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Google Brings VR To Chrome: Here’s How To Browse VR-Ready Sites On Your Phone

Google has outfitted the latest version of chrome with WebVR, which supports VR content natively inside the browser. Those at home with a Daydream View Headset may now try it using the Chrome app.

Wearable Tech February 10, 2017

Microsoft Windows 10 VR Headsets Get A March Shipping Date

Microsoft executive Vlad Kolesnikov confirmed that Windows Holographic VR headsets will be available in March. The devices, however, will only ship to developers, who will be using the devices to write and test VR applications.

Microsoft January 18, 2017

Daydream VR Apps Not Selling As Well As Expected: Some Paid Apps Installed Only 5,000 Times At Most

A look at the installation figures of Google Daydream View VR apps at the Play Store reveals many titles are getting downloaded by 1,000 to 5,000 users. The platform was launched in October last year.

Wearable Tech January 2, 2017

Google's Daydream View VR Headsets Now Up For Preorder In Crimson And Snow Color Options

Google adds two new colors to the Daydream View VR several weeks after the standard Slate's rollout. The device itself is still 'dumb,' which means it has no electronics component except for the NFC chip.

Google December 3, 2016

Google Daydream View Games: 5 Best VR Titles For Immersive Experiences

Google Daydream View offers immersive experiences by way of VR games. To help you decide which ones to take out for a spin, here's a short list of the best titles on the platform.

Video Games December 1, 2016

Google Daydream View Review Roundup: Good Mobile VR, Game-Changing Controller And More Early Impressions

Google's new Daydream View smartphone-powered mobile VR headset is ready to go on sale, promising an exciting experience on a budget. Early reviews are in, so here's what the experts are saying.

Wearable Tech November 10, 2016

Verizon Launches Google Daydream View Ad: See More Of The VR Headset Before It Rolls Out [Video]

Verizon's latest promotional video shows how the Daydream View VR stuns first-time users. The ad, however, focused on the Google Pixel and its top features such as the Google Assistant and its dual-camera technology.

Google November 1, 2016

Google's Chromecast Ultra, Daydream View VR Headset Now Available: Price, Shipping Date And More

Google Daydream View VR and Chromecast Ultra are now available for preorder at the Google Store for $80 and $69, respectively. The VR headset could, however, get delivered earlier if purchased at Verizon at the same price.

Google October 21, 2016

'Phone By Google' Branding Shows Google Taking Full Credit For Pixel, Pixel XL Smartphones

Google's first standalone phones are officially here! Branded as 'Phone by Google', the company is taking full credits of the Google Pixel smartphones despite being built by Taiwanese company HTC.

Google October 7, 2016

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