances on any mobile device. Resolving these issues on Android requires an adjustment or two under the hood. The good news is most of the fixes are short and sweet.

Gadgets January 1, 2015

T-Mobile Unleashes Rollover Data at Un-Carrier 8.0, Data Stash Banks Unused GBs

T-Mobile customers are gaining the ability to bank unused data for months when their allotments wane from GBs to MBs to zero. To celebrate the new Data Stash, T-Mobile is giving qualifying customers 10 GB to start off their stashes.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech December 16, 2014

5 Videos To Help Shore Up PC Security

With computers being such a huge part of our lives, the security of data is becoming increasingly important. Many, however, don't know what to do in order to make sure data is safe. Here are five videos that can help.

Computers November 13, 2014

Facebook: Global government data requests up 24 percent in first half of 2014

Facebook says government requests for data jumped 24 percent in the first six months of this year. The social networking company will continue to combat 'overly broad' warrants, says Facebook's top lawyer.

Internet November 5, 2014

Dropbox claims servers weren't hacked, stolen data is not our account data

Cloud service storage vendor once again denies a hack incident and claims user account info was hacked via another party. It claims posted data by hackers is not its data.

Computers October 14, 2014

Another week, another wireless rate plan and this one doubles down on data

AT&T is offering double the data on shared accounts. The deal ends Oct. 31 and is good indefinitely, as long as account holders make no changes to their plans.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech September 29, 2014

The future of reading looks bleak

The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently released data on how much money different age groups spent on reading in 2013. Let's just say all of those rumors about print dying are true.

Internet Culture September 29, 2014

GM hires first-ever cybersecurity chief as data, connectivity drive new vehicle features

The embattled carmaker, which has had to deal with the largest recall in its history this year, is promoting a company leader into a new cybersecurity role. It's all about ensuring critical tech systems being developed will work without a glitch and that car driver data will be secure.

Business September 24, 2014

OkCupid founder's book 'Dataclysm' tells us more about ourselves than we want to know

Christian Rudder, the co-founder and president of the online dating site OkCupid released the new book "Dataclysm" on Sept. 9. What can the mass of personal data we leave online tell us about ourselves?

Internet Culture September 10, 2014

Microsoft defies court order to hand over overseas emails to Feds: 'We will appeal'

Microsoft continues to refuse to hand over emails stored at its Ireland data center. This comes despite a ruling from a U.S. judge that lifted the suspension on the hold of the warrant, but Microsoft will appeal.

Business Tech September 1, 2014

Twitter now lets you check how your tweets are doing: Hello, analytics dashboard

Twitter unleashes the power of analytics to all of its users. Any Twitter user can now analyze trends among their personal tweets and assess the total engagement of the content they share.

Internet August 28, 2014

Facebook class action suit draws nearly 20,000 supporters

An Austrian law student has seen his lawsuit against Facebook draw nearly 20,000 supporters. The case is likely to be heard in Austria, and if successful, offer a settlement of about $669 to each person joining.

Internet August 5, 2014

Splunk slices pricing, pledges 100% uptime guarantee

Splunk announces a series of price cuts for its data analysis and cloud services. The company also added that it is guaranteeing 100 percent uptime.

Apps/Software August 5, 2014

Court ignites user data privacy debate: Should Microsoft turn in overseas emails to Feds?

A U.S. court has ruled against Microsoft in its battle over email data stored in Ireland. It comes as much of the tech world has criticized the government over its demands for the data.

Business Tech August 5, 2014

Google study aims to find out everything about the human body

The search company claims it doesn't want to be in the health care industry, but it's embarking on one of the most ambitious health research efforts ever seen. Google promises to provide the data to scientists.

Wearable Tech July 28, 2014

Verizon unlimited 4G LTE users: Get ready to get throttled

Verizon Wireless announced that customers on the unlimited 4G LTE plan will have their use 'throttled' in high-congestion areas. The move, set to start in October, could see some anger from users who may cry foul.

Business Tech July 28, 2014

NASA calls for private communications net on Mars

Mars rovers need orbiting data networks to communicate with Earth, and now NASA is asking private industry to build a system capable of carrying out the task.

Space July 26, 2014

EMC buys TwinStrata to expand cloud data strategy, advance VMAX3 plan

EMC is hoping to boost its cloud offerings with the acquisition of TwinStrata. The aim is to continue to innovate on cloud data storage on multiple platforms.

Apps/Software July 8, 2014

Google sets sights on enterprise data in more ways than one

Google is looking to continue to revolutionize how the world views and understands data. Its new Cloud Dataflow brings changes to how the world is able to analyze data in the cloud.

Computers June 27, 2014

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